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How To Make Corrections In My UAE Visa In 2024

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Understanding The UAE Visa System

Every traveller and visitor all over the world cannot enter the territory of the United Arab Emirates without a UAE visa. Unless and until the traveller is a citizen of UAE, visa-free entry, they can only visit the country without a visa for a limited time. The United Arab Emirates provides special services for tourists from foreign nations to boost the tourism sector. The immigration department of the Emirates issues UAE e-Visa for tourists. Many countries are eligible and can stay in the United Arab Emirates for 30 days with an e-visa for tourists. Tourists travelling to the Emirates for a vacation can send their UAE visa application form to Emirates Visa Online

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  1. Correction In UAE Visa
  2. Incorrect Name Of The Traveller
  3. How To Change Profession In UAE Visa
  4. What Will Happen If Foreign Nationals Travel To UAE With Mismatched Visas
  5. UAE Visa Correction Process
  6. Correcting UAE Visa Information
  7. Correction In UAE Visa Application Form
  8. Conclusion

Correction In UAE Visa

Applicants sometimes fill incorrect details in the application form for a UAE tourist visa, which creates trouble afterwards. The information in the UAE Visa application form and the traveller's national passport must be identical. Applicants can not make changes or any corrections to the UAE visa after the visa has been issued. The standard type of errors in the UAE visa of the applicant can be:

  • Incorrect name
  • Incorrect birth date
  • Wrong gender
  • Incorrect passport ID number or other passport details

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Incorrect Name Of The Traveller

The name correction in uae visa can not be done even if the applicant's name is misspelt. A small spelling mistake in UAE tourist visa application could impact its processing. Even minor errors in names, passport numbers, or travel dates might lead to complications. It's crucial to rectify these mistakes promptly by contacting the issuing authority or consulate, providing the correct information, and requesting a correction. Timely action can prevent any inconvenience or delays in your travel plans, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience upon arrival in the UAE.

  • Wrong spelling in the UAE visa
  • Incorrect first, middle, or last names in the UAE visa.

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How To Change Profession In UAE Visa

Changing the profession on a UAE visa involves a specific process that should be followed carefully. Here's a general guide:

1. Contact the Sponsor or Employer

Reach out to your sponsor or employer in the UAE, as they are typically responsible for visa sponsorship. Discuss the reason for the profession change and seek their support in initiating the process.

2. Provide Supporting Documentation

Prepare the necessary documentation to support the profession change. This may include a letter explaining the reason for the change, educational certificates or relevant qualifications, and any other documents requested by the authorities.

3. Visit the Immigration Department

Depending on the emirate, you may need to visit the local immigration department or the relevant government authority responsible for visa services. Sometimes, this process can be completed online through the respective government portals.

4. Submit Application for Profession Change

Apply the profession change along with the supporting documents. Ensure that all information provided is accurate and matches the requirements of the immigration authorities.

5. Follow-Up on the Application

Regularly follow up with the immigration department or the relevant authorities to check the status of your application. They may request additional information or documentation during the review process.

6. Receive Approval and Updated Visa

Once the profession change is approved, you should receive an updated visa reflecting the new profession. Before making any travel arrangements, confirm that all of the information on the visa is correct.

7. Notify Other Relevant Entities

Inform other relevant entities of the profession change, such as your employer, banks, and any other institutions where your profession information is recorded.

It's important to note that the process may vary slightly depending on the emirate and the specific circumstances. Always check with the local immigration authorities or the relevant government agency for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the professional change process for your UAE visa.

What Will Happen If Foreign Nationals Travel To UAE With Mismatched Visas?

The mismatch problem between the UAE tourist visa correction and passport may create problems while travelling. The name, gender, nationality, birth date, etc., must not vary to avoid severe issues during your exciting journey to the United Arab Emirates. Visa holders with unmatched issues may be unable to board the flight. The inaccuracy in the tourist or visitor UAE visa may not be accepted at the immigration points in the United Arab Emirates. Foreign nationals with incorrect details on their UAE visa may be denied to enter at the immigration points. The authorities cross-check every little piece of information on your passport and UAE visa.

