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what to do if emirates tourist visa has incorrect name and gender

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Emirates is a true paradise for shoppers, which also represents the perfect combination of charismatic nature and vibrant artificial architectures. If you are looking forward to visiting the most interesting and popular emirates, the first thing you should consider is to apply tourist visa for Emirates. This is one of the best options if you want to visit the country for tourism, but want to stay for a long period. Have you thought about the consequences if your name or gender on the visa does not match those indicated in your passport?

The idea of ​​misspelt first or second name with the gender is terrible, as it can cause unmatched problems. You must have realized that discrepancies in name and field can make it difficult for you to arrive in the country or board a plane. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the consequences in order to avoid sudden restrictions at the airport.


Wrong name or gender in a visa to Emirates

A visit to Emirates is an exciting prospect thanks to unrivalled opportunities for sightseeing and exciting events. However, it is important to keep all documents handy to avoid unnecessary harassment. If you find the name or surname with an error, as well as gender, this can cause serious problems when boarding a flight or entering the country.

If you have applied Emirates Visa online, you can contact the agency responsible for your visa. Since the embassy needs to enter its name and other information in the form in English and Arabic, it is not unusual to enter the name or gender incorrectly. An immigration officer solves these problems at the airport, and your fate depends on them. Officials usually give a given name or surname with an error, but a gender error can cause problems

The Immigration Department matches the Arabic name on the form and cross-checks it with the English name on your passport. In addition, the employee checks the passport number indicated on the visa, as well as information about the board on board. If they match, you will not encounter any problems when entering the country.

Arab people working at the embassy pronounce Indian names with a different accent, which is the cause of the error. In addition, women’s short haircuts can be deceiving, resulting in a field error. Therefore, it is imperative to apply for a visa well in advance of the date of travel in order to avoid the unnecessary hassle caused by correcting the visa.


Why does Visa show incorrect information even though you provide the correct data?

The information available at the embassy may be incorrect, which requires immediate correction. Regardless of whether you applied for an online visa or filled out a form before sending it to the embassy, ​​a spelling mistake is a common mistake. If you have enough time before the trip, you should correct the details, regardless of the details mentioned in Arabic. People had various concerns when the details of the visa were incorrect. So pack your bags to enjoy the journey, correcting bits of misinformation.


How to fix information

If you applied for a visa through a travel agent, contact your representative to correct the errors. In addition, if you submitted the form, you can ask the embassy to provide you with another form that will contain your personal information. This will help them identify errors and immediately review the information.


How to avoid a problem

People working in the UAE immigration service may have difficulty pronouncing and typing Indian names when issuing a visa. In fact, they also face difficulties in determining gender by name, as both male and female haircuts and styles have merged in the modern era. Therefore, it is important to re-check at the embassy whether they understood your information or not.

Although you do not leave stone unturned to make the upcoming tour smooth and faultless, visa problems in Emirates are inevitable. The embassy requires a passport that has a validity period of more than 6 months to meet the criteria for applying Emirates visa. Therefore, if you are applying for a single entry visa in Emirates for 90 days, you will need a passport. If the UAE immigration department manages to match the name in Arabic and the passport number with your visa, you can be sure.


Start your journey with peace of mind and the right paperwork.

Anxiety and Restlessness are not good for a tour. To ensure peace of mind and have flawless documents, it is important to correct the details without exception. This will not only allow you to make the most of your tour but also avoid unnecessary hassle after landing in a foreign country.

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