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Have you ever wanted to remain in the emirates after retirement as a long-time resident of Dubai? Well, with the recent announcement of the pension visa in Dubai, this option will now be open to you.

Dubai has revealed its latest pension scheme, which permits retirement visas for those aged 55 and over. It is available to stakeholders worldwide, including residents of Dubai, for the long term. The Dubai retirement visa is the first in the country and can be used according to a number of requirements.

About Retirement Visa in Emirates

The Emirates Visa Pension Plan is a project by the Residence and Foreign Affairs Directorate and Dubai Tourism (GDRFA). According to His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Makthum' s instructions, the scheme has been implemented to help the expatriates and foreigners enjoy the exclusive benefits of living after retirement in the UAE. The scheme has been introduced to support expatriates and foreigners.

Dubai has been a favorite destination for young professionals over the last few decades. However, most expats normally return to their homeland after completing their retirement date.

The five-year Dubai retirement visa announcement updates, allowing expats to call Dubai their home forever. This scheme only extends to those who meet some unique Dubai expatriates' retirement conditions.

In the initial process, the pension visa system will concentrate on the existing Dubai residents who have been working for more than a decade in the Emirate. Simply put, the scheme for long-term residents is a hassle-free retirement choice. Dubai's pension scheme is boosting the economy of the region, according to Helal Al Marri, the Director-General of Dubai Tourism. This will partly be made possible by the friends and family of retired expatriates visiting them in the UAE.

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Eligibility Criteria for Retirement Visa in Emirates

The eligibility criterion for the Dubai retirement visa system for expatriates are transparent and readily understood.

Before the final application was submitted, one had to obtain medical insurance. But this requirement has been eased by the government. Without medical insurance, you can now continue with your visa application.

Candidates must pass a medical test as part of the application process. You can purchase a medical plan that meets your needs until your application is accepted.

Visa Application 

All inquiries must be made via the official retirement website in Dubai.

General Updates on Emirates Retirement Visa

  • Both applications shall include the applicant's and his dependents' passport-sized photograph.
  • Pensioners can sponsor their kids without age, gender, or marital status restrictions.
  • The support of domestic aid is subject to compliance with the Regulations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).
  • Pensioners are not currently allowed to work without a provisional work permit. Such licenses are at this time granted only to the Dubai Government for short-term commitments and advisory service.

Specific Updates According to the Application Route

Income route

  • A letter suggesting retirement must be given. It may be a letter from the final employer to terminate the program or a letter from social services that indicate the claimant's resignation.
  • Currently, the GDRFA prioritizes pension or welfare care revenues.
  • Other revenue streams may be investigated on a case-by-case basis, with justification and proof of revenue source to ensure potential revenue sustainability.

Savings route

  • A letter suggesting retirement must be given. It may be a letter from the final employer to terminate the program or a letter from social services that offer the resignation of the claimant.
  • In a set 3 year account at a US bank, the savings of AED 1 million must be deposited. Applicants should send a letter from the bank to GDRFA (in Arabic), indicating that a fixed 3-year deposit was made of AED one million. 
  • International applicants to submit at least 1 million AED (or equivalent in other currency) certificates or declarations on their international bank account, attested and converted to. The AED 1 million shall be deposited in a 3-year fixed deposit in a local bank within 30 days after issuance of the Residency following the acceptance of the applicant's residence and arrival.

Property route

  • The valuation of your land must exceed AED 2 million, and the merit of those applications will be assessed.
  • Where the land belongs to a business and SPV, the enterprise should be entirely owned.

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Retirement Visa in Emirates Renewal

In accordance with the pension plan, if the applicant fails to follow the requirements, the visa will be extended automatically.

A larger project of Dubai Tourism and the Directorate General for Residence and Foreign Affairs to enhance the inclusion of this pretty city is the Dubai retiring visa scheme. Now people can retire and enjoy the perks of living in a multi-cultural location in Dubai.

There is also likely to be a major effect on property visas five years after retirement. It's all about making Dubai an enticing location for people all over the world.

