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If you are to transit through the Emirates, then you can do now for free if you are to travel for about eight hours or less through the Emirates. But if you are to travel for more than this time period then you might have to take an Emirates transit visa to stay for a longer time. This, however, can be issued only if you have an idea about the visa and how to apply one for yourself when you got through the transit. Hence Emirates Visa Online brings you more information about the Emirates transit visa to help you get an idea about it. Apply 48 Hours and 96 Hours Emirates Transit Visa at Emirates Visa Online as We are a complete service provider of online Emirates visas for the people who are wishing to fly Emirates


Q. Can a Bangladeshi passport holder apply for an Emirates transit visa?

Yes, being a Bangladeshi passport holder you can apply for an Emirates transit visa just by applying for one through Emirates Visa Online.

Q. What are the options that I can get while transiting through the Emirates?

You can have two options to stay in the Emirates during your transit:

  1. 48 hours Emirates transit visa
  2. 96 hours Emirates transit visa

Q. Can I have an option of multiple entries on an Emirates transit visa?

No, you cannot apply for a multiple entry Emirates transit visa as those that are issued by the immigration officers will only let you enter for a single time with the help of a transit visa after which you cannot use this visa for further entries.

Q. When do I need to apply for an Emirates transit visa?

You need to apply for an Emirates transit visa when you will be transiting through the Emirates and will be staying in the airport for more than 8 hours. Within this 8 hours time period, you can transit without a transit visa.

Q. Can an Emirates transit visa be made available through a visa on arrival facility?

Yes if you are from one of those countries that can apply for an Emirates visa on arrival then you can get the Emirates transit visa even after you have arrived at the airport. But it will be recommended to take an Emirates visa through an online method to save time and enjoy your transit.

Q. I am an Afghanistan passport holder who will be having a transit through the Emirates while traveling to Canada, is it possible to get another visa that will let me stay for about two or more days?

You might want to take an Emirate 3-day visa that will let you stay for more than two days in the Emirates. This means that you can also exit the immigration area of the airport while holding this visa and travel around the Emirates during the visa validity period.

Q. I had applied for a 14 days visa while not knowing about the transit visa being available can I still use the 14 days visa as a transit visa?

Yes, you can use this Emirates 14 days visa to stay during your transit visit to the Emirates. You will not be needed to apply for another transit visa to stay within the immigration area.

Q. If I am a holder of the US visa and passport do I need to apply for a transit visa if my transit will be for more than 10 hours?

Yes, if you are a US visa and passport holder you will have to get an Emirates transit visa to be eligible to enter the Emirates. It will be recommended that you take a 48 hours transit visa to stay in the immigration area during your transit.

Hence with this information being made available to you, you can now apply for an Emirates transit visa with the documents required for one.

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