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It is truly said that one of the most expensive places on earth is Dubai but guess what you need not stay long to have a glimpse of this expensive place. Around 48 or 96 hours would be more than enough to get your sightseeing done. However for this to be done one must have a transit visa and hence for those traveling through Emirates will need a Dubai transit visa for Emirates passengers. This transit visa can be made available without much rates and at amazing after services via Emirates Visa Online. This also means that you need not go around searching for a lot of other sites to get your transit visa application done. 


  • Traveling via Emirates Airlines
  • Application of Dubai visa through Emirates Visa Online 
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Traveling via Emirates Airlines: 

Traveling via Emirates Airlines itself is one of the best experiences to have when you travel to Dubai. However, in order to enter Dubai, you must possess a visa. It can either be a Dubai visa valid for a particular period of time or else you need to have a Dubai transit visa in order to transit through Dubai when traveling to another country. This condition of having a visa in your hand is also valid if you are a member of the country that is not under the exemption list. However, if you are under the exemption list you can enter the country without having to apply for a visa. Apart from the visa, one must also contain the following documents: 

  1. passport
  2. flight tickets

The above-mentioned documents will also be needed to apply for a visa as well.

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Application of Dubai visa through Emirates Visa Online: 

The application of a Dubai transit visa can be done through Emirates Visa online by yourself as well however knowing how to apply for a Dubai transit visa through Emirates visa online is also important so that you get an idea and would need only a small help in order to get the visa issued. The application for a Dubai transit visa is not quite hard and will take only a few minutes with some steps being followed. All you need to do is select Dubai as your destination and then click on the desired transit visa type to get your application form. Once you fill in the Emirates visa application form you will be able to upload the necessary documents and make the payment for the visa. This will confirm your application for a Dubai transit visa. 

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Need for a transit visa: 

A transit visa is needed for those commuters of Emirates airlines who will not have a flight in between the next eight hours between the two flights. This means that if an Emirates passenger has a flight that lands in Dubai and then the next flight to be caught will be after 15 hours, and if the passenger needs a visa to enter the country then you will be needed to apply for a Dubai transit visa. However, transit visa Dubai less than 8 hours is not a compulsion as one can stay without a visa within the airport itself. But the visa can definitely be applied, if you wish to go out to get a view of the city. 

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Application of a transit visa online: 

Most of the people might think why waste time applying for a Dubai transit visa online when one can just fly and then apply for one when entering the country. However, this might not be true in all cases when applying for a visa. Especially when you have longer transit periods. The officer checking will ask you for a valid visa or a transit visa in order for you to be eligible to enter. Hence applying for a transit visa is not only one of the safest options but is also one of the easiest methods as you no longer would need to take your travel documents and can travel without any worries of document losing. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers who are booking for Dubai transit visas through Emirates airlines have to pay around USD 10. The Dubai transit visa for four days stays costs USD 30 which is non-extendable.

Anyone who is transiting or have a stopover in Dubai can choose from two different types of transit visa. The first option is 48 hours Emirates transit visa for Dubai. You can enter the country, book a hotel for rest, and you must have your next flight within 48 hours. The second option is a 96 hour Dubai transit visa. Emirates passengers can book or send an application for a Dubai transit visa which has a validity of 96 hours. One should leave Dubai before transit visa validity ends. 

 You do not have to obtain GDRFA permission before entering the United Arab Emirates. Passengers who are applying for a transit visa to enter the United Arab Emirates can just enter with a limited document. Most of the transiting travelers at Dubai international airport need a transit visa and valid passport. The ICA approval is required for those who are from a specific nation which can be updated. If you have any doubt whether or not you need GDRFA acceptance. Then you should check the requirement carefully before applying for a Dubai transit visa.

The Dubai transit visa acceptance or denial information is given within 4-5 working days. Passengers will get a digital copy of their Dubai transit visa which is sent to the email address. One can download the PDF file or it is best to take out the printout so they can directly show it at the entry points.

Emirates passengers who have to confirm flight tickets can get a Dubai transit visa online easily. Applicants must go to the Emirates airline website and select the "manage your booking" option to apply for a Dubai transit visa online. Emirates passengers can also select the type of transit visa required for visiting Dubai. Fill out the detail in the Dubai transit visa application followed by attesting to an important document. After uploading an important paper submit the Dubai transit visa charges. The passport of the applicant who has applied for the Dubai visa for transit purposes is directly linked with the visa after approval.

Emirates passengers who have a connecting flight from Dubai should take a visa that is suitable for them. One should not overstay on a 96-hour transit visa or even a 48-hour transit visa unintentionally or intentionally. The main purpose of issuing a Dubai transit visa to passengers is just for transiting reasons. When one overstays on a transit visa in Dubai without any knowledge or unintentionally. Sometimes due to uncertain reasons like flight delay and other genuine issues. Then too you will have to pay a fine or your transit visa is considered invalid after the validity ends. Transit visas for Dubai which are provided to passengers are for short stays. If you are willing to extend your 96-hour Dubai transit visa, you won't be able to do so online or at the immigration department or embassy. You can cancel your Emirates transit visa or apply for a Dubai tourist visa to stay for a long duration.

Depending on your travel date, you should apply for the Dubai transit visa accordingly. And it must have to be done at least three to four days ahead of time. As a result, you'll have plenty of time to get your valid Dubai transit visa before your trip. Most early Emirates passengers can apply for the Dubai transit visa using online services is 54 days before the travel date. A passenger who wants to ask out for fast transit visa service for Dubai has to pay an extra fee.

Travelers who are boarding Emirates flights and have a stopover in Dubai. Those who are eligible for Emirates e-visa can also apply for a Dubai transit visa. Only those passengers should send applications for Dubai transit visas if they are not traveling just for leisure, business, or work. If a trip to Dubai is only for transit, then one may need to get an Emirates transit visa first. Some passengers traveling through Emirates airlines who are not citizens of GCC countries or countries that issue visas on arrival must apply for transit visas for Emirates.

Yes, the 48-hour Emirates transit visa for Dubai is a transit visa with a very short validity. Emirates passengers have the option to get a Dubai transit visa which is just provided for them to enter the country once only. The UAE government grants two types of transit visas, each with a distinct period of validity. This type of Emirates transit visa for Dubai allows the passenger to stay in the country for up to 48 hours.

Yes, a foreign passenger who are transiting through Dubai on their way to the next final destination. They can get Dubai transit visas through Emirates Airlines using its online services. It is recommended that one should apply for a Dubai transit visa through Emirates airlines for the expedition of the process. Depending on the type of transit visa, one needs to stay in Dubai one can submit the application accordingly.

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