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do i need bank statement for emirates visa while applying through emirates visa online

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We are going to be discussing the requirement of a bank statement for applying for an Emirates visa. The basic documents required for getting the visa. As visa plays a major role in entering any country. We will help with all the details of how to get the banking details, why it is necessary, etc. Before applying for the Emirates visa have a look at the requirements for the documents. So this becomes simple for you in applying for the visa without facing any issue.

Documents needed for emirates visa while applying through emirates visa online

The original passport having a valid period of a minimum of five to seven months. The first and the final pages of the passport scanned copies needed. They must contain a minimum of three to five empty sides availability in the passport. If any one of the conditions is not satisfied then apply for another passport or renew them. The specification of the job details described in the application form is also important. The job designation along with the occupation details needs to be mentioned. The submission of 2 same photographs with the white background clicked within the past 2 months. The photograph measurement is 4.3 centimeters * 5.5 centimeters. The financial documents like the bank statements or the statement of the fixed deposits. The payments of income tax documents for the past 2-3 years are going to get submitted.


Financial documents needed in detail

The documents that's submitted for the Emirates visa process. The documents are the returns of the income tax of the past three years with a minimum income of 2- 3 lakhs per annum. Form 16 issued by a worker with a minimum of 3 lakhs for the past 2 years. The fixed deposit investments made either in banks or at the post office with a minimum amount of 2 lakhs. We all don’t know why Emirates visas ask for bank certificates. This is because they want to know the capability of money holding in the applicant's account. They directly don’t engage themselves in the banks for knowing the details. They never do that kind of work. They only ask the applicant to submit the required documents directly.  This is also done to make sure they have enough amount of balance in accounts. That helps them to survive if they visit Emirates.



Now, the detailed information about the topic mentioned above. There are few frequently asked questions mentioned at the bottom of the. The reason for submitting the bank statements is also mentioned and explained in detail. The visa documents needed are also mentioned in the topic for easy processing of Emirates visas. On the whole, the insights given for the bank statements and the visa details.



Frequently Asked Questions

The post office and the banks should have a minimum of five to six lakhs as the fixed deposits in their account. There are few documents like income tax papers, salary receipts, pan card, etc. These documents provided along with the visa application, the scanned document, and photographs.

The simple answer is bank statements are needed because they want to know the financial status. This is generally used for issuing the visas. The details collected are to check if they have sufficient bank balance for entering the country. There are few places that do not require the banking statements. Some visas don’t require bank statements for issuing the visa. Before applying for the emirates visa check the requirements of the bank statement for an Emirates visa and documents required for an Emirates visa.

No, the embassy will not check your bank accounts directly. They ask the passengers to submit the bank statements of the past four to five month’s statements of transaction. They don’t do any inquires to the bank directly about your bank details and transactions. The embassy will not try to unnecessarily have contact with the concerned banks directly.

The bank statements are available both online and offline. If the applicant uses an online banking system he/she can select the account tab. There will be an option called statements and documents and select the statement request tab. Then apply for the bank statement copy. The copy of statements of the last 5 to 6 months was emailed within 8 to 10 working days. If the applicant doesn’t use net banking he/she can directly visit the bank and know the details directly.

Every country in the world has a policies of availing visas for visiting another country. So it is necessary for people who come from a country who don’t have the option of a visa on arrival. Those who have the option of the visa of arrival at the airports do not need the visa for visiting Dubai. Now, for answering the question yes Emirates visa is required for people coming from India.  

Now you must have got the answer to the question do I need bank statement for emirates visa while applying through emirates visa online. So get your Emirates Visa from the best online Emirates Visa Service, Emirates Visa Online and visit the nation.

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The money one will need for a Dubai tourist visa depends on the visa type tourist is getting. For 14 days stay visa in Dubai through Emirates online visa will need USD 130.0. The 30-day stay and single entry to Dubai will cost around USD 140.0. The visa charge is different for multiple entries and a 30-day visa for Dubai that is USD 405.0. You have to pay USD 400.0 for single entry and a 90-day Dubai visa for your journey. The cost of USD 730.0 is required to be paid for getting multiple entries Dubai visa with 90-day validity. The cost of a 5-year multiple entries visa is USD 750.0 needed to be paid by the interested applicant with a 550.0 USD processing fee. 

The name of the bank must have to be mentioned in the bank statement one is submitting. Visitors must also check that the bank statement is properly stamped and signed by the authorities of the bank. The statement one is submitting must have necessary details like applicant name, address, bank account details, account number, etc. 

Yes, those who are applying for their children Emirates visa. Then the Bank statement of parents is required to be submitted. The name of the parents must display on the relevant bank statement properly. One should not write names themselves, it has to be printed by bank.

Applicants need to submit the original copy of the bank statement with the proper stamp and bank seal. A bank statement is required to know the financial status of the person applying for an Emirates visa. To know whether one who is traveling to the United Arab Emirates can cover all the basic expenses or not. 

The bank statement submitted by applicants who want to work in Dubai has to be the most recent one. Applicant must submit the last three months or six-month bank statement with the bank name, account number, and applicant's name. Applicants should ensure that they are submitting a bank statement with a closing date or latest transaction is done within one month. A bank statement must have all the transaction details, deposit details, and last three to six-month account history of the applicant. The bank statement you are submitting must cover all the expenses during your trip or stay in Dubai.

No, you do not have to send proof of your financial status for an Emirates tourist visa. You do have to send the first clear scanned image of your passport as well as the last page for getting an Emirates visa. You also have to send scanned passport images for the Emirates visa application. A bank statement is required when someone is applying for a long-term visa can be a 5-year visa or work visa. You can get 14 days tourist visa without a bank statement. The 30 days and 90-day visas (single entry and multiple entries) are also issued without submitting a bank statement for visa application.

Students who are sponsored by their parents can show their parent's bank account statements. The bank account must cover the general accommodation expenses, food expenses, academic expenses, etc. The family who is sponsoring their small children must submit the birth certificate of their children with a financial document.

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