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The process of applying for the Emirates visa along with few frequently asked questions explained in detail. The emirates visa process is very simple the documents and the scanned copies should be proper. The passport, 2 photographs not blurred, the entry and departure tickets, and the proof of the bank details is the requirements for the visa process. The application is easy to apply and simple if you follow the steps correctly.

Varieties of visa:

There are many visas available for different purposes. Each has its own advantages for the passengers who are willing to visa UAE. The purpose for the visit must be clear to the passengers so they can choose the exact visa needed. All these visas issued by the government have the same procedure. Visa is important for you to enter the UAE without any issue.


30 days Emirates UAE Visa

The 30 days visa under the topic of the tourist visa is the first thing we are going to see. It’s given to people who come to UAE for enjoyment purposes. The people who enjoy visiting places in the leisure time can get this visa. The period time available for the visa is fifty-eight days. This date includes the date of the visa handed over to the passenger. The people who come under the category of visa on arrival named visa-free entry passengers.
The people who want to explore the city or the place inch by inch can choose this tourist visa available for ninety days. So that you can travel to every place in UAE by getting the visa without missing them.  Without hurry of the end date, you can gain a lot of experience. This has only one opportunity to enter the country and leave the country for once and cannot come back again with the same visa.


14 days Emirates UAE visa

People who are very busy but have time only for 10 to 12 days can get the 14 days visa. It is also a kind of tourist visa. This is basically given to people who are busy with work and have to attend meetings regularly in UAE. It is also used for people who can come with families and enjoy the holidays in UAE. The people who work for companies in UAE from other places can use this visa to come to use it for commercial work.

96 hours Emirates UAE Visa

The transit visa is for people and their families who work for Dubai-related or UAE-related airlines. They are generally 2 types one is the 48 hours and the other is 96 hours visa. This doesn’t have permission for the extension.
The student’s visa is available for students. The students who are willing to carry forward their education in UAE colleges and universities for their future. The visa validity that's given for 365 days and they can renew the visa by submitting the proofs of education details. There is a new introduction to the system of the UAE. That is the 5-year student visa is available for the students to complete the whole course in the given period. So students can and get the required visa for education purposes.


Emergency Visa

The next comes under a kind of emergency visa. It's called the patients and person who come along entry permit. This is only given to patients who are in need of medical services from the UAE. For this, they must first some sponsors from the medical center side. One has the validity of 90 days and they can enter and leave the country only once. This has a valid period of 2 months from visa handed over to applicant date. Another is similar to the above-mentioned visa but there are two advantages here this visa. The visa extension is possible and the entries are allowed to be multiple.


The application process is very simple. Enter the official website. Select the required visa types. Then enter the personal details and the documents required. Check all the details twice before selecting the submit option. Apply then get the visa if approved by mail. Else apply for the other Emirates visa. through Emirates Visa Online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The UAE visa cost for the domestic workers is depends upon the sponsor's nationality and if an expat applies the visa for domestic help who works for him then he has to pay lump sum amount of $ 5000 plus entry permit fee, medical fitness test, visa stamping which will be $ 700 that makes total cost $ 5700

The UAE visa and Dubai visa are both the same so if the person is planning to visit Dubai or any of the seven emirates of the UAE then you will need a Dubai visa and the UAE visa or Dubai visa can be obtained for 30 or 90 days and its an electronic visa issued over email.

You can check the visa limit at your employment contract it will clearly state that whether it is limited or unlimited. However all the visas are always limited.

The cost of Abu Dhabi visit visa is approx 130 USD for 14 days, 130 USD for 30 days and 450 USD for 90 days.

If you are having the criminal record then you will not be eligible for the Dubai visa but if the criminal record lies back in the country then it will depend if the country lets you through immigration and does not press charges then you would qualify for the Dubai visa in Dubai

Firstly you have to give the documents which are required in the UAE visa and then you have to submit the application in which the visa fees must be apid upon the applicayion and the visa processing time in UAE is approximately 3 to 4 working days and the entry into UAE is subject to approval of immigration. All the visas are valid for 60 days from the date of issue except the 48 and 96 hours visas as they are valid for the 30 days from the date of issue.

To download the UAE visa copy you need to download the MOHRE smart app from the play store and on their you have to sign up with the passport number and then login. There you will see the three colour copies of your visa, labour card as well as contract form, so from their you can take the screenshot of it, But this can be done if you are talking about the resident visa but if you we talk about the tourist visa then the visitors are not permitted to download the UAE visit visa, they can only request the issuing travel agent.

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