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Dubai is a great place even just to land on and just to stay for about two days. There is always a gap for you to check out the wonders of Dubai even with just two days in your hand and having a fun-filled two days. Such a small vacation need not really have you to go to Dubai as a tourist as you can also have your transit through Dubai and you can still enjoy all of it. Wondering how? It is now possible only with the help of a 48 hours Emirates transit visa. This can now be made available through Emirates Visa Online with just a simple Emirates visa application.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you book for a transit visa, you can get it as early as two days and as late as within a week or so. Do keep on tracking and keep in contact if you need to know more about the dates by which you can make the visa available.

Yes, if you have a transit time estimated of more than eight hours then having an Emirates 48 hours transit visa is a must.


If you have a 25 hours layover then it is better you take an Emirates 48 hours visa as you will be needed to enter the Emirates.

Yes, you can obtain an Emirates visa on arrival but due to the large lines that keep on extending due to a lot of people accessing the visa on arrival facility, it is always requested to have your visa booked in advance to exclude any issues. You can also get help from Emiratesvisaonline to get help in the application of your visa.

As you will not be applying for an Emirates visa you need not worry about the passport validity though having a six month plus validity will be absolutely okay and will not pose a problem.

No there are only certain nationalities that can get access to the Emirates visa on arrival and hence not everyone can get the visa once they have arrived and it will be best to have your visa applied for in advance.

If it is only changing flights then you need not take a passport for the country but you will be needed to have a transit visa for the same.

You can definitely have your visa applied through an agent. You can also contact Emiratesvisaonline for more information about the visa and as to how you can easily apply and get it fast.

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