UAE Visa Correction Process

Correcting any inaccuracies on your UAE visa involves a straightforward process you can initiate by following these steps.

1. Identify The Error

Start by carefully reviewing any communication from the visa processing authorities. Identify the specific error or errors that led to the return of your visa application for modification.

2. Contacting Your Sponsor Or Issuing Authority

Start by contacting your sponsor or the authority that issued your visa. Inform them about the specific correction required, whether related to personal details, travel dates, or other relevant information.

3. Submission Of Required Documents

Support your correction request by submitting the necessary documents. These usually consist of a copy of your passport, the visa that has already been issued, and any additional paperwork, including reservations for lodging or travel. Providing comprehensive documentation helps expedite the correction process.

4. Review Of Correction Request

Once your documents are received, the authorities will carefully review your correction request. This step ensures that the correction aligns with their regulations and is supported by the documentation.

5. Issuance Of A New Visa

Upon approval, a new visa with the revised information will be issued by the authorities. This updated visa will replace the previous one, reflecting the accurate details.

It's crucial to recognize that the process may vary based on your visa type, nationality, and other considerations. Speaking directly with your sponsor or the appropriate authorities is best to negotiate these nuances properly. They can provide tailored guidance according to your circumstances. 

Moreover, a proactive approach is essential. Ensure that your initial visa application information is accurate and up-to-date before submission. This preventive measure minimizes the likelihood of needing corrections later in the process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient visa application experience. Always stay informed and collaborate closely with the authorities to guarantee the accuracy of your UAE visa details.

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Correcting UAE Visa Information

Correction of Name in UAE visa- The name of the UAE visa holder or the applicant may be changed by sending request applications online or sometimes at the airport. The eligible applicants who have applied and obtained their UAE e-Visa online. Then it is possible to do correction in UAE visa, but only if the spelling of the name is misspelt. If the applicant has applied for a UAE visa from the Emirates Visa Online website, they can contact the company. And if you have applied for the United Arab Emirates Visa from the government portal. Then, you can contact or send messages to the e- Visa government website of UAE. You may also request at the airport that the embassy to immigration officers correct or change your name on the UAE visa. But still, it will not confirm your entry at the airport in UAE if you don't show essential documents at the entry points and do not fill in the entry criteria. And if the immigration does not accept the UAE visa with incorrect details. Then you may have to return to your country.

  • Correction of gender in UAE visa- the gender of the applicant in UAE visa can not be corrected after issuance. The immigration officer may correct the name on the UAE visa. But the, gender misinformation is not accepted. 
  • Correction of passport details and nationality in UAE visa- Correcting passport information and nationality is also impossible. The authority checks the passport ID number in the UAE visa and passport. 

If the gender and name are incorrect in your UAE visa, you should apply for another UAE visa if the tourist has enough time before their exciting tour to UAE.

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Correction In UAE Visa Application Form

Applicants can avoid mistakes in their uae visit visa name correction or uae tourist visa name correction. Applicants for a UAE visa should not fill in details different from those mentioned in their passports. Applicants should write the correct spelling and full name in the UAE visa application form to avoid mistakes. They should go through the UAE visa application form again for confirmation. The passport ID number and Nationality should have to be similar. Correction in the visa application form is not possible after submission and payment. The application can change, fill out other UAE visa application forms, and repeat the process. The UAE visa fee is not refundable even if the applicant wants to correct the information on the UAE visa


The correction in the UAE visa and wrong information at the embassy of UAE may need correction and changes to get entry into the country. Correcting mistakes in your UAE visa requires diligence, patience, and effective communication with the relevant authorities. By staying organized, proactive and seeking professional assistance, you can resolve visa errors and ensure a smooth and hassle-free stay in the UAE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The return of your 30-day tourist visa for modification indicates that there may be specific issues or discrepancies in your initial application. To address this, carefully review any communication from the visa processing authorities to understand the reasons for the return. Common reasons include incomplete documentation, inaccuracies in the application, or the need for additional information. Once identified, take prompt action by making the necessary corrections or providing the required documents. Contact the issuing authority for clarification if needed and ensure that your revised application aligns with the official guidelines before resubmission.

