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Emirates Visa For Children 2024: How to Embark A Visa For Children

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The UAE is a country with a developed economic system, a pleasant climate and amazing architecture. Not only this but also the education system, employment opportunities, it attracts tourists from all over the world. To cross the border of the state, citizens of Different Eligible countries will need to apply Emirates visa persons under the age of 21 are issued a children's visa.

Types of Emirates Visa

There are several types of Emirates visa that can be opened to children. Consider only a few of them:

1. Tourist visa for a single border crossing:  It is issued to tourists travelling to the state on vacation. It provides for the possibility of a single entry into the country.

2. Tourist visa for multiple border crossings: It is opened for tourists who need to cross the border several times in a short period of time.

3. Cruise visa: It is issued to children who have a cruise ticket.

4. Transit visa: Issued for 4 days for a flight through the country. 


If the traveller is less than 14 years old, he is inscribed in the passport of one of his parents and flies with him, then he will not need a visa to Emirates, he will be recorded in the parent's visa. To cross the border, you will need to pass a scan of the page of the passport of the parent for foreign travel, in which he is recorded.

If a tourist, whose age is less than 21 years old, already has a foreign passport, then he must obtain a visa in the Emirates. The cost of permission to cross the border will be the same as for an adult.


How to apply Emirates Visa Online?

There are several options for applying for a separate Emirates visa for children through Emirates Visa Online.


A child who apply a permit for a flight to the Emirates submits documents with one or two parents, has the same surname with at least one of them. In this case, the presentation of additional documents is not necessary - the list remains the same as for an adult and includes:

1. Scanned page of a foreign passport - with personal information (can be replaced with a high-quality photo);

2. Scanned face image.

A child who apply a visa for a flight to the Emirates submits the necessary documents to the Emirates Visa Online with one or two parents, and their names are different. In this case, the package of documents will differ from the standard set:

1. Scanned first page of a passport

2. Scanned image of the applicant’s face

3. A scanned Child’s Birth Certificate.

The applicant does not apply for a visa together with his parents, but with his older relatives, for example, his grandmother, and has the same name with them. In this case, there is no need to submit additional documentation. The list of documents coincides with what is required for adults:

1. Scanned page of a foreign passport - with personal information (can be replaced with a high-quality photo)

2. Scanned face image

3. Sometimes the Visa Center staff may require a scanned copy of the consent of one of the child’s parents to cross the border.

The child submits documents on the basis of which a visa will be applied for  UAE, with older relatives, for example, grandfather or uncle, and their names are different. Then, to obtain permission to cross the border, you will need to collect the following list of documents:

1. A scanned copy of the spread of the passport intended for foreign trips

2. Scanned image of the applicant’s face

3. A scanned copy of the consent of one of the parents to export the child

4. Scanned copy of birth certificate.   

The child submits documents in accordance with which a visa will be applied for UAE, separately from parents or other relatives - flies independently, without them.

It is important to note that a child cannot apply Emirates visa alone.

A visa must also be obtained together by one of the parents, and he himself may not go to Emirates.

In order to get a visa to the Emirates faster, the Emirates Visa Online eliminates the need for professional translation and subsequent notarization of a child’s birth certificate and an agreement from parents to cross the border.

What does a child visa look like in the Emirates?

A children's visa to Emirates, as well as an adult visa, is presented in the form of a printed sheet, the format of which is A4. It is sent by the State Migration Service, and includes the following information:

1. Category of visa (validity period and possible frequency of border crossing are indicated);

2. An identification number;

3. Unique code

4. Name of traveller

5. Date and place of birth, nationality;

6. Data from the passport.

An original children's visa does not exist. A child who has a printed page with a unique number on his hands presents it when he flies. Additionally, it may be required at check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the only outstanding and excellent students can are eligible for the new five-year Emirates student residency visa. The good part is students can easily search for jobs and employment in UAE. A student wanting to apply for the Emirates 5 year student visa must pass out of school with more than 95%. Students who have completed their graduation must have scored at least a 3.75 GPA from their relevant University. And you can also sponsor the dependent easily with 5-year student visa. 

