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5 reasons to visit the emirates

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We talk about a country where oriental luxury is intertwined with urban minimalism, and there is no end to the entertainment. A trip to the UAE is a journey to wonderland, without exaggeration. 

In addition to the fact that there are truly unique objects, one of a kind, here is summer all year round and dreams easily become reality. 

Here, skyscrapers fly up into the sky, between them are elegant Arabic-style palaces, here are Arab traditional markets, mosques, interesting architecture, everything is permeated with oriental culture. A skilful and harmonious combination and interaction of the latest technologies and traditions are amazing. At least in order to see this, it is worth coming to the Emirates at least once! 


Reason 1. Tourist comfort

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Emirates are open to tourists all year round. At this time, in the resorts of the UAE + 25–27 ° С, the sea is warmed up to 20–25 degrees. The peak of the season is in November.

In the summer, it is hot in the Emirates (+40 ° C and above), but cheap. 


Reason 2. High security and service.

Hotel service in the UAE is one of the best in the world. And the focus of LUX-hotels in the country is so dense that in almost no way other than with a premium vacation, the Emirates are associated. The famous Burj Al Arab hotels in Dubai, which are credited with 7 * or Emirates Palace 5 * in Abu Dhabi, may well be considered symbols of not only the country but also the tourist service. You are unlikely to find such a level of service anywhere else in the world.

Well, there is no doubt that security in the UAE is very closely monitored here.

Emirates resorts are among the safest in the world.

The UAE is generally famous for hospitality. 

Regardless of the number of stars, the rooms are always comfortable, with air conditioning and everything you need to relax.The power system is usually BB (“breakfast”) or HB (“half board”), which is justified. Indeed, because of the abundance of entertainment, tourists spend little time in hotels.


Reason 3. Unique Attractions

Almost all regions of the Emirates have occupied their niches in the tourism market. Some go to calm Sharjah. This is the cultural capital of the state - no party, but solid museums and many budget hotels on the first line. Others go to catch a wave and dive on the coast of the Indian Ocean in Fujairah.

But most choose emirates with centuries-old traditions and the highest level of technology, where the narrow eastern streets are adjacent to dizzying skyscrapers - Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Capital Abu Dhabi boasts clean beaches and a respectable audience. Must visit there Emirates Visa Online considers:

1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque. One of the six largest in the world. Entrance is allowed not only to Muslims, but tours are also free.

2. Sheikh Al-Jaraf Palace with an adjacent reserve. An oasis of Arabian colour and natural freshness.

3. The first Ferrari Park theme park in the world. These are dozens of rides with cars and about cars. It takes a whole day to try out at least part of it, so it’s better to take a Gold Ticket. There, on the artificial island of Yas, you will find the real Formula 1 track.

The real tourist mecca is Dubai. Millions of people come to see how, over forty years of age, a poor fishing village has become the city of the future.


A week is not enough to get to know all the sights of Dubai. But Emirates Visa Online definitely recommends including in the program:

1. Skyscraper "Burj Khalifa". 828 meters, 163 floors - the tallest building in the world! On the upper floors of the Dubai Tower, there is an observation deck with stunning views of the city.

2. Dubai Fountain. Located on an artificial lake with an area of ​​12 hectares. Enchanting compositions from music, water and light are shown there every evening. At the same time, you can watch a laser show on the walls of the nearby Burj Khalifa tower

3. Aquarium and underwater zoo at Dubai Mall. This is one of the largest aquariums in the world - more than 30 thousand fish and 220 species of marine animals. A place where both children and adults are equally interested.


4. Shopping that will exceed all your expectations. 

Many tourists come to the UAE in the first place, not even for relaxing on the beach and not for entertainment, but for shopping. 

There are a huge number of branded stores, shopping malls, huge shopping centres and often there are the same huge discounts. For example, in Dubai, a grand sale starts annually on January 2 and lasts a whole month - this is a chance to buy an elite branded item at a reasonable price.

There are spice markets and the famous Golden Bazaar (the best gold jewellery is sold here), a huge Dubai Moll and numerous shops with unique products. 

It is here that you can find a branded original thing at almost cost, and not only a thing: perfumes, jewellery, shoes, appliances, oriental sweets, etc.


5. A huge variety of activities and entertainment for every taste for adults and children

There is a huge selection of entertainment for every taste: sightseeing tours, desert safaris, hot air balloon rides, and visits to palaces and mosques, and numerous museums. And more exotic ones, such as desert jeep safaris, sandboarding (riding a board on the sand), swimming with sharks. 

Aristocratic entertainment is also here - yachting, golf, camel racing, night helicopter flights, riding exclusive Ferrari models in Abu Dhabi, etc.

And of course, this all complements an excellent beach vacation.


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