Terms and Conditions - www.emiratesvisaonline.com

Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel the visa the refund will be entitled in cases-

  • As soon as you make the payment at www.emiratesvisaonline.com, we will commence the processing of an order immediately. (NOTE: Refund can be possible in the case wherein your application is not processed or not submitted to the immigration for further approval.)
  • Any cancellation related to insurance shall not be entertained after the order is being processed/policy document published basis your consent
  • No refund shall be processed once your application is approved by the UAE Visa issuing authority (i.e. Visa is Posted), you must comply in accordance with the policy.
  • After we process your application within 4 hours, which is not yet accepted by the immigration department or is not yet paid at the immigration, there shall be a standard deduction charge of $70.00 if you wish to withdraw the application
  • If you wish to cancel the visa application after 24 hours, then we will refund the 50% visa fees only (after the deduction of service fees and bank charges).
  • If you wish to cancel the visa application after 24 hours but we have forward it to the Embassy, then no fees will be refunded.
  • Any visa which is approved, and an applicant wishes to cancel this one there is a cancellation fee to be paid to the immigration department and for getting it cancelled we charge a service fee of $200.00.
  • Additional services including RT-PCR, Insurance and Airport transfers are rendered by third party vendors and are all prepaid services. In case of refund there shall be a standard deduction or there can be a possible chance of no refund depending upon the service provider T&C.
  • Refund shall not be processed in case of rejection, where in you have already applied in govt system from some other service provider/travel agency alternatively or in advance.
  • Due to Covid-19 pandemic across the globe. There have been instances wherein immigration doesn't approve e-visa or cancel the approved e-visa for a particular national without prior notification. Therefore, no refund shall be entertained by emiratesvisaonline.com on such cases with effect from February 1, 2020 till the further notice.
  • In any case, services fees(26 USD), express service fees(200 USD) and the transaction charges are non-refundable.
  • In case of cancellation/Rejection of visa application by the embassy, no fees will be refunded.
  • If the embassy needs additional documents and you have not provided, due to which visa application is rejected than also fees will not be refunded.

You may cancel the visa application by contacting us on our service line or you can also reach us through mail. www.emiratesvisaonline.com does not refund the 3 months old payments made by credit card under any circumstances.

Insurance Policy

When applying for a visa for your travel the following points regarding the insurance is to be kept in mind

  • The payment of the travel insurance can be done after the visa has been approved.
  • Only after the payment of the travel insurance in full will you receive the approved visa along with the insurance.
  • The price of insurance may vary from person to person and liable to change with other conditions hereby not mentioned.
  • You will also not be eligible for a refund of the insurance fees once the insurance has been applied for and you want to cancel it due to change of plans.
  • Only those travel insurances will be acceptable that has been approved by the UAE government and no other insurances applied from any private agencies or foreign companies will note be acceptable.
  • All the travel insurances applied for must follow all the COVID 19 guidelines as give through the UAE Government. Once you apply for an insurance through us, there is no need to apply for another one through either the airlines or a private agency.
  • No booking of visas will be forwarded without having a travel insurance applied for.


Processing Time

Processing time shown in visa under www.emiratesvisaonline.com are approximate and based on Embassy/Consulates processing times under normal circumstances. Processing time should be calculated after submitting the documents to Embassy/Consulate. The Embassy/Consulate may delay the processing time due to the request for additional documents, local holidays or festivals that occurred between the processing of visas without any further explanation. www.emiratesvisaonline.com shall not be responsible for any denial, cancellation or financial losses due to delay in processing from Embassy. No service fees, embassy fees, shipping charges or any other portion of visa fees will be refunded due to delay or denial of service.