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emirates visa extension without exit from the country 2024

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Whenever anyone visits Emirates, many people wish to stay a little longer at the place to explore more and enjoy the serenity, uniqueness and leisure or may be due to some other reasons. In this while, Emirates has introduced various Emirates Visa Extension 2024 categories ranging from few weeks Extention to even a month or few for the people who wish to stay a little longer. 

UAE inside country Visa: Before 2018, the service was available for only available to a special condition. Everyone was not able to be a part of it with ease. Extending visas is a very easy task now with the all-new UAE inside country visa renewal option. Now, the travellers who are staying in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or any other emirate of UAE can easily extend their visas while living in the place very easily. The good thing with the travellers is that, if they wish to extend their stay than the time duration allowed, they can easily extend their old visa at a very reasonable price and that too in a very short span of time.

Adding to its advantages, you don’t need to leave the country or there is no need to have an exit stamp on the passport to apply for a new  Emirates visa. You can stay longer if you want. You have to wait for a few days only to have your new visa. 

Whelming! Ahaan. 

Criteria and Benefits: Before applying for an Emirates visa extension, one must know the eligibility and silver points. 

1. Anyone holding a valid Emirates visits visa which should have been issued by any UAE's immigration departments.

2. Pregnant women and hospitalized patients that are already paying a visit to the UAE can also use the service.

3. On-arrival visa holders can use this inside country visa facility to extend their stay as well.

4. Travellers who wish to stay in UAE for more duration can stay while their new is being issued which saves more time and money.

5. No hustle or trouble at all for the procedure as the visitor can be their planned work in the time they are getting their new visa processed.

6.  No extra payment for tickets to exit or enter UAE resulting in saving money and time. 


Steps for processing Emirates Visa

1. Visit Emirates Visa Online

2. Select Citizenship and Living Country from the Drop Down list then click on the " Apply Emirates visa" Button.

3. Select Emirates 30 days Tourist Visa Extension and Click on the "proceed to apply" button.

4. Then, fill the Emirates Visa Application form.

5. After Filling the Application form, pay Visa Fees

Also, you can Track  Emirates Visa Status  Online, once you applied for your Visa.


Documents Required for Emirates Visa

For Tourist Visa Holders

1. Passport scan (coloured and clear) of the personal details page, last page and signature page (depending on your nationality) i.e., first and last page of the passport. 

2. Clear photograph with white background 

3. Copy of previous tourist visa, it can be in pdf form also. 

4. Guarantor resident visa 

If accompanied by a child, a birth certificate copy 

5. Entry stamp page of the passport. 

For Abu Dhabi Visa Holders 

Anyone who wishes to extend their stays while paying a visit to Abu Dhabi can easily fulfil their wish with inside country Abu Dhabi visa change package. In this, the traveller will not have to take any exit from Abu Dhabi or UAE to get a new visa. 

For Pregnant Woman 

Pregnant women who are stuck in UAE or wish to stay extend their stay can easily get a visa extension by booking Abu Dhabi inside country visa without exit. The traveller with this condition can choose between duration of 30 to 90 days visit visa based on their conditions. 

For Hospitalized Patients

Earlier, hospitalized Patients had to give lots of documents to get seven emirates inside country visa with no exit but now, it has been cut to few important documents. 

For Over-age Adults  

Overage applicants are those who are older than the age of a normal adult applicant. This age criterion varies from 75 to 80 depending upon nationalities. 

Inside Country Visa for Kids 

The same procedure follows for the kid that is parent visa renewal if the parents hold a tourist visa. 

The age decided for a kid is 19 or below but for some nationalities, it can be 20 also for some nationalities. 


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