Anyone who is planning to sponsor the dependent which can be their spouse, children, or family has to meet a certain requirement. One must have an income of a minimum of AED 4,000 to sponsor their dependent. Students studying in UAE can only sponsor the dependent if they can meet the financial status. 

No, nationals of GCC countries who want to study in the United Arab Emirates do not have to get an Emirates student visa. GCC nationals can start living and studying in the United Arab Emirates after being accepted by the university or institution. 

The processing time of the Emirates student visa can be between 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes, you may have to wait for 4 weeks for Emirates student visa approval. Students should send applications to the selected Universities they want to join in advance. Apply to the selected University according to its timeline. And meet all the terms and conditions of the university to get admission and a student visa for UAE. 

No, there is no policy regarding the cancellation of Emirates student visas for a short visit outside the country. You can travel outside the United Arab Emirates but only for less than 6 months. Although, students who have not returned to the United Arab Emirates continuously for a 6-month long period. Then their student visa would not be considered valid and students may not enter UAE until they get a new visa. 

The overall cost for an Emirates student visa for Indians can be around AED 7500. The application process fee for the Emirates student visa is between AED 2300 to AED 2700. You would have to take a medical test which is the required document and it will cost AED 1300 or AED 1400. If your institution or university in UAE asks for a visa refund then you may have to pay between AED 2500 to AED 3000. Students from India while taking admission in the United Arab Emirates have to pay the University admission fee that can range between AED 250 to AED 1000. 

International Student who wants to take admission to good universities must get at least 6 overall in IELTS for the Emirates student visa. Few Universities do accept some applications with between 5.5 to 6 scores in IELTS. The good part is students from India who have completed their studies from the CBSE board or ISC board. Then they do not have to give IELTS exam necessarily if they have scored more than 75% in the English language. 

The Emirates student visa will stay valid for 12 months from the issued date. After the end of the Emirates student visa validity, one has to renew it. A foreign student who has been outside the country for a continuous 6 months may have to face some problems. The Emirates student visa may get canceled in this case and you may have to re-apply. And Students have to cancel their first student residence visa before applying for a new one. The sponsor of your student visa has to inform the UAE immigration department authorities.

If you are not a resident of the United Arab Emirates. Then first of the important thing student must do is the proper and thorough research. International students should search for the college and institution according to their course, opportunities, location, budget, and level of study. Select the university which is suitable for you and meets all your educational needs. Based on the need of your Universities you should prepare for the entrance exam, test, or IELTS. The next important document you must prepare for is a financial document. You must also finance your studies or take a loan for education fees, living expenses, etc. Complete the admission process and requirements of the University and apply to the university. After receiving an admission offer letter from the University, an international student should pay the 1-year tuition fee and get a student visa in UAE.

An international student who is not in the United Arab Emirates has to come to the country first. Therefore will need the entry permit for a student visa to enter UAE. You can apply for an entry permit through ICA online website or the GDRFA website. Your institution or college can also sponsor your entry permit for UAE. After the foreign nationals enter UAE with entry permits for study purposes. Then the college or university of the particular Foreign student must take care of the Emirates student residency visa.

The known and accredited Universities in the United Arab Emirates have to apply for their students. Students from foreign countries can only get UAE student visas if they have been accepted by the institution or university in the country. The university or institution carries out all the processes of Emirates student visa from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. Students have to be there inside UAE during the issuance of student visas. After your institution will send the filled application for an Emirates student visa with all the attached documents. After the processing and approval from GDRFA will attach the residence visa to your passport. The student will also get Emirates ID whose validity stays the same as the residence visa. International students may not be able to study in UAE if the immigration authorities do not accept their student visas. The decision does not lie upon the university but depends on UAE immigration authorities.