If it is the UAE Work Visa or the UAE Visitor and Citizenship Visa, the mechanism of the issue has been changed, and the solutions have been given as quickly as possible.

So this is all the information regarding Retirement Visa in Emirates that you must know of. To apply for an Emirates Visa or any other information regarding a Retirement Visa in Emirates, you can contact Emirates Visa Online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is an age limit for every applicant applying for an Emirates retirement visa. The applicant should have to be 55 years old or above for an Emirates retirement visa. 

The processing time of a retirement visa is a minimum of 15 days. The approved retirement visa will be received after completing of application and visa processing.

Yes, a retirement visa can be used for multiple entries to visit the United Arab Emirates. Expatriates or retirees holding retirement visas do not need to obtain a new visa for Emirates. They can leave and re-enter according to their choice until the validity of their retirement visa

You can apply for an Emirates retirement visa by opening the official portal of retirement in Dubai for a visa. If you meet financial criteria, health criteria, and other requirements. Then you will get 5 years retirement visa for UAE.

Yes, health insurance is an important eligibility criterion. If you are planning to retire in UAE on a retirement visa. All the applicants for retirement visas should get valid health insurance. Applicants should also need to pass the medical test for the retirement visa. Without health, an insurance application will not be considered eligible for a retirement visa.

UAE does not give permanent residency to any foreign national. All the retirees from foreign countries are willing to stay in UAE permanently. Should get long-term visa or retirement visa for UAE.

Yes, you can consider a good life in the United Arab Emirates after retirement. Many expatriates want to stay in UAE because of its advancement in technology and high-quality life. The crime rates are lower and the climate is generally sunny which makes it a perfect place to stay. You can visit popular tourist places and enjoy a convenient lifestyle. 

If you are planning to stay in the United Arab Emirates after retirement. Then financial requirements should be maintained to stay an eligible candidate for a retirement visa. Investing in property is the best option for expatriates to maintain their financial status. You should invest at least AED 2 million in any property. You can take a loan from a bank that will cover 80 percent of the money. The rest price needed to be paid will be AED 400k which is less sum than the other options. If you have your place in UAE then you don't have to worry about rent and other issues.

The cost of a retirement visa in the United Arab Emirates is AED 888.75. The additional fee for a medical exam for retirement in UAE is AED 753. The Emirates ID for retiree will cost AED 572.50. Therefore the total fee required to be submitted for a retirement visa in the United Arab Emirates is AED 2,214.25.

You will not need to visit anywhere for renewing your retirement visa in the United Arab Emirates. The retirement visa is renewed automatically. Meeting the eligibility requirement is an important criterion for renewal. Expatriates have a wonderful chance to retire and stay in UAE.

A retiree from foreign countries can stay in the United Arab Emirates for 5 years. After the end of 5 years validity, a retiree can also apply for renewal of Emirates retirement visa. The renewal can only be done for extending your stay in UAE. If they meet the eligibility criteria and financial requirements for a retirement visa. 

If you are a foreign national willing to retire in the United Arab Emirates. Then you must show documents for providing evidence that your monthly income is at least $5,500 or AED 20,000. Applicants can also retire in UAE if they have $275,000 or AED 1 million. Property or investment of at least $550,000 or AED 2 million in UAE.

Yes, foreign nationals can retire in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE government has already made policies and introduced retirement visas to make the process easier for foreign nationals or expatriates. Even working expatriate in the United Arab Emirates for a long time or resident already living in the country will not face issues. 

All the retirees who are above 55 years are eligible to apply for Emirates and mainly Dubai residence visa. The retirement visa is issued to eligible retirees from foreign nations or residents of the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates retirement visa is the new scheme introduced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Emirates retirement visa is issued to retirees wishing to reside in the country for a longer period or permanently. Foreign nationals can apply for a retirement visa to stay in the United Arab Emirates after retirement. Certain criteria and requirements must be met by every retiree wishing to obtain an Emirates retirement visa.

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