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Emirates Baggage Rules and Extra Baggage Emirates Complete Guide

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If you have a trip planned to Emirates and you have booked a flight to travel with Emirates on an upcoming flight, you must understand and know following things about baggage allowance restriction fees and charges while travelling to Emirates

Emirates Cabin Baggage

Cabin baggage allowances on an Emirates flight is dependent on the fare of your travel – 
  • Economy class – Customers are allowed one piece of carry-on baggage. It can be either a handbag or a laptop bag. This bag must not exceed 55 x 38 x 20cm and it must not weigh more than 7kg.
  • First Class and Business Class – Customers are permitted to have two pieces of carry-on baggage that can have one briefcase along with either one handbag or one garment bag. The briefcase must not be more than 45 x 35 x 20cm and the handbag should not exceed 55 x 38 x 20cm and if the garment bags are selected then it cannot be more than 20cm thick when folded. The weight of single one should not piece exceeds 7kg.
Individuals who are travelling with infants are allowed to bring a carry cot or collapsible stroller if there is room in cabin if not it can be checked into hold free of charge as well. 
For customers starting their journey from India, you are permitting to one piece of carry-on baggage. The size of this carry-on baggage must not exceed 115 cm or 45.3 inches (length + width + height). 
Also customer who are using flights that it departing from Brazil are allowed to carry up to 10 kilograms of cabin luggage. 

Emirates Checked Baggage

A passenger’s checked baggage allowance on an Emirates flight is dependent on two factors. Firstly the type of fair and secondly the route from which you are travelling. The weight factor is applicable to all routes, except for the travel to and from destinations in the America and travel initiating in Africa. 
  • Economy Class
Ticket issued –   Special Saver            Flex            Flex Plus
Economy Class –  20kg                       25kg                30kg  
These are the normal permitted kilograms of luggage that you can carry. However, there are some special conditions as well. 
  • 25 kg in Economy class Special for flights routes between UAE and India.
  • 30kg in Economy Saver for journeys starting from Australia and New Zealand for tickets issued After November 26, 2019.
  • Business Class
Ticket Class – All Fare Types
Business Class – 40kg
  • First Class
Ticket Class – All Fare Types
First Class – 50kg
Baggage allowances for the flights to and from Americas and flights starting for Africa are different and are as follows – 
  • Economy Class – only one piece up to 23 kg for Special. 2 baggage up to 23 kg each for Saver, Flex, and Flex Plus
  • Business Class – Two pieces up to 32 kg each for all types of fare.
  • First Class – Two pieces up to 32 kg each for all kind of fare. 
If your journey starts from Africa you can also check in two pieces of baggage weighing up to 23 kg from Economy Special class. 
Let’s have a look on the baggage allowance for the flights in the Americas and between US and Europe –  
  • Economy Class –One piece up to 23 kg for Special and Saver class of economy. Two pieces up to 23 kg each for Flex and Flex Plus class.
  • Business Class – Two pieces up to 32 kg eachfor all fares.
  • First Class – Two pieces up to 32 kg each for all kinds of fares. 
You can also find these details on official website.

Emirates Excess Baggage rules 

Excess baggage charges on a flight depend on the fare you are facing and your destination. Emirates official website offers an online baggage calculator that can determine your excess baggage costs. The mentioned prices can also vary based on a number of factors. You can also check it on Emriates Visa Online website.
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Emirates give a great complimentary checked baggage allowance for all types of passengers without consideration of their classes. However, opting for excess baggage on an Emirates flight is expensive and has the potential to increase the overall cost of your journey. 
But we can help you with this. 
Emirates online can help you to ship a big 30kg suitcase at very reasonable rates. You can get free and instant fees online to see exactly how cost-effective our services are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Additional / Excess Baggage Fees – 

Items within the free baggage allowance, Overweight - $75

                                                                  Oversize - $250

Items outside the free baggage allowance, Overweight –$275

                                                                     Oversize – $325 

Passengers can get excess baggage in advance, 6 hours before departure, and also get a 20% discount compared to Airport rates.

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