To correct the birth date on your tourist visa for the UAE, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Issuing Authority: Reach out to the authority that issued your tourist visa. This could be the relevant embassy, consulate, or the sponsoring entity.

  2. Inform About the Error: Clearly communicate that there is an error in the birth date on your visa and that you would like to correct it. Provide the correct birth date along with supporting documentation if required.

  3. Submit Necessary Documents: Follow the instructions provided by the issuing authority. They may ask you to submit documents such as a copy of your passport, visa, and any other relevant identification documents.

  4. Follow-Up: Regularly follow up with the authorities to check the status of your correction request. Ensure that you comply with any additional requirements they may have.

  5. Reissue if Necessary: In some cases, the issuing authority may need to reissue the visa with the corrected information. Confirm the process for receiving the updated visa.

Remember to address this issue promptly to avoid any complications during your stay in the UAE. It's essential to provide accurate information on official documents to ensure a smooth travel experience.

The consequences of providing an incorrect or inaccurate profession on a UAE visa can lead to various complications. The UAE immigration authorities take visa information seriously, and discrepancies can result in the following consequences:

  1. Visa Rejection or Delay: An incorrect profession may lead to the rejection of your visa application or cause delays in the processing as authorities verify and rectify the discrepancy.

  2. Legal Consequences: Providing false information on official documents can have legal implications, potentially leading to fines, visa cancellations, or other legal actions.

  3. Employment Issues: If the incorrect profession is related to employment, it could lead to complications with your job, especially if the profession stated doesn't align with your actual employment.

  4. Difficulty in Future Applications: A history of discrepancies in visa information may pose challenges in future visa applications, as authorities may scrutinize your submissions more closely.

To avoid these consequences, it is crucial to provide accurate and truthful information on all visa-related documents, and if any errors are discovered, it's advisable to rectify them promptly through the proper channels.

Process for Correcting UAE Visa Information

  • Notify your sponsor or the visa issuing authority about the necessary correction.
  • Provide the necessary documents to support your correction request.
  • Upon receiving the documents, the authorities will assess your request and proceed with the required corrections.

To modify your UAE visa application:

  1. Start by reviewing any feedback or instructions provided by the visa processing authorities.
  2. Identify the specific areas that require modification, such as correcting errors, updating information, or providing additional documentation.
  3. Ensure all changes align with the official guidelines and requirements.
  4. After making the necessary adjustments, resubmit your revised application through the designated channels, keeping track of any reference or case numbers provided.
  5. Stay proactive in addressing any concerns promptly to facilitate a smooth and successful visa approval process.





The specific reasons for your UAE visa application being returned for modification can vary, as it depends on the individual circumstances and the feedback provided by the visa processing authorities. Common reasons for such returns include:

  1. Incomplete Documentation: Your application may lack some required documents or information.

  2. Inaccuracy or Discrepancy: There might be discrepancies or inaccuracies in the provided information, such as mismatched details or errors in the application form.

  3. Insufficient Funds: If you are required to show proof of financial means, the provided documentation may not meet the specified requirements.

  4. Ineligibility Criteria: You may not meet certain eligibility criteria outlined by the UAE authorities for the type of visa you are applying for.

  5. Security Concerns: In some cases, security-related issues or concerns may prompt a review and request for modification.

UAE visas can be returned for modification due to various reasons, such as incomplete documentation, inaccuracies, or issues with the application that need to be addressed.

The best option to correct details on the UAE visa is to send the application again. Foreign nationals should reapply for a UAE visa by sending documents, fees, and application forms again if they have enough time. 

