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All About Eid Al Fitr in United Arab Emirates (UAE): Origin, Dates and More

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If you want to get in the spirit of Eid while in UAE, start greeting everyone with "Eid Mubarak!"

Celebrating Eid Al Fitr in the Emirates can be enjoyed to the fullest by participating in numerous celebrations; you can also take up this opportunity to socialize, have fun and meet other people worldwide. Eid in UAE can be one of the best things you can experience while being in the country with a visa booked from Emirates Visa Online.

If you like to know more about a community's culture and tradition, you can talk with the locals, ask them questions, and who knows, someone may even invite you to celebrate this auspicious day with them.

What is EID?

Eid al fitr is an important date in the Islamic calendar; the term translates into "the festival of breaking the fast"- marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of Shawwal. An ocean of joy sweeps across the emirates as the celebrations begin; as the dawn begins, people come together to celebrate this festival, and families meet and greet each other after the 30 days of fasting.

The festival begins on the first night of the crescent moon, at sunset. Sometimes when the moon is not visible on the 29th day of the previous lunar month, which may happen due to certain weather conditions, Eid is celebrated on the following day.

It practices a particular salat generally performed on an open field or a large hall in a congregation. It is a customary tradition to exchange gifts with your loved ones and donate to the poor and needy during the festival day.

The kindness that is followed in the 30 days is carried forward by every Muslim family in the UAE, and they try to perform as many good deeds as possible. It is also common for families to visit the graveyard to visit the loved ones that they have lost and say their prayers to them. People also visit their neighbours and exchange delicacies and hugs, saying "Eid Mubarak".

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Eid Al Fitr in Emirates (What Happens there Exactly)

Well, Eid is not just about prayers. This festival has much more to it. Go through the list to find out:

1. FOOD: 

This is the most essential part of celebrating Eid. Eid celebration in UAE is about enjoying mouth-watering delicacies and sharing them with your loved ones. In UAE, ouzi is a signature dish that is prepared during Eid. It is made of slow-cooked lamb or goat meat mixed with rice with a topping of fried pine nuts. Another unique dish is chicken machboos, chicken thighs cooked with tomatoes, onions, and other herbs, served with basmati rice. Also, there are numerous sweets, maqamat, doughnut balls dipped in honey and equally delicious.

If you plan to visit the country during this festival, taste them all, as this could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

2. Festivities and Fun: 

  • Eid every year starts new festivities in the country with numerous fun activities being performed in every corner of the country that everyone can enjoy.
  • The malls bring in new collections, and new concerts and events are organized to.
  • Ensure maximum buzz and entertainment among the people. If you want to enjoy the events, go on and buy the tickets and be a part of the festive celebration.
  • You can shop for goodies for your friends and family, visit the Etihad Museum, stroll around the narrow streets of the Al Fahidi neighbourhood and enjoy the nation's cultural heritage. 

3. Time for Bargains: 

Gifts play a significant role in Eid celebrations, so major shopping outlets go for sale during this time. You can also find seasonal Eid collections in several stores and festive offers that are to be noticed.

Most of the stores in the country, large or small, are filled with customers during this festival, and if you are there, beware of the crowds and buy anything that you want at a much lower price. Isn't it a great deal to steal?

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What's Special about Celebrating Eid Al Fitr in the Emirates?

1. Enjoy Fireworks

Fireworks light up the Dubai sky over La Mer, Dubai Festival City, and Al Seef for the first three nights of Eid. You can visit the Yas marina and board a cruise to watch the amazing few of the sky, visit the Yas Waterwood Park, and spend a beautiful night with your family and friends.

The Dubai festival city hosts a firework show with choreographed lights, fountains, and laser lights, which is a treat to the eyes.

The best part about these fireworks shows is that they are free to watch; you don't need to spend a single buck, reach the venue on time and secure your spot. 

2. Arabian Nights

The Ibn Battuta Mall has an Aladdin-themed show with several art and craft workshops, fairy tales, stage shows, entertainment activities, meet and greet sessions, and more.

If a kid accompanies you, this would be your go-to place on Eid. Enjoy with your little munchkin in this cute and lit place.

3. Legoland

The Dubai parks and resorts host a five-day Eid celebration at Lego Land that children of all ages can enjoy. You can accompany your child there and watch them enjoy the time of their lives.

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4. Spas and Resorts

If you are a leisure fan, you can choose a spa or resort and participate in fun activities there. You can enjoy a beach pool party, dance to music and enjoy the day to the fullest.

UAE is known for the luxury that it provides, spend some bucks, and you can embrace luxury in some of the world's best spas. Get yourself pampered and relax your body and soul. 

5. Show and Events

You can witness some special shows and events during your Eid celebration in UAE. Several A-listed artists, be it music, literature, dance, or whatever, come to perform in the country. Eid can be an excellent time to experience some marvellous shows.

The above list helped you have a proper insight into celebrating Eid Al Fitr in the Emirates. The next time you visit the country during this holy festival of Eid or Eid al Adha in UAE, try all of them out.

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