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how to check emirates pnr status

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Do you love to travel, but are easily annoyed by the long queues? Last moment preparations don’t seem to be your thing? Amid the hassle of reaching the airport on time, have you ever felt the need to find out your PNR status? This blog will answer your question How to check your Emirates PNR status?

It is widely observed that while travelling people like their journey to be like a nonstop luxury. Emirates Airline can surely promise you a smooth journey with top-class services. Before getting into an Emirates flight, it is always advisable to check your PNR status, this will certainly help you gain clarity and will save a lot of your time as well.

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  • What is a PNR number?
  • Why is the PNR number important?
  • How to locate your PNR number?
  • How to check an Emirates PNR status?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PNR number?

PNR number (Passenger Name Record) is an alphanumeric code that offers in-depth information about passenger travelling through an airline or any other mode of transportation. It also provides information on the arrival and departure of flights, it helps you gain the confirmation status of your booking. 

Why is the PNR number important?

The PNR number proves to be an important document, as it consists of the record of the journey of the passenger. It helps the passenger to check the status of their booking and also find their confirmation. Gathering all of this vital information makes passenger stress and hassle-free and help them enjoy their journey pleasantly.

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How to locate your PNR number?

After booking your flight to Emirates Airlines, you will receive an E – ticking which will include your PNR number. On request of an E-Ticket, the PNR number is sent to you through an Email as well as it is sent to you through a text message.

When you receive your E-ticket, you will notice a six-characteristic alpha-numeric code on the right side of the 'Booking Reference field. Your PNR code will begin with either of the alphabet B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I J, K, or L.

Once you obtain this code, you can get in-depth booking details as well as information about your Emirates flight. This will help you figure out if your booking is confirmed or not. In addition to this, you may also use the code to check if your flight is delayed, cancelled, or is on schedule. You may also confirm the arrival and departure timings through the same.

How to check an Emirates PNR status?

Emirates Airlines have made the steps extremely easy and hassle-free to keep track of your PNR number. You have the option of either calling their well-trained customer care executives, who will cater to your needs and queries. You can also check your Emirates flight’s PNR status through their official website and performing the following steps:

  • After visiting their official site, click on the ‘Manage Tab’.
  • After clicking on the Manage tab at the bottom of the page you will find a section called Find your booking After clicking the Find your booking’ tab, you will be asked to enter your last name and booking reference that is your PNR number.
  • The final step consists of clicking on the tab Go after which you will be able to gain your PNR status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can contact Emirates Airlines to update or change your name on flight tickets. Make all the relevant changes at least before 2 hours. 

Yes, you can buy medical insurance and travel insurance after booking a flight through Emirates airlines to keep your journey safe and secure. All passengers visiting Dubai should submit negative RT PCR results for COVID. They should be fully vaccinated and must have valid health insurance covering the COVID medical treatment.

First-class passengers and business class passengers can visit the Emirates lounge which provides full service to its customers at Dubai international airport. You should wear gloves, mask, and follow COVID protocol for your safety inside and even outside the airport. 

Yes, through "manage your booking" it is possible to select seat location and other service details. Passengers do not need to worry if they want to update their travel needs. The seat changes can be made online. Passengers can select which seat they want with the help of a 3D seat map. You can change the seat before checking in. You can also ask for special diet food or meals, book the rental car, or book a chauffeur drive if required. 

While submitting information for booking flight tickets, you need to give your email address and contact details. If you have recently changed or updated your email address or contact details. It is best to update your new email address with Emirates airlines. So you can get PNR status, ticket details, and flight details which are also sent to the email address. Update your contact details too if you have changed your phone number. 

Whenever anyone plans an international journey for vacation. They have to book flight tickets which are affordable and at the same time provide good services to their customers. Emirates airlines are maintained and comes under the direct supervision of Dubai. Passengers can trust Emirates airlines as services provided by them are world-class and at the same time, they also focus on maintaining high standards. 

PNR number in your e-ticket of Emirates airlines is the 6 characteristic alphabet number code. You can find it on the right side of the booking reference area. The Emirates airline's PNR code starts with the alphabet. 

You will get a PNR number only after booking flights through Emirates airlines for your desired destination. Passengers who have applied online will get an e-ticket in which you will find the PNR number. Passengers will also receive PNR numbers through SMS, email, and text message.

Passengers wishing to check the PNR status online should visit the official portal of Emirates airlines. Click on the "check flight status" tab to get all details regarding confirmation status too. Give the asked details about your route where are you leaving from, departure date and where are you going. Give information about the flight number. Click on the "view details" tab to know about the current status of your Emirates flight. 

Indian nationals can call on toll-free number 022 33773377/+91 800 100 8064 to enquire about the PNR status with Emirates airlines. 

Yes, you can contact Emirates Airlines to know more about your PNR status. The customer care department of Emirates airlines is highly skilled and nicely trained to answer an international call and provide all the related information about PNR status to the customers.

Emirates airlines are the UAE national flight as well as the world's 4th largest airline. After booking flights tickets it would be best if you check the confirmation status and PNR status before the travel. If your seats are not confirmed on the Emirates flight then you should book tickets for the next flight.

Yes, the PNR number is the alphanumeric number that can also provide details about the confirmation status of your flight or journey. 

The full name of PNR status is the passenger or traveler name record. The PNR status of your flight is the itinerary information. The PNR number of your flight is the flight name, flight duration, other flight details, booking status, flight boarding and landing time, etc. In other words, it is a code that carries passenger information traveling through a particular flight.  

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