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emirates visa types

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  • Publish Date- 19-02-2020

Types of Emirates visa


Emirates visa is divided into three types that are tourist, transit and business. Every visa has its characteristics and issuing criteria. 


Emirates Tourist visa: Tourist visa is specially assigned to those who are willing to visit the country. The main purpose of assigning this visa is to limit the visiting limitations of the tourist. Thus, this visa is designed for visitors and tourists, who are only eligible to visit the country and not involve in any other business purposes. This visa is available in both of the entries and strictly can be valid for a maximum no. of 14 days, 30 days and 90 staying validity one can be renewed for 30 days more, afterwards, you are in the situation of leaving the country exactly on the last day of your stay. 


Emirates Transit Visa: Transit visa is a short period visa, which is issued to the airline passengers if they have a long haul stopover at the airport for boarding the next connected flight to another oversea country.  So, in that case, this visa saves you from that boring airport boredom by assigning you a legal authority of taking a tour of Emirates or other stopover countries. The features of transit visas are the same in every country in the world. With no doubt, this visa will grant you a short period of stay in the city for a maximum of 48 hours and 96 hours. 


Emirates Business Visa: Business visa is a work permit kind of visa. It is widely used by the business diggers, who are liable to visit the country for business purposes or any other commercial purpose. This visa grants the visitor an authority to visit the country as well as to attend business meetings too, which is not at all possible in a Tourist visa. This visa is also available in both of the entry types and will assign you the same validity and staying period as the tourist visa.

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