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United Arab Emirates (UAE) Visit Visa Extension New Rules 2024

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The UAE visit visa extension means increasing the validity of the ordinary tourist visa. Generally, it means adding a few more days to UAE tourist visa validity. The UAE visit visa or UAE tourist visa is obtained by the applicants when they are entering the territory for short visits and duration. After the expiry of UAE visit visa validity, overstaying after expiration and exploring the Emirates after expiration is considered an illegal act. The traveller or visitor will be subjected to heavy fines and penalties for overstaying on an expired UAE visit visa.  

Travellers with UAE tourist visas are allowed to stay in the country for only 30 days. Visitors with an approved UAE visit visa can live or stay in the country for 90 days without any problems. After expiration extension of the UAE visit visa becomes necessary to avoid penalties and legal actions from the government side.

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UAE visit visa extension again and again after the expiry

The immigration policy or visa rules of the UAE government states that visitors are allowed to extend the date of visa validity. The UAE visit visa extension is possible for a minimum of two times. But, after two validity extensions of the UAE visit visa, it is not possible to stay in-country and extend your visa validity for the third time. The UAE visit visa is extendable again and again two times. After two times, the visitor will need to leave the country. 

The UAE visit visa or UAE tourist visa can be extended for 30 days first, And after 30 days, it can be extended for another 30 days. The UAE visit visa extension can also be done for 60 days. 

UAE visit visa extension fees

The applicant willing to extend the UAE visit visa validity should also need funds and money for fees. The UAE visit visa extension for foreign nationals is AED 600. The same amount of fees is needed to be paid for a second renewal or extension of your UAE visit visa.

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Steps for UAE visit visa extension

  • Applicants can extend their UAE visit visa and other visas at the immigration office of the United Arab Emirates.
  • You will be asked to submit a copy y of your old visa and other pieces of information.
  • You will need to pay 600 AED.
  • The renewal request or extension request is only accepted if the immigration office accepts it and provides you extended UAE visit visa.

Alternative ways for UAE visit visa extension

  • The applicant can leave the country and apply for visa renewal or obtain a new UAE visit visa. And can re-enter with an approved and renewed UAE visa.
  • Sometimes, The applicant can renew or extend their visit visa for UAE at the airport or borders. 

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Eligibility or Requirements for UAE visit visa extension

  • Only those visitors who can apply for UAE visit visa extension who have entered a territory legally.
  • The UAE visit visa validity or status should not be expired. Therefore Visitors wanting to stay for more time must apply for a fan or extension of the UAE visit visa before the expiry date.
  • The applicant has no criminal history in UAE as a visitor or tourist.

Documents needed for UAE visit visa extension

  • Copy and original Passport
  • Copy of valid UAE visit visa
  • Photograph
  • Purpose of extension
  • Fees

Suppose the visitor wants to apply for a third extension or wants to stay in UAE for more period. Then they should leave the country immediately after the expiration of two UAE visit visa extensions. Then they can obtain a new UAE visa from outside the country and enter the country for a few more days. 


Fines and actions for expired visit visa overstays

If the visitor is staying in UAE with an expired travel document. 

  • A fine of 100 AED is subjected to visitors.
  • A fine of 100 AED is for one day.
  • And will be required after ten days of the UAE visit visa expiration.
  • If you continue to stay illegally with an invalid UAE visa, you may not be allowed to obtain a new visa. Or may not get permission to enter UAE in the future.



Yes, the UAE visit visa extension and UAE tourist visa extension are possible and acceptable. But it is acceptable only for two times. Each UAE visit visa extension increases the validity for more than 30 days. Visitors can get their e-Visa for the United Arab Emirates from the Emirates Visa online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If foreign nationals continue to stay in the country for more than the validity period on an expired UAE visa. Fine of 100 AED for and heavy penalties will be imposed on foreign nationals. It will be best if you apply for an extension of a UAE tourist visa or visit visa.


Tourists and visitors should apply for a UAE visit visa extension before the expiry date or last date of the valid visa. They should have enough time for the extension visa process to receive it before the last date of the UAE visa.

You are not allowed to apply for a UAE visa extension with an invalid visa. Applicants must have a valid visa for UAE to be eligible to apply for a UAE visa extension.

Foreign nationals willing to apply for a UAE visit visa extension more than two times have to leave the country. It is not possible to apply for a UAE visa extension for the third time consecutively from inside the country. To stay longer or visit again to UAE, visitors must apply for a new visit visa or tourist visa.

The requirements for a UAE visit visa must be fulfilled by foreign nationals. Applicant must need to have a 6-month valid passport to apply for a UAE visa extension. Applicant should have a copy of the passport and original national passport at the time of the process. The applicant will also need to fulfill the criteria like valid UAE visa, passport size photograph, and intention or purpose of stay in the country. UAE visit visa fee must be submitted by the applicant.

Foreign nationals will need to pay around AED 600 for an extension of the UAE visit visa. They can stay in UAE for 30 days only after paying the fee of AED 600 and receiving approval from the authority.

If you have any plans to apply for a UAE visit visa extension from outside the country. Then, you can leave the UAE and visit any nearby country or border to apply for a new valid visa for UAE. After applying for two successive UAE visit visa extensions foreign nationals can choose the option of a visa run. Visitors can travel to the border for a visa extension of a UAE visit visa.

Foreign nationals can apply for a UAE visit visa extension by visiting the immigration office, immigration department at the airport, or from the DNRD office. Foreign nationals living in the UAE as a visitor can travel to the nearest DNRD (Department of Naturalization and Residency). The visitor should submit a valid UAE visa to the authority. Applicant should take a copy and original passport with other documents to apply for an extension. The applicant will be asked to pay the fee for a UAE visit visa. After approval by the authorities applicant will get the 30 days extended visit visa for UAE. Visitors are not obliged to leave the country for a UAE visa extension for this process.

Visitors from foreign countries visiting the UAE are allowed to extend the UAE visit visa two times without leaving the country. Foreign nationals can obtain 30 days visit visa extension for UAE. And, it is also possible to apply for more than 30 days UAE visit visa extension before the end of the validity. Overall, foreign nationals will be allowed to stay in UAE for 60 days after receiving an extended visit visa for UAE.

Foreign nationals are allowed to stay in the United Arab Emirates for more than 30 days. Tourists and visitors can stay for one month after the end of the validity of visit visas, tourist visas, business visas, or another kind of visa for UAE.

Foreign nationals staying in the United Arab Emirates can extend the 90 days valid visit visa of UAE. Tourists or visitors are only allowed to stay in the Emirates for 90 days with 90 days visit visa. But, if they apply for a UAE visit visa extension they can stay for more days by increasing the stay validity.

The UAE visit visa implies that foreign nationals or visitors need to extend the validity to stay in the country for more time. The extension means adding more days or stay duration on a UAE visa.

Foreign nationals can easily extend the UAE visit visa validity. The extension of the UAE visit visa is permitted under certain circumstances, tourism purposes, longer stay, and visits to the United Arab Emirates. Foreign nationals residing in UAE must have a valid UAE visa and passport.

The processing time of a UAE visit visa is three to five days.

The applicants applying for UAE visit visa extension for the first and second time do not need to leave the country. If the issue is for extension of UAE visit visa before the due date.

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