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how to check if your emirates visa is original or fake

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With the increasing amount of ongoing scams, in the case of Visa services, The Emirates has witnessed several cases wherein Visas have been forged or are fake. People, who fall into the trap of such fraudsters, usually have their Visa rejected after arriving at the Emirates. Hence it is more of a necessity for every applicant to check if their Emirates Visa is original or fake.

Issuing an Emirates Visa, ever since its tourism started to flourish, has been a hot topic of discussion. The Emirates has strict Visa norms and policies and requires a visa from all the countries excluding the GCC countries. Since there is a hike in the issuance of Visa, we can notice many travel agencies who indulge in the E-Visa services

Many agencies, to make easy money, engage in fraudulent activities, such as granting their clients with a fake Visa. Since, the number of applicants who apply for not only a Tourist Visa but also for Transit, Employment Student, or Residency Visas, the moment the applicant arrives, there has been an additional checking at the immigration chamber in any of the Emirates Airports. The authorities have also introduced the concept of “OK to Board Visa” which makes sure that you have an original Visa.

This blog will further help the readers’ judge if they are being scammed in terms of issuing a Visa. It’ll also shed light on how one can prevent such fraudulent situations.


  • Causes of the hike in the creation of Fake Emirates Visa
  • Identification of whether your Visa is Fake or Original
  • Documents required for an Emirates Visa
  • How can you prevent yourself from issuing an Emirates Fake Visa?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Causes for the hike in the creation of Fake Emirates Visa

  • The rising applications for the issuance of Visa for the Emirates may be the onset of this scam. Witnessing the number of people visiting the country, many people indulge in fraudulent activities
  • Reports show, that there have been several cases where people forge previously availed Emirates Visa and sell them at a lower price.
  • Considering the cost-effectiveness of the Forged Visa, most people don’t realize when they fall into the trap of such scams.

 Identification of whether your Visa is Fake or Original

The best and most genuine way of checking if your Visa is original is through visiting the government website of the Emirates.

  • Go to
  • Click on the ‘General Enquiry’ tab
  • The applicant is supposed to Fill out the following details: Visa number, Name, Nationality, and Date of Birth
  • And Finally, Proceed to submit your details

After submitting your details, you can easily know the genuinity of your Visa. If the website shows your passport details, then your Visa is original. But if you can’t find any details on the website, then it’s a fake.

Documents required for an Emirates Visa

The documents required for Emirates Visa may vary from agency to agency, or the kind of Visa you require or the way you are planning to issue your Visa. Nevertheless, some of the mandatory documents required are:

  • A duly filled application form
  • Passport size clear photographs with a white background
  • Copy of the applicant’s Passport (the Bio Page)
  • A copy of the applicant’s return airline ticket

For a simple and genuine application of your visa, you can visit Emirates Visa Online it’ll only take a couple of steps and is very easy to use.

*Note: This is another way of confirming that your visa agency is genuine. The list of documents they ask for should match the above list.

It is always better to have some ‘additional documents’ with you while you are applying for an Emirates Visa. As documentations vary from agencies to agencies, here is the list of some additional documents you may be asked while applying for a Visa in the Emirates:

  • The Applicant’s Bank account statement of the last 2-3 months

To show your financial stability for a trip in a foreign country, A bank statement is required and most helpful for the authorities to know whether you are capable of handling any unforeseen crisis.

  • Travel insurance must be issued by the applicant

One needs to have Travel Insurance while travelling abroad. As per the Emirates Policy, you cannot travel without Travel Insurance. If you are issuing your E-Visa through Emirates Visa Online, you need not worry about your Travel Insurance. The cost of each Visa varies and is approximate – for Emirates 14 days Visa – 50 USD, for Emirates 30 days Visa – 100 USD and for Emirates 90 Days Visa – 200 USD.

  • Hotel booking and Itinerary of the applicant’s trip

The authorities need to know if you have a planned trip or you just have the intention of settling in the country through scamming the system. Hotel booking and itinerary are the documents the applicant can submit to assure the authorities that the trip has been well planned and booked for

    • Invitation letter from the applicant’s sponsor

Just for understanding the purpose of your visit, sometimes the authorities, ask the applicants to submit a letter from their sponsor if they have any. 

How can you prevent yourself from issuing an Emirates Fake Visa?

  • In case of the applicant apply for an Employment Visa, Make sure that the applicant Receives a letter by the Emirates MOHRE
  • A tourist Visa in the Emirates is purely valid for either 14, 30, and 90 days and doesn’t give anyone the leverage of performing any work or business activity. The tourist visa is just for the sake of leisure and tourism purposes. 
  • The agency you are applying for your Visa through plays a very important role in the legitimacy of your Visa. Make sure the agency you are applying through is genuine.
  • Lastly, regarding any query, you can contact MOHRE


Call centre: 80060


There are many other ways to connect to them – either by using the Live Chat or connecting with them through their social media handles. 


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