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emirates airlines baggage fees and tips to cover the expenses

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We are going to discuss the allowance of baggage at airports. Like how Emirates visa and passports are important for travelling on flights. In the same way, the baggage the customers carry is also very important. The customers can carry a small bag along with them like handbags. It can contain valuables, money, and the most required things. The big bags that contain the clothing are sent to the compartment of the cargo. You can collect at the destination airports once reached. There is separate weightage allotted to the customers according to the tickets purchased. The weightage was introduced considering the safety limits, limitation that’s required during takeoff and it increases the weight of the flight capacity. All these conditions may create hard impacts on customers and flight when failed to maintain. So read this article on Emirates airlines baggage fees and tips to cover the expenses and find all the details.

Allowance allowed for Emirates Flights:

The business and the first-class passengers can carry 1 briefcase and one laptop or garment handbag. The measurement for the briefcase is 45*35*20 centimeters. For the handbag, it is 55*38*20 centimeters and if you choose a garment bag it should be within 20 centimeters. Every bag must not be more than 7 kilograms.
For the economy class, they can carry only 1 bag with measurements of 55*38*20 centimeters. The weight of the bag should be within 7 kilograms.
The infant lap carry policy helps passengers with babies can bring a stroller along with them. That too only if there is the availability of the room. If they have space only it’s allowed. It is not considered under baggage weight. They are having the option to carry the eatables required for babies. 


For Extra Baggage

For extra baggage, the amount that’s paid depends on the country and the number of extra bags. There is an option for amount reduction. That is you can apply for extra bags online if you book the slots early. This allows customers to apply online. There are only 2 steps involved in this. One is signing in to Emirate's official site. Go to manage to book then you can find your option. Enter the details and get the work done. 
For oversized and overweighed luggage there is a separate amount imposed for customers. Its amount depends on the weight and size that is more than the mentioned requirements.

Exclusion for Emirates skywards customers:

They have few schemes that help the skywards customers of Emirates for additional luggage. For the silver customer, they allow up to 12 kilograms extra. For platinum members, they allow up to 20 kilograms extra. Finally, for the gold members, they allow up to 16 kilograms extra. There are few more limitations applicable to these conditions. So know the details clearly before coming to a decision.



For the luggage carrying there are many options and restrictions available. After getting the Emirates visa check for the flights and know the luggage requirements first. Then pack the bags accordingly so there won’t be any chaos during the check-in time. And also it may reduce the cost of travelling if you just carry the perfect measurements of the bags. If there is a necessity for extra bags then apply for extra bags and pay the amount before itself.  For some debit and credit card users, there are few advantages applicable. So check for all these details before booking them. These were all the details regarding emirates airlines baggage fees and tips to cover the expenses that you need to know about. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are traveling from America or Africa then the baggage allowance service is a little different. Which depends on the pieces of luggage the passenger can take. Passengers can carry extra pieces of luggage by buying them online through Emirates airlines, by connecting them through the contact center, or directly at the airport. The weight of the individual luggage passenger is allowed to carry is 23 kg for economy class passengers and 32 kg for business class passengers. Passengers have to pay between USD 200 to USD 300. The charges for carrying extra baggage vary depending on the destination, route, and country.  

An Indian citizen or passenger traveling to foreign countries from India may need to get approval for extra luggage allowance. In this case, passengers from India have to pay USD 40.0. Passengers who buy extra baggage allowance before check-in. You can get a 50% discount. The discount on Emirates bag allowance is only given 4 hours prior to departure on both the online website, at the airport and the contact center. Passengers can buy extra baggage allowance ok Emirates airlines up to a maximum of 50 kg. 

Yes, passengers can buy extra kilograms for carrying extra baggage. If their baggage overall weight is more than the link limit. Your free standard baggage allowance while traveling with Emirates airlines depends on the fare one is holding, travel class, and destination. You can register and get an extra baggage allowance online through the Emirates airlines website. The charges you will pay at the airport after reaching your destination will be more as compared to when you will pay for an extra baggage allowance online. Passengers can not buy an extra baggage allowance for travel on infant tickets, it is only provided on adult tickets and kids tickets. 

If you are having a first-class or business class Emirates airlines ticket then you can take two carry-on baggage. One can be a small briefcase and one can be a handbag. Briefcase dimension must have a maximum dimension of 45 x 35 x 20cm. Dimensions of handbag and garment bag should not be more than 55 x 38 x 20cm and 20 cm. The total weight of one luggage should have to be under 7 kg. Economy class passengers can only take one carry-on baggage having dimensions not more than 55 x 38 x 20cm. The weight limit is the same for economy class passengers that is 7 kg. 

All the passengers boarding Emirates airlines from India are permitted to take only one carry-on baggage. The total dimension of the handbag or carry bag must not exceed the total dimension of 115 cm.

The free bag allowance on Emirates airlines traveling from or to America depends on the number of luggage one is carrying. This is called the piece concept which is applicable on the routes of Africa and America. Passengers can carry only limited pieces of luggage depending on their travel class. Passengers having an economy class ticket with special fare can take one luggage weighing up to 23 kg. Passengers holding saver fare, flex or flex plus fare can take two pieces of luggage each weighing not more than 23 Kg. Passengers holding business class tickets on Emirates airline are allowed two pieces of luggage. And the weight of each luggage must not be more than 32 kg. The bag allowance for the first-class passenger is also the same that is two pieces weighing 32kg. 

Every airline has its policies and limit for the luggage carried by the passengers. Passengers traveling with a first-class ticket on Emirates airlines can carry a handbag and one proper luggage bag while boarding the flight. Or you can take any number of bags but they should not weigh more than 50 kg. The weight of the complete luggage must not exceed more than 50 Kg. The total dimension of first-class passenger baggage should not cross the limit of 300 cm (including all dimensions length, breadth, and height. If your checked baggage is exceeding the above-mentioned limit then it is not accepted by the airlines. This weight concept is applicable from every route for first-class passengers. But, if you are traveling through Emirates from America or Africa then the weight allowance concept is different. All the passengers traveling with Emirates airlines on the business class seat can carry baggage weighing 40 kg.

The baggage weight allowed for economy class customers is 2 bags of 23 kilograms. 
The customers of the first and business class can carry thirty-two kilograms weight of 2 bags. This is the customer arriving or departing from the US. It applies to customers whose flights originate from Africa. For all the other destinations there are some special allowances. Under the different categories, there are different weights allowed. For special 15 kilograms, saver 25 kilograms, flex 30 kilograms, flex plus 35 kilograms, business 40 kilograms and finally for the first class it has an allowance for about 50 kilograms.

The handbags and the luggage bags within the weightage of 7 kilograms are allowed to carry with us on flights. There is a difference for both first-class and class customers. The customers of the economy class should only carry one baggage along with them within 7 kilograms. The customers of the first or business class can carry 2 bags along with them. That may include laptops and handbags along with them in the Emirates flights. The size of the bags should be within 55*38*20 centimeters. Even laptop bags come under the category of handbag luggage.

Yes, there are extra charges imposed for extra baggage in flights of Emirates. For flights coming from or going to the US or Africa the amount is almost 200 dollars for each item. Hence they allow 10 items in total. The customers coming other than the US can have the amount ranges from 15 dollars to almost 50 dollars. If there is an online reservation done before itself before the journey the amount reduced to fifty percent.


The items which are not allowed are the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Batteries or battery powered services
  • Medical items
  • Powder
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