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emirates visa number everything you need to know about uid number

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While issuing your passport, or any other Emirates document, we often miss the important details and number mentioned on it. Emirates Visa number, UID numbers, and other details mentioned on any Emirates ID are set up for a purpose. Every passport holder or Emirates ID holder needs to know about all of these important details.

The Emirates is considered to be one of the topmost countries which have opened its arms wide for anyone interested in either Tourism, who are just passing by Transits, who are interested in working in the Emirates or are just interested in settling down in the country by getting a Residency Visa.

This blog will help its readers understand the importance of all the important numbers mentioned in the Emirates Visa or an Emirates ID. This further helps the readers to acquire the importance of these important details. The blog will also specify as to how can one find and check the emirates Visa details and UID number.


  • Important Numbers on the Emirates Visa
  1. UID number
  2. File number
  3. Emirates Visa number
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Important Numbers on the Emirates Visa

  • UID number

The first part of Emirates Visa consists of the UID number, The Unified Identification Number also referred to as the UID number, is a unique number that is automatically assigned to anyone who enters the UAE. This number is required to identify a person who is entering the UAE for any particular reason (employment, tourist, dependent, etc.) which can be accessed for immigration records. This number is also being used for residence visa applications and Emirates ID processing.

The Emirates ID is also an important identification document, usually provided to those who are staying in the country for a longer period like on Employment Visa or an Emirates Residence Visa. The Application of the Emirates ID is incomplete without the issuance of the UID number.

When is it required to merge the UID numbers?

Sometimes, applicants are assigned multiple UID numbers mostly due to system errors. It is required for an individual to have only a single UID number as having multiple numbers may cause duplicate records on the immigration system, and may cause a hindrance for those who intend entering and exiting the Emirates and applying for their desired Visa.

For the sake of security, the Multiple UID numbers should be merged for the reconcilement of the records on the immigration system.

The required documents for merging UID numbers submission of the original passport to the Immigration with all the UID numbers that are required to be merged.

  1. the applicant is required to submit their Passport copy including signature page
  2. the applicant is required to submit their Old and current visa copies
  3. Cancellation paper If the applicants have recently had to a cancelled visa
  • File number 

The second part of the Visa contains the information covered in its numbers like Visa number, Emirates that issued the visa, Year in which the visa issued, and the sponsor details.

The initial three numbers in the Visa describe the particular Emirates name that has issued the Visa, for Abu Dhabi Visa their code begins with 101, Similarly, for Dubai visa, the code begins with 201, for Sharjah, the code begins with 301, and for Ajman, the code begins with 401.

The following number is the year in wherein the Visa is issued, if the applicant is working with his/her sponsor for a long time his/her visa year code shall remain the same upon renewal. The year code on the visa will only change or update if the visa Is cancelled or a new visa is applied.

  • Emirates Visa Number

The final aspect of the file number on the visa page is the UAE Visa Number that is also known as the residence number of the resident. This number additionally has some hidden information to it.

  1. If the applicant's Visa number begins with 2, it implies that the applicant has an employment Visa (Work Visa) issued by a registered UAE company.
  2. If the applicants' Visa number begins with 3, it implies that the applicant has a Family Visa also known as a spouse visa (which is usually sponsored by either Husband/wife or mother/father)
  3. Only for Abu Dhabi and Sharjah Visas there, you can witness a forward slash sign (/) after the number 2 or 3 which implies to the category of Visa if it is Employment or Family Visa.

Finally, a barcode for the E-scan is printed and on the bottom right of the Emirates Visa, you will be able to witness a signature, which is by the director of the residency and foreign affairs who deals with all the UID numbers and UAE Visa number.

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