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emirates visa rejection how to prevent your emirates visa from being rejected in 2024

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The Emirates Visa application is always on the rise, leading to many Emirates Visa rejections. Thousands of people wish to visit and witness the grandeur of the Emirates. Some of them want to either visit the country as a tourist, the other half wish to live in the Emirates for a longer time and apply for employment, study, or residence Visa respectively.

This blog will help its readers to understand the process of Emirates Visa Application. It will focus on questions -Under what circumstances does an Emirates Visa gets rejected? and how can you prevent your Visa from rejection?


  • Emirates Visa online Application procedure
  • Causes of Emirates Visa being rejected
  • How can you prevent your Visa from being rejected?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Emirates E- Visa Online Application procedure 

The process for applying for an Emirates Visa is simple. Those whose Visas get rejected, probably make a mistake while filling out an application form or submitting the required documents. To experience a hassle-free service you can click on the Emirates Visa Online website.

Emirates Visa Online is one of the most reputed and genuine portals for the application and issuance of Emirates Visa services. You can trust them to grant you the kind of Visa you desire completely hassle-free.

To apply for an E-Visa following are the steps:

  • Visit Emirates Visa Online
  • Go on to the home page and click on Apply Emirates Visa
  • Check the country you are currently based in
  • Select the Emirates Visa Types
  • Fill the Emirates Application form
  • Submit the required documents
  • Pay the Emirates Visa Fee
  • Receive notification of your Application ID (* it is important to keep your application ID safe, to keep a track on your Visa Application Status)

The process takes less than 10 minutes to complete and makes you control your application. You don’t have to be dependent on any travel agency or the UAE Visa authorities anymore. All you have to do is Visit Emirates Visa Online, and feel the change happening.

Causes of Emirates Visa being rejected

There are several reasons for your Visa application to get rejected. Some of them are listed below:

  • If the applicant's application forms are incomplete applications with inadequate or false information, passports with less validity than permitted, passports that are damaged, missing, or pending documents, typo errors on the form can lead to immediate rejection. Moreover, inconsistencies in the data provided on the application form compared to the details available on the passport can also cause visa rejection.
  • If the applicant is a Solo Woman Traveler: The Emirates follows a strict law and does not approve of women under the age of 24 years travel without her parents, guardian, relative, or husband.
  • If the applicant has had an Overstay on their previous Emirates Visa: If a visa applicant overstays during his/her previous stay in the Emirates, he or she can face either a delay or rejection. People who visit the Emirates for tourism, in some cases, continue to overstay even after the expiration of their visa. This may result in fines and serious consequences.

The applicant may face the following if he/she continues to overstay after the expiration of their Visa:

  1. Their name will be blacklisted
  2. They will have to face a ban from the immigration
  3. The applicants can be subject to be arrested and spend jail time for up to 3 months.
  4. The applicants can be issued with a deportation order.
  • If the applicant holds Handwritten Passports: Ever since technology has taken over, the countries have replaced the old school ways with modern contemporary documents .the passports held by the applicants must be machine-readable. A handwritten passport may simply get the application of a Visa rejected.
  • If there has been No Previous Cancellation of an Emirates Visa: If the applicant previously held a residential visa and while leaving the country he/she failed to get it cancelled, the authorities shall deny their application for a visa.
  • If the applicant submitted Blurry Photograph or Passport scans: If the scans submitted by the applicant in their application are blurry or the photographs are not clearly visible, the Emirates authorities will surely delay or reject their Visa.
  • Profession mentioned in the passport: An Emirates visa may get denied if the mentioned profession is “unskilled” as per their criteria. The Emirates authorities are known to deny a visa to farmers, labourers, and people belonging to the unskilled criteria.
  • If the applicant has a Previous Criminal Offence: Applicants who have a previous record of criminal offence, misconduct or fraud, will have their Visa applications rejected by the Emirates Immigration. The Emirates and the GCC countries, follow a common blacklist to keep people with previous criminal records away.

There are yet many factors which the Emirates immigration and government authorities may take into consideration for the rejection of a Visa application. But most of the causes are listed above.

How can you prevent your Visa from being rejected?

