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Top 8 Car Insurance Companies in UAE

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For any car owner, whether it be cars - small or luxury passengers, or heavy commercial vehicles or trailers, a vehicle insurance policy is needed. An insurance policy for engines is a must in the UAE. In this article, we have jotted down the details about some of the Best Car Insurance Companies in UAE. So read and find out. The engine strategy safeguards the car against unforeseen losses. Insurance covers damages resulting from fraud, fire and injuries.

Two forms of Insurance covering losses resulting from burglary, incidents of fire and third-party Insurance are included in the insurance plans that tend to cover damages incurred by a third person's vehicle. There are different choices available for different insurance firms. Before opting for an auto insurance package, it would be worth checking them all. The companies providing motor insurance coverage in the UAE are included.

Best Car Insurance Companies in UAE and Dubai 2024

1. Axa Car Insurance

AXA Insurance is one of the UAE's leading insurance brands. It's worldwide ranked No. 1. AXA offers extensive protection and insurance services from third parties. If your Insurance is available electronically, their online marketplace provides a 10% discount. Claims can be made online, or customer service is required. Oman extended decks, repair agency, on roadside assistance 24/7, off-road cover. AXA provides GCC coverage. The insurer shall also carry out the RTA inspection if necessary. AXA provides pick-up and drops services to and from repair centres. Fire and robbery and insurance cover for personal property may be used as and when necessary while travelling by car.

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2. Oman Insurance Company

For more than 30 years in the UAE, Oman Insurance Co. has been offering motor insurance. Both commercial and private vehicles receive comprehensive and third-party responsibility insurance. GCC coverage, Oman extension cover, repair agency and road service 24 hours a day are provided by insurers. Defence against natural disasters is also available. For both the driver and the passengers up to Dhs, protection can be used for personal injuries. The responsibility of 200000/- and third parties up to 3500000/- can be used. Dhs. 5000/- per capita and Dhs. 2500/- can be used for loss of personal belongings in emergency care expenses.

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3. AIG Car Insurance

AIG is known to deliver quick and tailored services as a single-stop insurance portal. Their strategies are intended to prioritize the protection of customers. They provide a fresh quotation for their online services, help with insurance renewal and help replace car rentals. The policy is valid for thirteen months. AIG's services include GCC cover, roadside assistance, maintenance business, ambulance charge, off-road coverage, tooth repair, car rental and a 12-month depreciation waiver.


4. Noor Takaful Car Insurance

Noor Takaful insurance offers comprehensive protection for the vehicle and personal loss and injury. They have comprehensive Insurance and Insurance for third parties. The Insurance includes a maintenance company, round-the-clock support, and off-road and Oman coverage. They compensate for damage or failure to the car, repair of new cars, medical costs, loss of personal property and damage from the windshield.

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5. Al Fujairah National Insurance Company

For 40 strange years, Al Fujairah, one of their oldest insurance companies, has provided insurance coverage. The UAE has a large customer base. Both extensive and third-party coverage is provided by Insurance. The engine insurance policy is available in every garage for agency repair and non-agency repair. Insurance also covers robbery, fire, crash, external explosion, robbery accident, etc.

Coverage by third parties covers a third party's property loss, physical harm or death. The advantages include a combined coverage of 200000 Dhs for the driver and passenger, natural disasters, Oman coverage and roadside assistance for emergencies.


6. Orient Insurance

Motor Plus is also named Orient Insurance. Customers in the UAE and around the world earn incentives from Insurance. The Insurance shall cover losses of Dhs.1000,000/- to third parties. In the first three years of the car, the insurer includes maintenance at dealer or business workshops: Oman's coverage, off-road coverage and roadside support.

The Insurance provides cover against natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, inundations, storms and earthquakes, attacks and disturbances. Personal loss of property due to fire or robbery up to Dhs1000/- and injury medical costs up to Dhs. 500/- per person may be used.

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7. Tokio Marine Motor Insurance

Tokyo Marine gives motorists both broad and third-party coverage. Even when driven by unlicensed drivers, this Insurance protects the vehicle. Free of charge are civil responsibility costs. It covers three years of maintenance work, off-road cover and Oman coverage. This Insurance. For small claims, vehicles can be fixed in your garage.

