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Emirates of the UAE

The word ‘Emirates’ has been taken from the Arabic Word ‘Emir’ which means ‘a mass of land owned by the Emir’. Seven such Emirates in the northern Arabian Peninsula have come together to form the nation of United Arab Emirates. With more than 10 million Emiratis living in the country, UAE has come up in the contemporary world as a centre for business, culture and tourism. A tide of more than 16 million tourists arrive in the Emirates annually which easily outnumbers its population. This goes on to show how popular the country is from a tourism perspective. In fact, according to multiple surveys, Dubai is the 5th most popular travel destination in the world. If you are planning your next trip to the Emirates, you may refer to Emirates Visa Online for all your visa related needs and for booking hotels, flights and tour packages as well. 

Attractions in Emirates

There are several reasons why cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become the global hubs for business and tourism. First, it has to be the geographical location – UAE can be easily considered to be located around the centre of the world on a map, which adds to its accessibility from all international states. Second, UAE has come up as a rapidly developing nation by virtue of its natural resources. The cities are some of the most developed in the world from an architectural and technological point of view.
There are countless avenues to indulge in during your stay in Emirates the best of which is to explore the cities and indulge in various pleasures that they offer. In Dubai, you can begin by walking atop the clouds and standing over the world from the Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world. The Dubai Mall, largest shopping structure in the world will leave you smitten by its sheer scale and the luxuries occupied in its vastness. There are infinite shopping options and just as much options of eating and enjoying. Away from urban hustle, there are beaches with coarse golden sand and azure waters where you can either relax or take part in adventure sports.
Abu Dhabi gives you an option to explore the Ferrari World and the Louvre as well as the Qasr Al-Hasn White Fort that stands as the witness of the city’s history. Sharjah lets you take a dip in the heritage and history of the Emirates. Through its numerous museums it is a window to the past that offers a vision of the Islamic and Arabian past.

One Platform for All Services

Emirates Visa Online is an all-in-one platform that serves your entire range of needs when travelling to the Emirates. The team comprises of professionals with rich experiences in their respective fields. 
The primary and the most popular services offered by the platform are the Emirates Visa services. The platform provides an assurance of approval with 100% customer satisfaction. With a quick turnaround time of 48-72 working hours, they offer the quickest visa processing time in the industry. The website provides all the assistance you need to minimize your documentation requirements. The process has been moved online which eliminates the need to visit the embassy or the consulate. By following three easy steps, you can complete your online application. To address your queries, 24X7 Chat and Email Support Services are available.
The various visa options available on the platform are:

1. Transit Visa for 48/96 Hours

2. 14 Days Visa with Single Entry

3. 30 Days Visa with Single/Multiple Entry

4. 90 Days Visa with Multiple Entry

In order to successfully complete your Emirates Visa Application, you will also require some documents. Make sure to keep soft copies of the following documents handy when applying for Emirates Visa:

1. A Passport

2. Passport Size Photograph

3. Hotel/Relative Booking Details

4. Flight Tickets for both side travel

Additional Services include booking of flights that provide cheapest deals to your favourite destinations. Using the search function present on the website, you can browse through all the available options and choose the most suitable option as per your requirements. 
Next set of services is hotels booking that allows you to search, browse and book the most suitable option for your needs. There is also a combination of all of these services in the form of tour packages that allows you to book entire packages in a single go. 
Visiting the Emirates is a unique experience that will leave you with everlasting memories. Emirates Visa Online and team will ensure your experience is further decorated with no hassle in preparing for your travel and preparations. The complete satisfaction expressed by more than 200,000 customers serves as a testimonial for the excellent services of the platform and the competence of the team. Make arrangements for your next vacation with Emirates Visa Online and experience their superior services today. 

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