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emirates visa on arrival for indians In 2024

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The visa is given for under country considering some conditions and relationship between the countries. The type of nationality is the reason for having the option of visas on arrival at airports. Even for Indians, there are such conditions applicable. There are few reasons for which Emirates visa on arrival is granted to Indian citizens. Here we will discuss how to apply for a visa on arrival for Indians directly online. Generally, only US citizens can avail visas on arrival. Under few circumstances, Indians can get a visa on arrival. The details of the visa on arrival and the documents required are discussed in the upcoming topics. 

Indian People who can apply for a visa on arrival:

The Indian citizens who have the passport along with the USA visit visa issued by the US government. The Indian people who have green cards are allotted by the US government. The people who have the resident visa of the United Kingdom can get visas on arrival. The resident visa allotted by the government for the EU. All the above-mentioned people can avail of visas on arrival at the UAE airport. They give visas for a period of about 14 days. The green card validity must be valid for at least six to seven months. 


Details of visa on arrival:

The Emirates visa issued for the visa on arrival has validity only for fourteen days. The person must leave the 14th day before the validity ends. There will be a fine imposed if not. This is only possible for one entry to the country. The validity of the passport expiry needs to be about seven to eight months. The fee for this visa on arrival may take up to 40 USD. It depends on the type of nationality of the passenger. The visa is extendable there are few extra charges imposed for this option. 

Documents requested:

Even if you avail of visa on arrival also you need to get a few documents and papers along with you. The documents needed are as listed. The passport copies scanned. The passport original is also needed. The photo of the applicants that are not black and white with the clear image without any blurs is a must. The photos must be lasts taken past three to four months gap. The email address is very important in order to make any conversation with the applicant is a must. Along with the green card or the resident visa proof for availing visa on arrival at airports. 


Process time:

Other than the visa on arrival there are many more visas available. For that, there is a different processing time. People who want a visa normally can get the visa within six to seven working days. The people you need a visa a little urgent in case of sudden business meeting or minor emergency they can avail it in four to five days. If people need a visa very immediately or urgently for important medical emergencies or any other reason they can avail themselves super rush visa process.  It can give a visa within two to three days. If the process speed increases then the amount also increases accordingly. 


The Indian citizens can get the visa on arrival by few conditions by the details mentioned above. Others who cannot avail of visas on arrival can get an e- visa. Those details are also explained clearly. After entering the details check more than once. Once submitted the mistake is not rectified. So follow the process and details properly. For other types of Emirates Visa contact Emirates Visa Online.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the visa obtained by the eligible Indian at Dubai international airport allows them to stay in UAE only for 14 days. If they have planned for a longer stay in Dubai. Then Indians can get an Emirates visa for a 30-day stay from the Emirates visa online website. The process is pretty simple just give the information ask in the Emirates visa online site. Select nationality as India, and living country which will be the US. If you hold a residency visa in the United States. Pay USD 140.0 for getting a single visit Emirates visa and USD 405.0 for getting multiple entries visa. The 30-day visa whether you apply for single entry or multiple entries is sent to the email ID given by the applicant.

Those who are not eligible for Emirates visas on arrival. Then the best way you can get an Emirates visa is through Emirates Visa Online. Just go to the websites select nationality, select Emirates visa type, fill out an application, attest document, and pay Emirates visa fee. 

The UAE visa policy state that when someone is applying for an Emirates visa on arrival who is also a citizen of India. Then the validity of a US green card has to be 6-month. US green card having validity of less than 6-month or having one-month validity is not accepted. 

An Indian citizen has applied for an Emirates visa on arrival at the Dubai international airport. And wanted to extend the validity of the visa to stay longer in Dubai. Then, they have the option to get it done from the Dubai airport immigration department. An eligible Indian citizen with a valid US green card can extend their stay for an extra 14 days by paying AED 250.

Indian nationals who hold a green visa of US or residency visa of EU or UK are online eligible for this visa. Other passengers who have passports of the country eligible for Emirates visas on arrival do not have to pay any fee. Indian citizens have to pay fees to get an Emirates visa on arrival after reaching their destination. After submitting an application, passport, green visa (or visit visa of US), and paying AED 120. Then only they get the visa to enter and stay in UAE for up to 14 days. The fee for getting an Emirates visa from the airport immigration department is subject to change with time.

No, travelers holding valid Indian passports are not eligible for getting a 90 day Emirates visa at the airport. The Emirates visa issued to an Indian citizen who fulfills the important requirement can only get a 14-day valid visa. Indians with valid US green cards or visit visas have the option to get 14 day Emirates visa on arrival.

Indian traveling from EU countries with valid residency visa to Dubai. They have the privilege to get an Emirates visa on arrival for a very short visit. The validity of the applicant's Indian passport and EU residence visa must be minimum for the next 6 months from the day of arrival. While applying for an Emirates visa on arrival, Indian citizens should take care of the other requirement. They must have a return ticket, have booked the hotel in UAE, travel insurance, and complete COVID 19 requirement.

Without a passport, it is not possible to get an Emirates visa on arrival. Indian people who are planning to apply for an Emirates visa on arrival with US green card. Then it is mandatory to submit a valid Indian passport to the authorities at Dubai airport which has no less than 6-month validity. Getting an Emirates visa without a proper document is not possible. Immigration authorities require the passport and other related documents of the applicant to go through it for verification.

Yes, it could be possible for Indian people under certain conditions. Those who haven't booked an Emirates visa in advance can get a short-duration visa on arrival in the United Arab Emirates. The condition is that Indian travelers must hold a United States green card or United States green visa. If the Indian traveler is holding a UK residence visa or EU residence visa. Then also it is possible to get an Emirates visa on arrival. Indian citizens traveling directly from the United Kingdom to Dubai with valid residency cards can get an Emirates visa after landing at the Dubai international airport. The issuance of a visa on arrival to Indian national was initiated on 1st May 2017. 

If you find any mistake in the application and want to change it. Try contacting the customer service center. You can text the service center to get the required options available. Mostly once after the submission of the application form, there cannot be any changes made. The only possible way is to reapply for the visa. 

Yes, Indians need a visa for sure to visit places in Dubai. The countries like the UK, the US, etc. don’t have to get any type of visa to enter the country. They can just enter Dubai airport and go to the immigration center and do the requirements and visit places in UAE. But for the second question answer is also yes. The Indians who have the citizenship of the UK or the green card of the US can avail visas on arrival.  Other than that every citizen of India needs a visa. The stay period for this visa on arrival is 14 days

Yes, anyone can apply for a visa. The required documents and the personal details of the applicant must be correct and proper. There is an option for adding new applicants to the list. It can be single or more than one person. Follow the process fill in the details and upload the documents. Then submit them the visa process gets started.


The UAE does not allow visa on arrival to Indian tourists because they are considered to be more likely to use a tourist visa as a method of getting into the country to work

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