Having taken a look at the causes of the rejection of an Emirates Visa, one should take a note about the several measures one can take into consideration to save their visa from being rejected by the authorities.

Some of the measures are:

  • The applicant should make sure that his/her passport has at least 6 months of validity left while applying for an Emirates Visa.
  • The applicant should ensure that all the fields are duly and correctly. One should avoid any kind of factual or typo mistakes.
  • The documents submitted by the applicant should be valid.
  • The applicant should ensure the previous visa is no longer active and cancelled at the time of applying for a new Emirates


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a possibility of your Emirates employment visa rejection. Under certain circumstances, not eligible applicants, incorrect information, and invalid documents. If you have a criminal record, and still don't have a stable job. Then the employment visa is rejected by the authority.

You can re-apply for Emirates again after 3 to 4 days using online services. You can open the Emirates visa online website where you will be assured that there will be fewer chances of visa rejection. Send application with correct information and valid documents this time to avoid rejection.

Yes, any Emirates visa is only delayed due to errors in the application. If applicants Emirates visa application has an incorrect name, age, passport number, wrong issued to date, incorrect expiry date, incorrect address details, and invalid email ID. If you haven't uploaded all the necessary documents especially your passport. Then you may be asked to complete the application with correct information and upload missing documents which may delay the Emirates visa process. 

Yes, there are 100% chances that the application for 30 days visa for Emirates will be rejected. The moment authorities will find in their system that you already have 14 days tourist visa. You should cancel the 14 days tourist visa first to send an application for 30 days visa. You can cancel the visa by contacting the website or through the help of online services. The fee for Emirates visa cancellation may vary. After canceling the visa you can visit the Emirates visa online to submit an application for 30 days visa. Pay USD 140 for single entry and USD 405 for multiple entries visa to get UAE 30 days e-visa for Emirates.

You should check do you require an Emirates visa for your journey or not. You should go through all the details of the Emirates visa for your nationality. Apply for an Emirates visa according to the purpose, duration, and then select the type of visa you need. Requirements and processes may vary depending on the nationality. Eligible nationals for Emirates visas through online services should apply for visas with a proper internet connection. As sometimes due to low internet speed the Emirate visa application may stay incomplete. After you've finished the Emirates visa application, go over it again to ensure you've completed and aswered all of the necessary details. Use a passport that is 6 months valid and an original one to suppress the chances of rejection. Pay the visa fee and check whether you get the confirmation mail or not after payment.

One of the popular reasons for thousand of Emirates tourist visa rejections is incomplete application. The application with wrong information in it and with unanswered questions is automatically rejected. Using passports that do not fulfill the common eligibility criteria of Emirates tourist visa. Not paying the required fee for an Emirates visa. Using fake information in the application, using a fake passport, applying for two visas for Emirates at the same time. Using an invalid passport, the photograph does not match the requirements for the Emirates visa.

Yes, many visa application for Emirates is rejected every year. When Applicants apply for an Emirates visa through unauthorized websites then there are high chances of rejection. 6 to 7 visa application in every 10 Emirates visa application is rejected due to certain reasons. You may have to face rejection one or even more times when not applying through the valid website and invalid documents. To avoid these frequent rejections you should visit the official website of Emirates visa to know in detail about the visa process and requirements.

If any visitor or traveler who have applied for an Emirates visa at the airport. And if their application request for a particular visa is rejected. Then they have to return as without an Emirates visa it is not possible to cross the immigration points. You can re-apply suddenly after the visa application is rejected when one is applying for an Emirates visa directly from the airport. Therefore, the only option left is to leave the country and come again when you get an approved visa. One of the drawbacks for visa on arrival is especially visa rejection as there are no guarantee visitors will get to enter UAE or not.

The Internet has thousands and millions of data for every piece of information. It is on us how we select which data and information are useful and which one is fake. You will find many websites online issuing Emirates visas that are not genuine. Many tourists and visitors from all over the world apply for Emirates visas using these websites which ultimately leads to visa rejection. Avoid getting trapped through the fake advertisement and promotion spread through social media and the internet. A select website that has genuine content, reasonable visa price, and provides assurance and reliability. Emirates visa online is the authorized genuine website that provides a 100% guarantee of visa approval. 

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