Foreign nationals should be careful from the beginning to avoid mistakes in the UAE visa. To avoid common errors foreign nationals must remain careful at the time of application submission for UAE visas. Application form for UAE visa must be rechecked by foreign nationals to avoid spelling mistakes, wrong passport Id number, and other details. They should only pay the fee for a UAE visa and proceed further after assuring that all the details mentioned in the application are correct.  

If both the name and gender are mentioned incorrectly in the UAE visa. Then, foreign nationals will face problems entering the country. Foreign nationals will not be allowed to enter and the immigration office will not consider their UAE visa as invalid. 

Traveling with an incorrect UAE visa may be a matter of concern. The authorities or the officer check the name, gender, and other details on the visitor's UAE visa. They cross-check between the passport and UAE visa of the foreign national. If they spot wrong information in the UAE visa. Then, the chances of passing through the immigration points will be less. Foreign nationals will be denied or refused to enter the country due to the misinformation and mismatched problem in UAE visas. Sometimes, tourists or Visitors are also denied to board flights with incorrect or mismatched issues between UAE visa and the passport.

If there is a wrong date of birth mentioned on the UAE tourist visa. Then, you have to contact the immigration office for requested changes including the date of birth. Usually, foreign nationals can enter through the entry points if only the date and month mentioned in the UAE visa are wrong. But, they will not be allowed to enter if the year has been mentioned wrong in the UAE visa.

Married women can change or update their names on a UAE visa after marriage. Married women staying in UAE with residency visas or ordinary UAE visas should update the name in their passport. Expatriate women should visit the consulate office of their country to request changes in their passports. Provide related information about the new last name. Married women can visit the AMER center UAE. Expatriate women should fill the form for amendment in the name in UAE visa or residency visa.

The most common type of error or mistake can happen. Foreign nationals or applicants can fill in or enter the wrong information in the application form for a UAE visa. Incorrect or misspelled name on the UAE visa. Wrong or incorrect date of birth on the UAE visa of the foreign national. The incorrect gender is due to a misunderstanding on the UAE visa. Foreign nationals may get a UAE visa with an incorrect passport ID, issued date, or expiry date.

Tourists and visitors from foreign nations may face trouble if they continue to travel with incorrect names on UAE visas. Therefore, they should not take the chance to visit the airport with an incorrect name on a UAE visa. Tourists and visitors cannot make changes by themselves. They have to visit the nearest embassy or immigration office of the United Arab Emirates for correction in the name of their valid UAE visa. Tourists should give the proper reason and explanation for the misinformation or need to update the name to the respective authority. Tourists have to convince the authority to correct the name on a UAE visa. Tourists or visitors who will change their name on UAE visas should carry other important documents with them. Authority or immigration officer may ask for a valid passport and other relevant documents for confirmation.

It will be a difficult task for foreign nationals to correct the incorrect information in the issued UAE visa. Foreign nationals will have to make the changes by contacting the embassy, at the airport, or contacting a responsible organization. Foreign nationals who applied offline for UAE visas should travel to the immigration office of the United Arab Emirates for respective corrections. Foreign nationals can ask the immigration officer or authorities at the airport in UAE for correction or changes in the UAE visa.

Applicants applying for the UAE visa online or offline can make changes in the application form before submission. Applicants do not need to request changes at the immigration office or the airport. If the applicant or foreign national will correct the incorrect details in the UAE visa application form before paying fees. Applicants will not be able to make changes in the UAE visa application form easily after they have paid UAE visa fees. After the submission of the complete visa application form of UAE, the submission of related documents for UAE visa, and the submission of UAE visa fees. Foreign nationals will encounter issues and problems to correct details in the UAE visa application form.

You can not make corrections or changes in the United Arab Emirates after the issuance or approval. The correction in UAE visa can be made by the applicants sometimes by visiting embassy or immigration office. 

Tourists are allowed to visit the UAE but they should be vaccinated against COVID 19 to get entry and enjoy their vacations in UAE.

The second dose for the Sinopharm vaccine in UAE can be Taken after 3 weeks and avoid the gap of more than one month. 

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