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Guide to the Sharjah Rain Room: Prices, Location & More 2024

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Tired of encountering the same old sights? Sharjah has something new for you to witness and experience, The Sharjah Rain Room. People are not much aware of the sights Sharjah has to offer to the world, but this hidden gem is considered the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Due to the enumerable museums, cultural heritage centers, and fabulous mosques, Sharjah gains its name s as the “Cultural Capital” of the United Arab Emirates. A majority of the crowd visits the other famous cities of the Emirates and miss out on this huge city.

This blog will shed light over the Sharjah Rain Room experience, and inform the readers about the newest technology used to create a sight so memorable to encounter. We at the Emirates E visa online portal aim to make the journey of our readers a pleasant and hassle-free one.

Q. Why is the Sharjah Rain Room so famous?

The Sharjah Rain Room is famous because of being permanently installed in the Al Mujarrah area by the Sharjah Art Foundation. Space is controlled which further mimics the individual’s experience of walking in the rain without getting drenched. This kind of room that controls the weather is one of its kind, especially in the entire Emirates. The entire mechanism of the technicality was set by a London – based art group back in 2012.  

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Q. How does this technology exactly work?

The Sharjah Rain Room consists of a controlled space which uses of 2,500 litres of recycled water. It replicates the rainfall which takes place in a closed room. The uniqueness about this place is, those who visit this space, do not get wet. This occurs because of the 3D tracking cameras and high –tech sensors, which pauses the water showers as soon as the person walks in the exhibit.

Q. What can one expect when they are visiting the Sharjah Rain Room?

The first thing to remember before entering the room is that to witness this attraction you’ll have to visit it during the mentioned time slots. With each booking of the room, an individual will get a 15-minute slot to explore the room and its features.

When your time slot arrives, a volunteer will explain the necessary measures and demonstrate the pace with which you can walk through the exhibit. In case you are done exploring prior to your allotted slot, you can dine at their snack bar which is located near to the reception.

The individual will get a total of 15 minutes to explore the room after they get briefed and given the instructions. The room is lit in such a manner that it will give the poser a silhouette effect and it’ll look as if the person is standing in the rain.

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Q. What are the things to consider while visiting the room?

Following are the things one must consider while visiting the Sharjah Rain Room:

  • The visitors are required to walk slowly once in the Rain room. If they walk with a fast pace, the sensors won’t be able to capture any of their sudden movements. In case you don’t wish to get wet, you are required to walk slowly and carefully, giving the sensors time to scan each of your movements.  
  • There may be a chance when you might get wet. So as a precautionary measure keep your phones and any other electronic devices away.
  • Any reflective material or dark and shiny device may affect the sensors present in the room.
  • The visitors must avoid wearing heels which are high in length or are pointed shoes while visiting the rain rooms as they can be hazardous.
  • It is strictly prohibited to film for music videos or do any photoshoots while inside the Rain Room.

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Q. What is the ticket booking procedure for the Sharjah Rain Room?

Following are the charges for the ticket booking of the Sharjah Rain room:

  • For an Adult: AED 25
  • For a Student: AED 15 (up to 22 years-ID required)
  • For Teachers: AED 15 (ID required)
  • Kids under the age of five and people of determination can enter the Rain room of Sharjah for free of cost. The tickets for the rain room can be either bought online or through the venue directly.

Please Note:

  • Visitors are not supposed to carry food or beverage inside the room where the sensors are installed.
  • Any kind of rain gear or umbrellas are not allowed in the room.
  • The authorities present there are not responsible for any kind of damage caused to the mobile phones or any other equipment inside the installation room.  
  • Professional photography is strictly prohibited inside the rain room. However, you will have to take prior permission from the Sharjah Art Foundation in case you wish to take any.  

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Q. How can we get to the Sharjah Rain Room? 

For the visitors who are flying especially to visit this attraction, they can reach Sharjah by flight and connect to the nearest airport, Sharjah International Airport.

Q. Are there any other attractions to visit in Sharjah?

Yes, there are several things to do in Sharjah. Some of the popular attractions include of Eye of the Emirates, the Sharjah Aquarium, and the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization.

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