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Check here to know about the Emirates visa fees for different visa types. Emirates Visa Online is an online portal where you can apply for your Emirates visa at a low cost as compare to others and get it in the quickest possible time via mail. With Emirates visa now being on high demand, you might find that the Emirates visa charges are also being to high to even afford for travel. But guess what? Emirates Visa Online has heard it a lot of times that it has now decided to fairly give its customers a chance to visit the Emirates by themselves rather than hearing all the fairy tales about the Emirates. This however is only possible for you to get an Emirates visa if you apply through the website where you will not only get fair via prices but will also give some Emirates visa information that you ought to know before your travel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, not only do you have to pay charges for the Emirates visa if you apply through an online method but you will have to pay the charges even if you apply for an Emirates visa through a visa processing center. However, you will find a slight variation in the visa charges that you find through an online site and that found through a visa processing centers.

You will get the following Emirates visa type options to apply from:

  1. 14 days Emirates visa: this Emirates visa option will let you stay in the United Arab Emirates for about 14 days and will have a validity of 58 days after it has been issued under your name. This visa will cost you 154 US dollars.
  2. 48 hours transit Emirates visa: this Emirates visa option will have a total of 48 hours stay validity and will only be valid for 14 days within which you can transit through the UAE. This visa will come at a rate of 50.0 US dollars.
  3. 96 hours transit Emirates visa: this visa will be valid for 96 hours and will have a validity of 14 days within which the visa can be used. You will be able to get this visa at about 130.0 US dollars.
  4. 30 days Emirates tourist visa: 30 days worth of Emirates tourist visa is provided that will allow you to stay for 30 days and will also have a validity of 60 days. You can get this visa at a rate of 164.0 US dollars. This visa will have only a single entry allowance.
  5. 30 days Emirates tourist visa: while the stay validity and the visa validity for the Emirates 30 days visa will be the same here you will get multiple entries options costing at 310.0 US dollars.
  6. 90 days Emirates visa: this tourist visa can be issued by a tourist who wishes to visit the Emirates and stay for about 90 days after entering. This visa will have a validity of 180 days and will come in two options. You can have either a multiple entry visa at 800.0 US dollars or a single entry visa at 500.0 US dollars.
  7. 30 days Emirates visa extension: this visa extension for those tourists who will be staying for another 30 days after the visa they have expires. This extension will cost 500.0 US dollars.
  8. A to A emirates visa: this Emirates visa can be applied for only a single entry and will cost you 500.0 US dollars. You will get to stay for 30 days with the visa having its validity for 58 days.

Yes yes, you will get an Emirates visa at the lowest rates and you can also apply for one where you will be able to get an Emirates urgent visa depending on your urgent travel to Emirates.

Yes, you need to pay Emirates service fee in order to get the visa issued to you. This service fee for an Emirates visa will be mentioned to you while filling in of the fees.

Hence you can have your Emirates visa charges paid with a budget still being kept.

Yes, it would be best if you take the printout or Emirate e-visa. Take two copies of the Emirates e-visa. If you are applying for the United Arab Emirates visa at the airport or border check points. Then the Emirate visa will be stamped directly on your national passport. There is no need to take the printed copy of the visa on arrival in the UAE. Applying for an Emraites visa from the embassy is also directly stamped on the valid national passport of the applicant.

You do not need to pay any extra or additional cost for an Emraites visa on arrival from the airport. You must pay the Emirates Visa on arrival service fee for application according to nationality and validity.

Yes, it is mandatory for all the applicants irrespective of the validity and their nationality to pay Emirates visa fee accordingly. Note that the fee needed to be paid by foreign national for Emirates online visa vary depending on tourist nationality. The other factor which affects the Emraite visa fee is the type of permit i.e; single or multiple entries. 

No, the rate of Emirates e-visa obtained from "Emirates visa online" is not expensive. You can get an Emraites visa quickly and with 100% security at a reasonable rate. Additional charges for the processing of Emirates e-visa is also mandatory.

The Emirates transit visa service fee for 48 hours is just USD 70.0. The processing time for 48 hours transit visa for UAE is within 7 days. The Emirates transit visa cost for 96 hours stay you must pay is USD 125.0. The processing time of 96 hours transit visa for the UAE is just 3 to 4 days.

You will need to pay a service fee of USD 830.0 for three months of multiple visits to the United Arab Emirates. You will need USD 400.0 for a single visit and a three-month visa for Emirates. The online service of sending e-visa applications for Emirates also includes USD 26.0 that is the processing fee.

Emirates visa online charge is just USD 130.0 for 14 days Emirates visa. The Emirates visa can be used anytime before 54 days from the issued day for 14 days. 

A tourist monthly visa for UAE is a 30 days visa that can be either a single visit or multiple visits to the country. The fee of a single visit monthly visa for Emirates is USD 140.0. Tourists can get multiple visit Emirates visas for one month at the rate of USD 405 is obtained from "Emirates visa online". 

Yes, if you are planning to obtain an Emraites visa extension online then you will need to pay both the service fee and processing fee. A month extension application submitted online costs USD 450. A three-month extension application sent on Emirates visa online costs USD 550.

The rate of Dubai expo visas for foreign nationals is USD 130 for a one-month duration.

Foreign nationals holding passports of certain nationalities are required to obtain ICA approval first for a certain purpose. The ICA approval cost is USD 100.0 for sending an online application.

You can pay Emirates visa fee for a selected visa type by selecting the payment mode. You can use a debit card or credit card, or PayPal account to pay the desired Emirates visa fee online. A confirmation mail or receipt is also sent to tourists on their given Email ID.

Expatriates willing to cancel the residence visa of Emirates need to pay USD 29.95. For cancellation of UAE residence visa, it is mandatory to take signature and approval of the sponsor. 

If you are applying for cancellation of a UAE residence visa you mostly do not get any refund from the embassy. You have to pay a fine for the residence visa cancellation of UAE that is 125 AED. If you cancel a UAE tourist visa online after submitting an application and paying a fee, no refund is given back to the applicant.

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