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travel ban in emirates in 2024

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Considering the strict laws and regulations in the Emirates, one may always get confused and feel clueless regarding the tough choices they might have to make. The Travel ban in Emirates may be put on a person for several grounds like – criminal offences, loans which are not paid, violation of the immigration norms, or any other matters related to the family. In order to Visit Emirates, you need to Apply Emirates Visa.

The Emirates is considered a one-stop destination for providing a lot to millions of people including foreigners. It has been a backbone to some money people and has improved their standards of living. Whereas one hand the Emirates is seen as a giving country, on the other hand, it can also be observed as a country with very strict rules, regulations, and laws. With a variety of people entering the country, it is the responsibility of the government and the immigration authorities to prevent the country from any security threat. Thus the government implies upon people under various circumstances if the person doesn’t abide by the laws of the country. You can Apply Emirates Visa Online from the comfort of your home at

Emirates Visa Online aims to help its readers to carefully understand the concept of bans in the Emirates. This helps the readers to prevent any kind of violations. It gives the readers an understanding of what exactly a travel ban is and under what circumstances you can be banned from the country.


  • What is a travel ban?
  • Is travel ban and labor ban the same?
  • What is the difference between a travel ban and an arrest warrant?
  • Possible Reasons for a travel ban
  • Travel ban removal process
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is a travel ban?

Legally, a ban is a legal option of preventing someone from taking a particular action. The Travel Ban Is just a restriction from crossing the country’s borders either entering or exiting through any mode of transport until the ban is been lifted on. It prohibits the entries and exits in the territory of the Emirates and also prohibits people upon whom the ban has been imposed on to not leave the country either until the conditions have lifted on.

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Is travel ban and labor ban the same?

No the travel ban and the labor ban are not the same. To understand its difference you can read the content below:

An Emirates Labor ban is not related to any travel restrictions. Its relations only lie with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) or simply known as the Ministry of Labor. With a Labor ban, whether for six months, a year, or permanently, the person can still enter the Emirates but is prohibited from getting a work permit from the MOHRE until the labour ban period is completed. Individuals facing this can enter the country as either a tourist, student or as a family member. The person with a labour ban can also get a job in the Emirates and work for a free zone company or with the government.

On the other hand, those who have been imposed with a travel ban, cannot enter the Emirates on any ground. The flexibility available with individuals receive with a labour ban, is not granted when the person is undergoing a travel ban.

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What is the difference between a travel ban and an arrest warrant?

The other confusion that people come across often is, between a travel ban and an arrest warrant.

The Emirates arrest warrant is often issued by the authority to detain:

  • People who are accused of committing and practising criminal
  • People who are debtors and are abstaining from the execution of the final judgment

The purpose of the arrest warrant is to detain a person who is accused of the sake of an investigation of crime or have to be executed for the civil court judgment.

Whereas a travel ban is completely different. Its purpose is to prohibit some people from entering and exiting the country for the sake of protecting the citizens of the country and also protecting the country’s private affairs.

Those who are imposed with a travel ban, it is not necessary for them to be put in jail. Unless they haven’t committed any serious crime, then no arrest warrant is issued. The only major step that is taken by those who impose a travel ban is, the person it is imposed upon will not be permitted to cross the borders of the Emirates.

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Possible Reasons for a travel ban

There are several reasons for the imposition of an Emirates travel ban, some of them are as follows:

  1. Criminal related offences,
  2. Debts not paid
  3. Violation of immigration laws,
  • Criminal related offences

A travel ban can be issued on those who are under investigations for committing a crime or have violated laws such as theft, drug abuse, carrying arms and ammunitions, being charged for murder, rape, forgery, etc. it can also be issued as a consequence of civil or commercial violations criminal penalties, like bounced cheque cases.

  • Debts not paid

The UAE travel ban can be issued and prohibit the debtor from travelling, as a sort of interim measures taken to assure the right of the creditor. Therefore, issuing such a ban can urge the debtor to recover the debt. The ban will expire when the reasons for issuing it ceases i.e. if the debt is repaid to its creditor.

  • Violation of immigration laws

The Emirates travel ban can be imposed on violating grounds such as:

  1. Those who get another job without quitting their prior jobs.
  2. Overstaying the visa duration
  3. Illegally entering the country
  4. Leaving the country without cancelling the sponsored visa

Such Violations in the immigration laws can extend the tenure of the ban up to a lifetime.

