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If we talk about Emirates visa for an Indian passport, then Indians also need to apply for Emirates visa as they are not from the visa-exempt country. Emiratesvisaonline Provides Emirates Visa For Indian Passport Holders At Less Price. Emirates has been an amazing destination to spend the vacation for the citizens from any country across the globe. Tourism has boomed a lot in recent years which is fetching the eyeballs of zillions of people. But, one of the most essential things that you got to do is that, preparing the documents for the visa, i.e. Emirates visa to visit here.

Also, the is the easiest and the hustle free procedure to go through and apply for the Emirates Visa. You just have to fill in the online application form easily and then upload documents with the payment of the fee and then you are good to go!

What is Emirates Tourist Visa?

  • The Emirates Visa (single entry or the multiple-entry tourist visa) in the specific duration of the visa validity is issued.
  • It completely depends upon your tour that it is the Single Entry or the Multiple Entry visa to visit the Emirates.
  • You can get any type of Emirates visa from the different categories available mentioned below:

If you are an Indian National then you can get the following types of Visa:

Emirates Tourist Visa:

  1. 14 Days Single Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.
  2. 30 Days Single Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.
  3. 30 Days Multiple Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.
  4. 90 Days Single Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.
  5. 90 Days Multiple Entry Emirates Tourist Visa.
  6. The 30 Days Tourist Visa Extension
  7. The Airport to Airport Visa 

Emirates Transit Visa:

  1. 48 Hours Single Entry Emirates Transit Visa.
  2. 96 Hours Single Entry Emirates Transit Visa.

What is Emirates Transit Visa?

  • A Transit visa is issued to you if you have to stay or overlay between in mid location or you have your connecting flights with a short period between. 
  • It is issued to you for the 48 Hours or the 96 Hours, depending upon the criteria and the stay in the Emirates.



Frequently Asked Questions

Indian nationals can get 90 days to stay visa for UAE from Emirates visa online by paying USD 400.0. This will be a single entry visa and allow Indians to enter UAE only once. An alternative option of multiple entries is also available for Indians. The cost is USD 700.0 for 90 days multiple entries visa.

Indian passport holders have to pay 115.0 USD if obtaining a single visit UAE visa for a stay of 30 days. Indian national need to pay UAE tourist visa fee of USD 405.0 if applying for multiple visit tourist visa for 30 days stay in UAE.

Indian nationals need to pay USD 110.0 to travel to UAE for 14 days. 

Yes, Indian citizens must submit the negative PCR COVID 19 results at the entry points to enter UAE. Vaccination certificates of Indian citizens are also required to visit the United Arab Emirates.

Indians will need a valid UAE visa which is the most important entry requirement for Indians to visit UAE. Valid national passport of India and reserved return flight tickets. Indian must also need to provide evidence of sufficient money, hotel reservation details, and travel itinerary to the immigration office.

Indian nationals can get UAE tourist visas online by visiting the Emirates visa online website. Indians intending to enter UAE just need to provide basic information and select desirable visa type for visiting UAE. Indian should cautiously cover and provide all the required details in the application followed by submitting documents required for a UAE tourist visa. Fee for UAE visas for Indians should be paid according to the visa type they select. Indians will receive a copy of the UAE tourist visa on their Email ID.

Indian nationals can get 5 to 6 different kinds of UAE tourist visas for travel. Indian nationals can select a single entry visa for the United Arab Emirates. Single permit tourist visa to visit UAE can be received for 14 days stay, 30 days stay and 90 days stay in the country. Multiple entries visa to visit UAE can be received for 30 days stay, 90 days stay in the country and even 5 years validity visa is available for Indian citizens.

Yes, Indian citizens can also extend the validity of visas on arrival for the UAE. The extension can be done for another 14 days and the cost is AED 250. 

Indian citizens can get Visa on arrival from UAE airport with 14 days validity which will cost AED 120.

If you are applying for an Emirates visa from India then you can apply for a UAE visa before 4 to 5 days of your journey. It would be good if you apply for an Emirates visa well in advance before traveling from India to UAE. If your visa application for UAE has been rejected then you will have time for sending the application again.

Indian citizens can apply for a UAE tourist visa on the "Emirates visa online". If you apply for a UAE visa form emirate visa online then limited documents are required and all the process is carried online. The UAE tourist visa is sent to you on the Email ID without any need to go anywhere to collect the visa.

Indian citizens planning to travel to Dubai for tourism purposes can not enter the country without a UAE tourist visa.

Indian nationals can receive 14 days stay validity visa on arrival in the United Arab Emirates with a valid visa or green card and residence visa for the US. The duration is short and Indian citizens should leave UAE before 14 days. 

Indian citizens with valid national passports of 6 months can travel to UAE and receive visas on arrival from the airport. Indian nationals must make sure that their green card, US visa, or US residence visa are valid for at least 6 months too.

Yes, Indians need to get Visa for the United Arab Emirates to travel within or cross the borders of the country. Citizens of India planning to enter the UAE for tourism, leisure, visit, and travel purposes can get UAE tourist visas for multiple entries as well as a single entry.

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