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People living in Egypt and the Citizens of Egypt now can Apply Emirates visa from Egypt as the process is Online, which anyone can apply from anywhere with the help of their Devices. Egypt being a lovely nation also desires to visit the amazing beauty of the Emirates. The Egyptian visiting the Emirates need a visa for Emirates to explore its dimensions. Egyptian nationals visit Emirates to enjoy torus or also sometimes work there in the business ventures. If you are an Egyptian National then you need to look at some of the guides about the same. 

Dive in the rundown and know more about the Emirates Visa.

How many types of Emirates Visa are there for the Egyptian Nationals?

  • Emirates Tourist Visa:

    • 14 Days Single Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.

    • 30 Days Single Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.

    • 30 Days Multiple Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.

    • 90 Days Single Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.

    • 90 Days Multiple Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.

    • The 30 Days Tourist Visa Extension

    • The Airport to Airport Visa 

  • Emirates Transit Visa:

    • 48 Hours Single Entry Emirates Transit Visa.

    • 96 Hours Single Entry Emirates Transit Visa.

What are the documents required for the Emirates Visa for the Egyptian Nationals?

  • Passport Sized Photograph-2

  • The Scanned Copy of the Passport Bio Page.

  • The Passport is valid for at least 6 months. 

  • The passport also must have at least 4 blank pages.

What are the steps applying for the Emirates Visa for the Egyptian Nationals?

Step 1: Filling the Dubai Visa Application Form:

  • You have to choose a living and citizenship country.

  • Then you have to choose the type of visa.

  • Then you have to fill the application form.

  • Then finally you have to upload your documents.

Step 2: Pay the Required Visa Fee:

  • Select your payment mode.

  • You can pay the visa fees using PayPal/Credit Card/ Debit Card.

  • After payment, you'll receive a payment confirmation mail and application ID.

Step 3: Get your e-Visa:

  • With Emirates Visa Online, you can easily track your visa status online.

  • You can download the e-visa once your visa is approved.

  • Then finally you can verify the visa. 

Benefits of applying for Emirates Visa through Emirates Visa Online?

  • Our platform is convenient and easy to use.

  • It has the easiest navigation and working.

  • You just need to follow super easy three steps and you are good to go.

  • All the females below the age of 18 years are strictly not eligible to get an Emirates Visa unless those females are accompanied by an elder person.


Q1. Do I need to apply for Emirates Visa if I’m from Egypt?

A1. Yes, you have to apply for the Emirates Visa.

Q2. What should be my passport validity for applying for the Emirates Visa?

A2. Your passport validity for at least 6 months for applying for the Emirates Visa.

Q3. How much is the cost of a 14 days tourist visa?

A3. It is USD 154.0 and the service fee of USD 26.0.

Q4. Is Egypt far from Dubai?

A4. Egypt is just far away from Dubai just like Dubai is from Cairo i.e. 2,424 km.

Q5. Am I eligible for Emirates Visa on Arrival if I’m from Egypt?

A5. No, you are not eligible for the Emirates Visa on Arrival.

Q6. Can I apply for my Emirates visa extension?

A6. Yes, you can easily apply for the Emirates Visa Extension.

Q7. For how many days my Emirates Visa can be extended?

A7. You can apply for 30 days of Emirates Visa Extension twice.

Q8. Is Emirates Visa Extension costly?

A8. The Emirates Visa Extension is a bit costly, pricing to USD 500.

Q9. What is the multiple entry visa?

A9. The multiple entry visa is known to be as the visa which basically allows you to visit the country within that validity period of your visa.

Q10. What is the validity of my Emirates Tourist Visa?

A10. There are two kinds of validity, stay validity and visa validity. The stay validity implies that you stay in Emirates for that particular day like 14 days, 30 days, 90 days. The visa validity implies that you can stay in Emirates till the time your visa is valid, like 58 days, 60 days, 180 days, etc.

Q11. What is the Emirates Visa Processing time in general?

A11. The general processing of the Emirates Visa can take up a time period of 2-3 days.

Q12. What would be the processing time of my extended Emirates Visa?

A12. The processing time of the Emirates Extension would be 4-5 days.

Q13. How can I check my Emirates Visa Status?

A13. You can easily check your Emirates Visa Status hustle free at Emirate Visa Status. 

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