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96 hours emirates transit visa

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Transit is a process that might need a visa to be taken or it may be for such a short while that you may not need a transit visa at all. But there are some times that come where you have to transit but stay for a longer time than expected. This is a good chance not only to get to stay in the Emirates but to also enjoy some good views given by the Emirates. Hence if you want to do so, all you need to do is just apply for a 96 hours emirates transit visa from Emirates Visa Online. Not only can you get your visa quite quickly but you can also have a good rest of three days in the Emirates before you move onto another flight to your final destination.


Frequently Asked Questions

No getting a visa immediately is not possible as you will have to fill in a form and submit documents that include your flight tickets to final destinations and then wait for over more than 5 to 6 hours to be able to get the transit visa. With so much of stuff happening it is only natural you will be tired hence it has been requested that you take a visa even before you begin the travel as this is always helpful to avoid such large lines.

You can have access to the Emirates urgent visa services provided by Emiratesvisaonline to get your emirates visa rushed even if you are not flying through Etihad.

If you are a Filipino citizen just having a transit through the Emirates then you can have a 96 hours transit visa which will be enough for the transit of 3 days however if you are planning to stay for more than that then you need to apply for a tourist visa.

There will be no free hotel accommodation that will be provided even if it is along the journey. Instead, it is needed that you book hotel accommodation before even having the application readied for the visa.

You can apply for an Emirates visa with the help of an Emirates visa application and having all the documents readied and attached along with the application form. You can do this either after arrival though it is much more recommended to get it through online.

No, it is not possible to get visa-free travel for a Pakistani traveling from Europe to the Emirates. You also need to have the flights booked in advance to get any sort of visa and that means that you cannot book once you have landed at the airport.

It is much recommended to go out of the airport if you have a 96 hours transit visa and you are having a hotel reservation done all ready for you. If you are not interested in going out of the airport you can enjoy the lounges that the airports provide as they are quite comfortable as well.

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