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Travel ban removal process

There are certain procedures one can use to remove the travel ban imposed on them, these are listed below:

  • The travel ban based on criminal related offences
  1. Suspects who are accused of committing criminal related offences are automatically imposed the travel ban. These suspects are issued the ban through the order of the police, public prosecution, and the court. Once the ban is issued, it stays till the end of the investigation, trial, or even the sentence.
  2. In case the person is wanting to remove the ban, they can apply by submitting an application to the court and request a bail order.
  • The travel ban based on suspects who have not paid their debts

A ban of this type can be imposed on the debtor through a written application of the creditor.

The court may issue a travel ban on the suspect upon the satisfaction of the following conditions:

  1. The creditor should show evidence over the fear that the debtor may escape without paying the desired debt.
  2. The debt should amount more than AED 10,000
  3. The debt should be real and payable
  4. In case the amount of the debt is not clearly defined, then the judge can make an estimation for as long as there is written proof on the debt
  • The travel ban can be removed in the following instances by the judge
  1. In case the conditions of requiring a travel ban are extinguished.
  2. In case the creditor themselves gives written approval for the removal of the ban.
  3. In case of the submission of a bank bail or bondsman by the debtor and approved by the judge.
  • The travel ban based on the violating of immigration laws

A travel ban for a violation of immigration is automatically imposed through the force of law and is enforced through the decision of the authorities. This kind of ban is usually is a lifetime permanent ban.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign nationals or residents in the Emirate of Dubai can check the travel ban in several ways. They can visit the nearest Dubai police station to know about the travel ban has been imposed against them or not. Or they can directly contact the AMER Dubai center through phone calls. They need to give passport information to check their travel ban status. If you are not currently in Dubai or outside the country then you can hire a lawyer. You can visit the official website of Dubai police to check the Emirates travel ban status.  

Yes, many visitors travel to the United Arab on tourist visas, short-term visas, and visit visas. But they stay working in UAE without any legal process or work permit. This is against immigration laws and a travel ban may be imposed indefinitely. The work permit is the mandatory document required for foreign nationals working in a company or organization in UAE. 

The resident who is staying in UAE has to send the application to the public prosecutor. If the travel ban was imposed due to criminal reasons. You can cancel the travel ban by submitting an application or sending a request. The fee for cancellation of the travel ban will depend on the number of cases or criminal records that have been charged against the individual. You will need a valid Emirates ID and a proper legal advisor. The application is forwarded to the police or prosecutor. After approval travel ban is removed.

Yes, there is not any kind of travel restriction for residents of the UAE. They can leave UAE but before traveling to a foreign country check the entry requirements. 

There is no travel ban against tourists intending to enter the United Arab Emirates. There are some COVID travel restrictions which are the set of guidelines and rules that need to be followed by tourists. Tourists who are COVID positive can not enter the United Arab Emirates for a short visit. Tourists who have recently visited or are residents of banned south African countries due to COVID can not enter UAE for now. Tourists should take the COVID 19 RT PCR test before their flight to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Tourists have to present a printed copy of the negative RT PCR certificate at the entry points. The test has to be taken 48 hours or 72 hours prior to their departure for UAE which depends on the nationality. It is required that tourists traveling to UAE must be fully vaccinated against COVID with a booster dose.

Travel ban against individuals imposed due to criminal offenses can only be removed. If they are not guilty, or at the end of the investigation. The travel ban imposed due to debt can be uplifted by showing evidence or written application from their creditor. After paying a fine by visitors who are inside UAE on short-term visas. Then they can leave after paying penalties and fines. 

There are several reasons for which one person's entry or exit can be denied by the immigration department of the United Arab Emirates. If there is any kind of criminal-related case or background of the visitor intending to enter the United Arab Emirates. Then the travel ban can be imposed so that the person can not enter UAE. Travelers or citizens of UAE who are under investigation for a severe crime. Travelers who haven't paid debt before leaving UAE. If a foreign national is trying to exit without paying a fine for their Emirates visa overstay. Foreign nationals illegally staying in UAE, overstaying on visas, and who have violated immigration laws of the country. 

Yes, a travel ban can be imposed on foreign nationals who have violated UAE immigration rules. A travel ban is a restriction that is a legal action done against individuals. It is the restriction where one is not allowed to cross the UAE borders or exit the country. The travel ban against individuals is lifted or removed after some time. 

Yes, visitors traveling from South African countries which are highly affected by the omicron variant can not travel to the United Arab Emirates currently. The restriction will be removed soon and visitors from other countries can visit UAE there is no travel ban due to COVID 19. All the COVID 19 requirements including RT PCR test, PCR, quarantine if needed, etc should be followed. 

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