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Searching for Renting an Apartment in Dubai UAE? Things You Should Know

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Emirates has a unique market and boasts the best motorways in the entire world. A country has seen drastic development and is now one of the most preferred nations to work in. Working for a longer duration would mean that you will have to stay in emirates, for which you will have to rent an apartment in emirates. 

So if you are planning to migrate to the emirates to earn a living and looking to rent an apartment, then continue reading further for a complete guide on renting an apartment in Emirates through Emirates Visa Online.


  • Buying v/s renting in Emirates
  • Property types to rent in Emirates
  • Rent a property in Emirates
  • Rental cost in Emirates
  • Rental contract in Emirates
  • Documents for renting an apartment in Emirates
  • Tips for renting in Emirates

Buying v/s renting in Emirates

The cost of rent may differ from Emirates to Emirates. Dubai marking the highest cost and then comes Abu Dhabi, whereas others have a comparatively lower rate. Emirates is one country where property buying for foreigners has been proven a success. A lot of Asians’ – majorly India and Pakistani citizens wish to stay in Emirates for longer duration invest in properties there. 

This is only possible if one can afford it, they might have to pay almost 25% of the total value upfront. Renting in emirates will be a bit reasonable, which is why renting an apartment in emirates would be the best option if staying for the long term. 

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Property types to rent in Emirates

Emirates offer various options from uber-high luxurious living to affordable rental places. Here are the types of property to rent in Emirates: -

  1. Villas in compounds – One can go for villas in compounds if their budget is a bit high. They have 24 hours’ security and have facilities like shopping centres, playground, parks, pharmacies, swimming pools and gym. These villas have a 3-4 bedroom and have a garden.
  2. Standalone townhouses and villas –These have 5-6 bedrooms and huge gardening facility. Every house has a private swimming pool. This is perfect for luxurious living in emirates
  3. Apartments – Apartments include, studio rooms, penthouses and flat system. Most of the building has a common swimming pool, gym and round clock security.
  4. Serviced apartments/hotel apartments – They have services of a hotel like in-room dining and housekeeping. These can be rented for shorter stay period – for a couple of months. There is no paperwork involved, one just has to submit their ID and make payment in advance. Wi-Fi facility is free and no separate charges for water or electricity. 

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Rent a property in Emirates

Want to know how to rent a property in Emirates?

Before renting a property in Emirates, you will have to get in touch with the property manager, landlord or an agent. This can only be done if you have received your residence visa and a cheque book. In case your visa is taking a lot of time, then you can reach out to your working organisation for a letter that would state the visa progress. Try visiting the property during the daylight and take a proper tour of the apartment and building premise to check the facilities. After finalising the property, you can make a security deposit payment to secure the property.

You need to know that-

  1. The tenancy contract in Emirates is annual.
  2. The paperwork is done by an agent after consulting the landlord and can take up to 5 working days to be drawn out.
  3. Rent can be paid quarterly.
  4. The security payment must be made in cash. Make sure to keep the receipt properly, as you will need it at the time of refund during your tenure end term. 
  5. The contract will be for a year, so if you leave before that, you will have to pay two months rent, or you may also give two months’ notice.

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Rental cost in Emirates

The rental cost is Emirates vary upon the location. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the rates are much higher. If you are renting a one-bedroom apartment is a remote location you might end up paying approximately AED40,000 – AED45,000, whereas in Ajman and Sharjah it is nearly 40 -50% reasonable and that too in prime location.  Rent payment has to be done through post-paid cheque from the time you have moved in. 

E.g.- If you have moved in on 15th of a month, the encashment will happen on 15rg of every quarter or even once in four months if you have selected 3-cheque plan. And there could be a heavy penalty if your cheque bounces. 

In Emirates, housing fee applies electricity bill and water bill that is equivalent to 5% of the monthly rent. And each time you sign a contract or renew a contract, you will have to pay a registration fee also known as Ejari that is approximately AED 200.

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Rental contract in Emirates

The contract of rental property in emirates is done annually. The contract has to be signed by both parties – the landlord and tenant.

If the tenant breaks the contract and moves out before the tenure ends, then they will have to provide with two months’ notice and penalty, so commit only when you are sure. In certain case when the landlord wants the premise to be vacated, then he will have to provide 3 months notice to the tenant and in this case, the tenant does not have to pay penalty.

The contract in Emirates is of 4 cheques – that is quarterly. But you can get is settled for either 3 or 2 cheques too.

Rights and obligation for landlords and tenant-

  • Landlord –
  • The copy of the contract provided by the landlord must be translated in English and must also provide with a receipt for a security deposit.
  • The rent cannot be increased during the one-year contract duration.
  • The rent can be raised at the end of the year adhering to the guidelines of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority. 
  • The landlord is supposed to provide with an inventory if the tenant is moving into a furnished place. To avoid discrepancies, this list has to be signed off by the tenant.
  • If renting apartment building, then the landlord has to maintain areas like –pool, gym, lobby and corridors etc.
  • Tenant –
  • It is advisable that the tenant must very carefully read the paper before signing. If you have signed the contract without reading, then you cannot get it changed if you are not OKAY with any clause.
  • It is not necessary for the tenant to get their contracts renewed after one year if they are not fine with the new increased rent. They can vacate the house. 
  • The tenant cannot alter anything in the house without consulting the landlords.
  • In case the contract is broken in between the period; the tenant has to pay a penalty.
  • Sharing of the flat is unauthorized. This will only be allowed once written consent has been taken from the landlord.
  • The tenant must maintain the property and not leave any damage. If any damage is found, then the amount for that will be deducted from the security deposit. 

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Documents for renting an apartment in Emirates

Basic documents needed for renting an apartment in Emirates are-

  • Residence visa copy
  • Emirates ID copy
  • Passport copy
  • Security deposit cheque 
  • Agency fee cheque

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Tips for renting in Emirates

  • If you have a pet, you must make sure that the building/society is pet-friendly.
  • Read the contract very carefully.
  • Get your contract checked with a legal expert or someone who is already living in the Emirates.
  • You must file all the paperwork very carefully – the contract paper, security deposit receipt, receipt of utility deposit, and others.
  • If you are partying at home, do not pump up the volume high.
  • You cannot create any disturbance if living in an apartment building.
  • You must be very respectful during the Ramadan period. You just cannot eat or dress inappropriately during this period.

Hence with a complete guide on renting an apartment in Emirates, one can easily have their own apartments to lead a wonderful life in the United Arab Emirates.

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