An international student wanting to study in UAE have to fulfill all the requirement for an Emirates student visa. You will need a valid national passport for Emirates student visa with a few copies for submission. You may need around 10 to 12 copies of your passport size photograph for your student permit application. Acceptance letter or admission letter from any recognized university in the United Arab Emirates. Educational certificate of your highest education. For a post-graduation course, one should submit an undergraduate educational certificate. English test score or IELTS score. You will need the sponsor can be a parent or institution itself, who will fill and submit your Emirates student visa application. Evidence for sufficient funds that should cover the tuition fee and other expenses as well. Accommodation proof, recommendation letter, Travel insurance, and medical certificate from government recognized UAE health center. International students should also undergo HIV tests, TB, hepatitis, Syphilis as well as should take the medical test for leprosy. 

Yes, an international student who is or above 18 years of age can only apply for the Emirates student visa. Men staying in UAE on a family visa will not be allowed to study in the country without a student visa after attaining the age of 18 years. Males over the age of 18 are eligible to apply for an Emirates student visa. Females who are in the UAE on a family visa and desire to continue their studies can do so directly under their parent's sponsorship. 

The cost of education in the United Arab Emirates for the international student will differ according to the university, course, place, as well as level of study. If you are looking forward to residing and studying in Dubai, then the expected cost of education can be between AED 37,500 to AED 70, 000 yearly. For studying master, Ph.D., or Post graduate education in UAE you have to spend between AED 55, 000 to AED 75, 000 every year. International students should contact their University in UAE to know about the scholarship program they can participate in. Other expenses should be included for general living costs, staying, etc. The tuition fee I'm UAE for an international student depends on the credit hours one takes. 

You must have an undergraduate degree of three years course to take admission to UAE University for post-graduate education. A percentage of 60% and above 60% is accepted in undergraduate Degree for claiming post-graduate education. You will also need IELTS or you can also show your TOEFL certificate. For MBA students, international students must have at least three to four years of working experience in their relevant field. 

International national students moving to UAE for undergraduate studies should give IELTS or TOEFL exam. You must have scored at least more than 60% in your 12th. Some universities in UAE can also ask for a higher than 65%p mark. The undergraduate students also have to give the EmSat exam if they want to take admission in popular and competitive Universities. The EmSat exam that international students have to take for the competitive institution is the computer-based test and it is based on the national educational student of the Emirates. It is the requirement for admission to some UAE Universities. An international student who has scored more than 75% in school in English is exempted from taking the IELTS test. 

Every student wants to study at the best university for better job opportunities and better education. The total academic fee, tuition fee, and admission charge in the United Arab Emirates are way less than in other countries like Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc. The United Arab Emirates is no doubt will be the safest place for international students as well as they can take benefit of the well-established education system. International students studying in UAE can get a bright career option. The quality of education and modern infrastructure of the universities in UAE is the other reason. The cost of living, rental cost, etc are less expensive and affordable for international students in UAE. 

Dubai is a famous destination among wanderers who love to explore beautiful places. Many businessmen are expanding their company in UAE. With the expansion of the trade market, a lot of opportunities in the UAE for expatriates, and opportunities for freelancers to work without sponsors. Dubai is also the educational hub for international students looking forward to higher education in the field of a different subject. Students should apply for a student visa only if they are interested in studying in the United Arab Emirates. Eligible students can only apply for the Emirates student visa. An international student coming to Dubai can study in the reputed institution and take admission in law institution, medical institution, engineering institution, business institution, media institution, marketing institution, science institution, etc.

The student visa in the United Arab Emirates is used by those foreign nationals who will study at the qualified and recognized university in the country. Any prospective student from a foreign country seeking out to study and get qualified from the university in the United Arab Emirates should take a permit for taking admission in the country legally. Anyhow, students from foreign countries must complete all the requirements. 

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