Natural disasters are protected by Insurance. Cover of personal benefits for accidents can be included. Liability for third parties up to Dhs can be used by up to 5 million. This responsibility can also apply to vehicles that are not owned or employed.


8. Abu Dhabi National Takaful Co

The global Abu Dhabi is Abu Dhabi and the UAE's best insurer. They give both individuals and business users insurance coverage. The provided benefits include 13 months of coverage of the roadside and agency maintenance for up to 3 years. Free towing, free battery boosting, free punch repairs, and fresh fuel delivery are provided in case of mechanical break-ups. Emergency care and personal object losses in the vehicle are covered by fire or theft. The responsibility of third parties shall include death, disability, and harm to the property and the content of third parties except to the insured or the driver.

So these were some of the Best Car Insurance Companies in UAE that you must check out to get your car insured. For more details, you can visit Emirates Visa Online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can not get car insurance from an Oman insurance company without an Emirates ID card. You will need it for proof of name and proof of date of birth. 

First of all, you should compare all the car insurance companies you are intending to visit. You should select the best company depending on the requirement, budget, and car value. Choose the car insurance company which fit all the requirements.

Yes, expatriates staying in UAE with residence visas can renew their car insurance from the relevant car insurance company. 

The minimum cost of car insurance needed to be paid in the UAE is different. The cost of car insurance will depend on the type of plan you take for insurance. Type of car insurance you want to take which can be comprehensive, or third party liability. The rate will also depend on the insurance policy and car value.

One of the top car insurance companies is Oman car insurance company and AXA car insurance company. The AXA car insurance company has been ranked no 1 worldwide and is a France multinational company. This company also offer auto insurance product and the best comprehensive car insurance package. Noor Takaful insurance company offers service to the whole Middle East region. It offers a plan by combining both modernity and Sharia law values. Emergency medical expenses are covered up to AED 4000 by Noor Takaful insurance company in UAE. Al Sagr Insurance is a multinational company that is one of the best and leading companies in the UAE. It offer comprehensive insurance plan and third-party liability insurance plan with many advantages. Adamjee insurance functions in partnership with Ministry Economy offering the best and extensive package for car insurance in the United Arab Emirates. The Adamjee insurance company covers exclusively comprehensive insurance plans. 

If you are looking forward to one of the best insurance companies for cars in the UAE. Then Oman insurance company is the most trustworthy and best one in the United Arab Emirates. There are 15 branches of Oman insurance companies in each Emirate of UAE. The main headquarter of the Oman insurance company is located in the Emirate of Dubai. Oman insurance companies also provide insurance for health, property, and life. It provides different insurance for all 5 types of UAE car insurance. Oman insurance company also provides AED 5000 emergency medical expenses of the customer. This company also offer insurance against natural disaster.

Car insurance is needed in the United Arab Emirates by every driver for the vehicle. Because the insurance will cover and pay the expense of all the damage that happened to the car. The car insurance will protect you, other passengers, and your vehicle. You just need to pay a yearly payment to your car insurance company in the United Arab Emirates. The car insurance also covers all kinds of third-party injury, death, or car damage. Car insurance will pay for the repair or loss of the car due to fire or accident.

Driving license and Valid vehicle registration number of the applicant are required for car insurance in UAE. Emirates ID of the applicant for the proof of name. GCC certified letter of the vehicle. A current declaration form and other detail about the vehicle.

You can choose from five types of car insurance in the United Arab Emirates. You can get third-party liability insurance in the UAE which covers the damage, injury, or death of another person by your vehicle. It covers only the damage of your car by the third person. This offers a minimum amount of insurance and does not cover theft claims. If you want to cover theft and fire claims in this insurance. Then you can choose third-party liability with a fire and theft policy. Comprehensive car insurance plan which will cover your loss and third party damage or loss too. It also covers fire claims, accident, and theft claims. You can select the basic comprehensive policy which covers damage, loss, or injury of both the third party and person. Premium comprehensive insurance is costly which will protect you from other person claims.

Yes, it is compulsory and important to take car insurance in the United Arab Emirates. All the drivers who are ex-pats or citizens must have valid car insurance in the United Arab Emirates. The car insurance document in UAE is mandatory because it covers all money requirements against damage, theft, and more.

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