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are single girls allowed in the emirates - lets find out

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Answer: Yes, they are allowed, usually without problems. But they may not be allowed in certain circumstances.

When can they not let me go?

Women: Before heading towards the emirates, you must have information about Emirates visa as Emirates does not allow women to Enter Emirates Alone. However, the Emirates Migration Service has the right to refuse an Emirates visa upon arrival to anyone without explanation. Such rules apply in all countries where you can get a visa upon arrival. This is absolutely normal.

Naturally, there are few cases of refusal of entry.

In practice, employees of the migration service refuse only if there is good reason to suspect that a person is trying to enter the Emirates on a tourist visa not for recreation, but for the purpose of illegal work.

And of course, single girls come under suspicion in the first place. After all, 90% of the population of the United Arab Emirates are visiting workers from Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, and India. And these are mostly men. Now in the Emirates, more than 2 times more men than women, and most men are aged 20-40 years. All this we described in detail in the article "Population of the Emirates."

Now think, which institutions are in great demand in this situation? What female profession is ultra-demanded? The authorities of the United Arab Emirates are trying to fight this profession. That's why single girls fall under suspicion.


Other risk factors

Problems will not be accurate if you have with you:

1. A return ticket

2. Listing of hotel reservation, and not the cheapest

3. Travel medical insurance.

With this kit, you definitely will not fall under suspicion. Another risk factor is age. Women after 30 years are no longer so suspicious for the migration service. If you want more guarantees, you can bring along a marriage certificate (if you are married) and childbirth certificates (if you have children).

If you fly on a trip (package tour), then you are guaranteed to have everything you need on hand.

If you fly to rest on your own, then see the table of risk factors and approval below:

Risk factor Approval Factor Proof Document
Under 30 years old Age 30+  
No Return Ticket  There is a Return Ticket Ticket Printout
Low-cost Airline Expensive Airline Ticket Printout
No Hotel Reservation Hotel Reservation Printout of Reservation
No Insurance Insurance Printout of Insurance
Single Married marriage Certificate
No Children Have Kids Birth Certificate
No evidence of financial viability There is evidence of their financial viability Bank Statement

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And the main factor is your psycho-emotional state and manner of communication.

If you behave calmly and confidently, if you speak English and can answer the questions of the migration control officers, then the chances of passing the control increase dramatically.

If you are nervous, you cannot really say anything, and even more so if you behave aggressively, then the chances are sharply reduced.

And even more so, the chances fall sharply if there is a smell of alcohol. In general, being intoxicated at Emirates airports is illegal, even if you just fly in transit. And cross the border even more so.


If they refused entry, will they return the money?

No, nobody will return any money. The country's authorities have the right to refuse anyone and do not owe anything to anyone. Getting insurance money is unrealistic. This situation is not an insured event.

Do not forget that you still have to somehow return home, for which you have to buy a new ticket.


Where did the rumor come from that they were not allowed at all?

This is not even a rumor, but simply once women were not allowed into the Emirates alone.

Since the creation of the Emirates state in 1971, the country has been ruled by the permanent president and emir of Abu Dhabi, the late Sheikh Zayd ibn Sultan al-Nahyan.

Sheikh Zayed was a very religious person, even now the Quran is constantly read over his grave in the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. There were many restrictions in his reign: women were not allowed to enter the country alone, there was a strict dress code, and even the husband and wife were not put in the same room at the hotel if they had different names.

Sheikh Zayd died in 2004, his eldest son Sheikh Khalifa ascended the throne, and the country's liberalization began. Many restrictions were cancelled, visas began to be given to almost everyone, but they introduced a system of cash deposit (sponsorship). 

In 2014, Sheikh Khalifa suffered a stroke, and in fact, his brother, the Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed, became the rule. It is believed that a new round of liberalization has begun, although not as strong. 

After the negotiations of Sheikh Mohammed and Vladimir Putin, a visa-free regime for Russians was introduced in 2017. Now they let everyone in unless they suspect a desire to illegally live and work in the Emirates. 

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