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does a nigerian traveling with emirates to london needs a transit visa to enter dubai in 2024

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Having a quick stopover in the Emirates and you are a Nigerian travelling to the Emirates and have been wondering whether does a Nigerian travelling with Emirates to London needs a transit visa to enter Dubai? Then your guess is right! You will definitely need a transit visa to be taken in order to stay at the airport or even to enter Dubai. This is why in order for you to know whether you need to take a transit visa to the Emirates or not, Emirates Visa Online tries to give the information that will help you out. 


  • Need for an Emirates transit visa
  • Transit visa for Emirates visa on arrival countries
  • Types of transit visas for foreigners entering Dubai
  • FAQs

Need for an Emirates transit visa

There always tends to be confusion as to when you need to take an Emirates transit visa and when you need not take one. A transit visa s for all those people who will be travelling from their country of origin to another destination but in between, they will have a short stop at one of the countries. In this case, most of them think that they need to take a transit visa. Whereas the actual truth in case of travelling to Emirates is that you need not take a transit visa to stay only for up to eight hours. However, if the stay is for much longer than that then you will have to apply for one. So this concludes that a transit visa is only needed when you need to stay in the transit area for more than eight hours. If the travel is for a time period lesser than that then you need not take one.

Transit visa for Emirates visa on arrival countries

Those countries that belong to the Emirates visa on arrival countries can get a transit visa once they have arrived at the airport. For others, those who do not belong to this category will have to apply for a visa through either the airlines through which the ticket has been booked or through Emiratesvisaonline where you will get to choose a transit visa of your choice.

Types of transit visas for foreigners entering Dubai

The following types of visas are the ones that you can apply for in order to enter Dubai:

  • 48 hours Emirates transit visa
  • 96 hours Emirates transit visa

It either one being selected you can enter Dubai and stay for the time period specified on the visa. However, if it seems that your layover can be extended for more than the specified time, you can also opt for other visa types which can be either tourist visa or business visas depending on your purpose of visit.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, the UAE transit visa issued to foreign nationals is non-extendable. And Nigerian nationals can not extend the validity of UAE transit visas.

Yes, you can get 96 hours transit visa for UAE within 5 days. The processing time for this type of transit visa is 3-4 days only.

The UAE 48 hour transit visa processing time is 5-7 days. You will get an approved UAE transit visa after 5-7 days and then you are permitted to stay in the country for 48 hours.

The cost of a UAE transit visa for Nigerian applying for 48 hours is USD 70.0. The UAE transit visa cost for Nigerians willing to apply for 96 hours visa is USD 120.0.

Nigerian nationals can select from 48 hours UAE transit visa or 96 hours UAE transit visa. Nigerian staying in UAE for less than 48 hours can select the former visa type. Nigerian staying in UAE for more than two days can select 96 hours transit UAE visa.

You should check if your next flight to London from UAE is within 8 hours or not. If not then you should apply for a UAE transit visa for a stopover. Check the validity of your Nigerian passport. Check that you have confirmed flight tickets for London before arriving at the UAE airport. Confirm the hotel reservation in UAE for your stay. Check the COVID 19 requirements you need to fulfill for UAE.

Your UAE transit visa can be sponsored by the UAE-based airline. The UAE-based airline can only act as a sponsor for a transit visa. The UAE airlines can arrange to get a UAE transit visa for you. You just need to contact Emirates Airlines or airlines you are traveling to UAE.

Nigerian nationals need pre-approved transit visas for the United Arab Emirates. Nigerians can open an Emirates visa online website and apply for a UAE transit visa. Some simple steps and documents are required to be followed and submitted by Nigerian planning to transit through UAE. Nigerian nationals need to submit an application form for an Emirates transit visa. The fee for an Emirate transit visa is different according to the visa type. All over the process of obtaining a UAE transit visa is very easy. Nigerians will get UAE visas in a few days and the form can be submitted in no time. Nigerians will get their UAE transit visa online via e-mail ID without even traveling to the UAE embassy. 

Nigerian need to submit some important documents while applying for a UAE transit visa. Applicants from Nigeria should use a valid 6-month national Nigerian passport for the UAE transit visa application. Nigerians will also require passport size (which is in line with UAE visa requirements) and a recent colored one for UAE transit visas. Hotel reservation in UAE if they have a plan to leave the transit zone. Flight ticket for final destination for evidence. 

No, Nigerians are not eligible nations for UAE visas on arrival. If you are transiting through one of the airports in Emirates. Nigerian need to obtain transit UAE visa before head.

No, Oman is the visa-exempted nation for travel and visit to the country. You do not have to get a UAE transit visa to travel to a third destination. Still while transiting through Dubai make sure you fulfill another important requirement like a passport. Oman nationals can also enter UAE for tourism purposes without fulfilling visa requirements

If you are a foreign national who is not eligible for a visa-free visit to UAE. If you are a visitor from the country who is not eligible for a UAE visa on arrival. If your next flight to a third destination is in the next two days or three days. Then, you will need a Dubai transit visa for either 48 hours or 72 hours.

Almost all foreign nationals leaving transit zone areas or staying longer than 8 hours need to obtain a UAE transit visa for Dubai. GCC nationals transiting through Dubai airport do not need a transit visa for UAE and even tourist visas to enter the country.

Yes, Nigerians mostly need a transit visa for transiting through Dubai international airport. Nigerian need to apply for a Dubai transit visa if their stay will last longer than 8 hours. Nigerians can travel to other destinations and UAE as a stopover. Nigerians should know about the entry requirements and requirements of UAE visas. 

The Dubai transit visa is the short-term visa that allows the Nigerian to pass through the Dubai international zone of the airport.

Yes, a passport is required for every Nigerian national visiting the United Arab Emirates even for transit purposes. Nigerians should carry valid and original passports while traveling to UAE and then to a third destination.

Travelers willing to transit zone areas in the United Arab Emirates must apply for UAE visas if they are not from visa exempted countries. Nigerian do need to obtain a transit visa to leave the transit zone or for even a short stay in hotel.

Any foreign national traveling to the United Arab Emirates from Nigeria and will travel to other destinations from there. If the stay in the United Arab Emirates wouldn't gonna last more than 8 hours. Nigerian do not need to apply for UAE transit visas. But they should make sure that their stay wouldn't last more than 8 hours.

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