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Dubai is a city that welcomes many people from all walks of life. It is a city with the highest population among the cities of the United Arab Emirates, in just a small area of 1,588 square meters.

This city offers different kinds of visas to people from all corners of the world. It is a country that has evolved a lot in the last twenty years or two decades. Both tourists and expatriates flock to Dubai and the government provides them with many types of visas. Here is good news for all the people who want to retire in the UAE and the luxurious and medical friendly city!

Dubai visa for 5 years

Dubai is providing a 5-year visa. The UAE government has launched a five-year retirement visa on September 3, 2020. It is also called the retirement visa plan. Many people would like to retire in the cosmopolitan city as the city is open for all cultures and people.

Dubai is a place that respects people of every culture and provides a good standard of living or lifestyle. It provides a great platform for people to follow their dreams and passion. It is very safe to retire here as the city has a low crime rate.

Details of a five-year Dubai visa

Dubai has recently launched a 5 year Dubai visa.

The government has announced that individuals of the age of fifty-five and above can avail of a retirement visa.

The five-year retirement visa is for people of late-middle age and they can renew it.

  • To which family members are useful?

this visa is accessible to the one who applies for a visa, for his or her spouse, and children.

  • What are the requirements to obtain this visa?

The minimum age to avail of this visa is fifty-five years. One needs an international medical or health insurance that covers the UAE also. Medical insurance is compulsory.

There are many wellness insurance packages that are available.

The person applying for the five-year Dubai retirement visa needs to have at least one of these few monetary criteria:

  1. The applicant might have a property in the UAE which is not under the bank mortgage. The value of the property has to be of AED 20,00,00 or two-million Dirhams.
  2. As everyone knows that anyone can open a savings bank account in Dubai as a tourist or a non-resident, one might have a savings deposit or a bank deposit of AED 10,00,000 or one-million Dirhams.
  3. If one does not have any of the above financial states in the city or country, he or she can have a combination of both making it a value of AED 20,00,000 or two-million Dirham.
  4. One can at least prove that he or she has an income of AED 20,000 or comparable to it in any currency every month.
  • What are the documents needed to apply for this visa?

One has to put forth a copy of documents that prove that the person or the applicant has at least one of the economic criteria as mentioned above. Files like the property documents or letters from the bank in which one has a savings account. 

One can also show the documents to prove that he or she has a salary for the last six months.

How should I apply for the five-year retirement visa?

After one has all the documents ready, he or she can email a copy of the documents to the “RetireInDubai@dubaitourism”. 

You can also navigate to Emirates Visa Online for registering a visa of your choice. This website keeps updating itself with all the new types of Emirates visa. Other kinds of visa applications are also available on the website and it guarantees to confirm one’s application without any rejection.

What are the prerequisites of applying for the Dubai five-year retirement visa?

  1. Copies of the passport of the family (yourself, spouse, and offsprings).
  2. Copy of one’s marriage certificate if he or she wants to retire with a spouse.
  3. Your present passport.
  4. A copy of one’s Emirates ID, if the applicant is a resident.
  5. The documents asserting your financial status.
  6. Documents of health insurance which includes the UAE.
  7. Present address of the person with all the details like the number of the house, street, name of the city, country, and state.
  8. Phone number and email address to contact.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, visitors with 5 years visas can attend business meetings and conferences in Dubai. The Dubai five years visa is also valid if you want to visit.

If you are in Dubai with 5 years tourist visa then your stay can be extended for the next three months. To apply for an extension of your Dubai 5 years visit visa. You can apply online or visit nearby visa processing centers. Visit Emirates visa online for online application of Dubai visa extension. Submit the required documents and application for 90 days extension. You need to pay 26.0 that is the processing fee and the Dubai visa extension fee is USD 550.0.

No, tourists and visitors can enter Dubai for 5 years multiple times without any need for sponsorship.

The time is taken for approval of 5 years Dubai visa is between 6 to 18 days. Foreign nationals holding 5 years Dubai visa can only enter through entry points after presenting a bank statement covering the amount of $4,000 to the authority.

The fee for 5 years Dubai visa is USD 850.0. The processing fee of 5 years Dubai visa at Emirates visa online is USD 550.0. 

Indian nationals can apply for Dubai 5 years visa by visiting Emirates visa online. Select nationality as India and living country name. Choose the visa option as 5 years Dubai visa. Complete the 5 years visa application for Dubai. Attest the scanned image of a 6-month valid Indian passport and photograph. Pay the Visa fee for 5 years Dubai visa using a debit card or credit card. The visa will be sent at the Email ID of the Indian citizens.

The requirements for 5 years Dubai Visa are important as you will be living in the country for a longer period. The 6-month national passport which should be original in a good condition is required for 5 years Dubai visa. Passport size photograph with white background and flight tickets. Flight tickets for both sides can be booked after the approval of the UAE multiple entries visa. Medical insurance for a stay in Dubai, and the last 6-month bank statement of $4,000 to be eligible for 5 years Dubai visa.

Tourists who want to stay in UAE for a longer period than 30 days or 14'days. The five years Dubai visa is available and can be acquired by any one of any nationality. You must have a valid passport of the nationality to be eligible for 5 years Dubai visa. If you meet all the requirements needed to be fulfilled and all the documents for 5 years Dubai Visa. Then you are eligible for 5 years visa. 

You are not allowed to work in Dubai with 5 years visa. But many visitors do visit Dubai to search for jobs or business work in Dubai. The 5 years visa gives enough time for it and they can easily search for a job by living inside the UAE with 5 years visa.

Yes, relatives and family members of residents staying in Dubai can spend longer time with them without applying for visas every time. Family members or relatives now do not have to go through the visa process on every visit to Dubai. With 5 years of Dubai, Visa family members of residents will have enough time to arrange other documents for a residency visa and Emirates ID.

The stay validity of 5 years Dubai visa is valid for 90 days in one visit. The stay in Dubai with the 5 years visa can also be extended up to 90 days. Dubai 5 years visa is a multiple entry visa and on each entry, the stay can be up to 90 days with 90 days extension.

This new visa issued by Dubai is valid for 5 years. Foreign nationals can enter UAE with the help of this for 5 years.

The 5 years Dubai visa is the tourist visa for a long-term visit to Dubai. The UAE government provide a different kind of non Immigrant visas for foreign nationals all over the world. Dubai launched this new five-year Dubai tourist visa on September 3, 2020.

Yes, Dubai is giving the new permit that is 5 years tourist visa. The new five years visa can be acquired by every eligible visitor planning for long vacation, business work, and visit to Dubai.

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