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An Emirates visa booking online can be quite difficult and accepting this will let you seek help. But one thing that people tend to ignore is the stuff they actually need and how to just get to the country. While with an Emirates visa you can travel all around the United Arab Emirates, this will only be possible if you get the whole understanding of how to apply for an Emirates visa and how you can get it within a small matter of time. But for this, you will probably have to know more bout what Emirates Visa Online has to provide for your service. With just knowing this, you will successfully be able to travel to the destination you have always wanted to!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is one of the most safest and reliable methods you might find. While this is what most of the companies would say, there are scammers as well, hence you need to be careful while selecting a site to apply for a visa as you can be led to the wrong way. Being one of the reliable sites, Emirates Visa Online assures its customers to not worry about applying for a visa. You will get the lowest charges along with an authentic visa as we at Emirates Visa Online work with the ministry of home affairs to get your visa issued.

It is possible to apply for a visa twice. But both if you apply for yourself for the same period of time will make one useful and the other useless. However, if you want to apply one for you and the other for another person then you can do so. However, at Emirates Visa Online you can add 2 or more applicants in the same visa application form, and hence you need not worry about applying for a visa twice or thrice.

Yes being a citizen of Pakistan holding a UK resident visa you can apply for an Emirates visa through Emirates Visa Online. You can also get various Emirates visa types as well to travel on your choice.

The fastest you can get your Emirates visa is in about 48 hours after your application is done. This Emirates urgent visa will require you to pay an extra of 200.0 US dollars as the service fee of the visa processing.

Taking an Emirates visa will be based on which country you are from and whether the citizens of that particular country need a visa or not. This is stated in the Emirates visa policy which will states which countries are the ones that need a visa to be applied for and which ones need not do so.

When you apply for an Emirates visa you need to give mostly your personal information. This also includes stating whether you are single or married. This is especially important if you are applying for a family visa. In this case, you will also have to submit a marriage certificate that proves the relation.

Now Emirates visa booking online has been made easier with the help of Emirates Visa Online!

The process of UAE visa or Emirates visa can be done completely online from "Emirates visa online". The online process is much faster and easier than other types of visa processes for the UAE. The UAE government initiated an online UAE visa service for easy application and fast processing of permits to tourists. For applying for a UAE visa from an Emirate visa online applicants need to submit the application form by entering the correct information. Applicants can select a UAE visa for 30, 14, or 90 days. A 5 year valid UAE visa is also available for applicants on Emirates Visa Online. Applicants can also submit the form for a UAE visa extension of 30 or 90 days. Fee submission and document submission must be carried out after completing the form for the UAE visa online. The UAE visa can be downloaded which will be sent to the email address of the applicant.

Any foreign national or expatriate overstaying on a UAE tourist visa will need to pay an extra fine and penalties before leaving the country. The fine for the first day of overstay on a UAE tourist visa is AED 200. From the second day onward tourists need to pay AED 100 for each day. If tourists continue to overstay on expired UAE tourist visas then they may not be allowed to enter the country in the future.

Yes, you can book online for an Emirates visa. The Emirates visa obtained online can be issued for a period short as 30 days and validity long as five years. The requirements and documentation will differ according to the Emirates visa online type.

If you are willing to stay longer than the validity period of a visa in the United Arab Emirates. Then, you should request a tourist visa or a short visit UAE visa extension. Any type of visa obtained online for the UAE is extendable up to 30 days or 90 days. But, all kinds of visas for the UAE are non-extendable. The cost one needs to pay for a one-month extension of a UAE visa is USD 450. And the 90 days extension of the UAE visa is USD 550.

You can check the status of your application done online for an Emirates visa by entering the country ID number. Open the "Emirates visa online" website and enter the application ID number to get all the related information about UAE visa status.

You will get an online visa for the United Arab Emirates in 3 to 4 days after sending your visa application. The fee of 26.0 USD must be submitted by the applicant for fast UAE visa processing.

It is suggested to book online for an Emirates visa before booking flight tickets to UAE. If the UAE visa application has been rejected then no visa fee is refunded. You should book flight tickets after obtaining a confirmed valid visa for UAE.

 If you are booking online for an Emirates visa then there is no time boundation. You should just have a fast and internet stable connection to apply online for a UAE visa. You will get a response regarding the status of the UAE online visa within 3 to 4 days. You can apply by following the easy step for a UAE visa. Fee can be submitted online using a Debit card or credit card by the applicant for UAE visa application.

No, no money is refunded back for any reason including rejection, misinformation on UAE visa, or if you do not use UAE visa.

Yes, you can get Visa for three months from an Emirate visa online by sending an application and paying UAE visa fee for 90 days.

Yes, all nationals can obtain an Emirates visa from the embassy. But the process is too time-consuming and long. Emirates visa after reaching the airport in UAE can only be received by eligible Visitors from the selected nation.

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