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a trip to emirates park zoo

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The greatest experiences are worthy of "holding on to" and then comes the Emirates park zoo, which makes it all believable. 

 Yes, the very same, The Emirates park zoo address as located in Al Bahia, north east of Abu Dhabi city, UAE. This place being located in the United Arab Emirates would probably need you to have a visa and hence Emirates Visa Online helps one to apply for a visa without having much troubles. 

Is a reflection of one of the best places to visit. It's a mesmerizing spot and a conserved home for diverse animals and birds. Tourists, zoologists, students etc. from all over the world adore the very existence of this artificial habitat from the core of their hearts.

 The zoo was founded in the year 2008. Later the government of UAE thought it to be a prestigious project and invested all they could to make this project happen. Educational institutions often visit the zoo. It also has great facilities for tourists including lavish resorts and eating sources.

The visitor needs to book a ticket before hand and provide it while entering the zoo area. The adults are charged AED 35 while the kids below 6 are charged AED 30. Children under 3 are subjected to free entry.

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Its timings are: Sunday to Wednesday; 9 am to 8 pm and Thursday to Saturday; 9 am to 9 pm. respectively.

So; let's begin exploring this exciting journey through the Emirates zoo!

 It's a huge family of animals, workers and the passionate zoo keepers which leaves every visitor heartfelt. Talking about different cultures and heritages, it has some great competition towards its growth. It has about 1700 animals, a pair of astounding white tigers, frightening lions, Siberian bears, cheetahs also referred as the big cats group, many zebras, parrots, hippos etc.! It has about 250 different species nurtured and looked after. 

It also have extinct species and vulnerable animals. Bengal tigers are also observed here.

The tourists, students etc. give a brief note about their tour throughout the zoo and the different activities that interests them the most. It has a most unique way of making the people visit the animals and even feed some of them! They also have breakfasts, lunches and dinners with few of the preferred animals. Kids go all the way towards the fun games especially initiated and programmed for them. 

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Wildlife walk:-

This includes walking through a 200 m walk way, air conditioned, and observe the wildest animals with the nearest sight. It includes watching lounging lions on one hand while Amur, Leopards, Bengal Tigers on the other hand. Photography, interaction with the keepers etc. proves it to be the most influential opportunity. They also get to know about the feeding patterns, habits etc. of the animals.

Primate parade:-

This include a good time investment with the primates like monkeys, capuchins, mandrill etc.

Zoo zip and climb:-

This is the most adventurous activity in the entire time you happen to encounter. It includes aerial activities, enjoying observing tropical birds. The old people or ones not able to enjoy the aerial view can observe from the other zone, safe and perfectly as good as any other experience, making emirates park zoo and resort one of its kind. 

Fun games :-

Of course, for the kids drained out of educational talks, let's get them some fun filled activities, and this is what it includes. Slides, swings, exact feel of giant amusement rides and many more.

African Drummers and Mascots :-

For the mere purpose of entertainment, they too allow every other visitor to soothe and relax for some moments of their tired journey.

Breakfast, with parrots! :-

How beautiful to get served early morning snacks with extravagantly beautiful parrots. Many visitors are left overwhelming with the interaction between the parrots and the people.

Feeding, giraffe and the elephants! :-

Feeding nearly a 5 m tall and almost 1200 kg in weight giraffe! Feeding an elephant! All these stuff and activities leave deep imprints in the hearts of the visitors. They love it all, from feeding to observing the humanity towards nurtured Emirates park zoo animals.

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Last but not least :- Fast and the most well-known animals from the cat family, highly adored and better known for their astonishing features, the Leopards, are really a relieving sight especially for the students and the educational aspirants.

As we go through each and every detail, every single second spent in this leisurely activity brings you a great amount of information and knowledge. From extinct species to the animals almost as wild as the lions are fostered with love and care. And what not, even the cleaning and maintenance committee is perfectly committed towards their duty. Every single aspect of this beautiful zoo makes it one of the best representative of UAE. Resorts, hotels, eating resources and food goals are other things that keep tourists united with this place. With every single day working, this zoo has been a best example for various aspects, for conservation of animals to the educational point of view, almost nailing it all. What else can be this awe inspiring than real close encounters with animals? 

It provides every animal within an environment perfectly suitable for their survival and existence. It also include animals rescued from circus and other inhuman hardships. Today, Emirates Park Zoo is a heavenly place specifically for the animal lovers who would explore every tinge of it.

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