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30 days multiple entry emirates visa

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Having just a small trip to Dubai is absolute happiness for some and for all those people who can get the experience only once for a month, you can have a 30 days multiple entry Emirates visa which will let you have not only multiple entries but will give you a stay of 30 days in the Emirates. Dubai with an endless stretch of desert and an even more endless stretch of big buildings is something to astonish no matter how many times you visit. To give you this astonishing experience you can now have your Emirates visa easily booked via Emirates Visa Online and that too at the fastest rate ever!


  • I am a citizen of Bahrain and I will be traveling to the Emirates soon, will a visa be essential? 

No being a citizen who comes under the GCC countries, you are not required to take an Emirates visa o travel to the Emirates as UAE immigration is absolutely free to travel around.

  • I will be traveling from India to the Emirates via Emirates airlines, but will have to travel back and forth between India and the Emirates fr a month or so, hence which visa will be the best in such a case?

Depending on your case you should be applying for a 30 months multiple entry visa that will let you stay for a month and will also have multiple entries being enlisted hence you can travel back and forth really comfortably without having to take new visas on each visit which is really hectic.

  • how many entries can be considered as multiple entries?

There can be unlimited entries when you talk about multiple entries. But for the entries to be valid, you must make sure that the visa is also under the validity period, and if not you will have to apply for a new one.

  • The UAE is a country, does that mean I will have to take different visas for each emirate? 

No there is no need to take different visas to enter the United Arab Emirates as you can just have the Emirates online visa and you will be set for your travel to each of the Emirates.

  • Is it possible to apply for an Emirates visa for 30 days with multiple entries if I buy tickets from Emirates airlines to travel to the Emirates and to travel back I have booked tickets from FlyDubai?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to have your Emirates visa booked with Emiratevisaonline regardless of which flight tickets you have booked for your travel.

  • How long does a UAE multiple entry visa from Emirates take to cancel?

It all depends on the time required for the whole cancellation process, while for some it can take about 3 days while for others it can take about two weeks or more. You can contact the customer service number provided to get to know more about the time needed for cancellation.

  • I am traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to fly on Emirates. Will I need a visa for this? 

As long as the visa that you already have is valid you will not be needed to have another visa. You can also opt for the 30 days multiple entry Emirates visa for having multiple entry into the Emirates.

  • I wish to apply for my family members and relatives the 30 days multiple entry Emirates visas. For how many people can I apply at one go? 

No matter how many people you have you can do group booking in order to get your visa done faster and hence you can easily apply for all your family members and relatives.

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