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Gone are the days when a citizen of Canada could only dream of traveling to the Emirates and could not actually find a way to travel to the Emirates. Now even a citizen of Canada can stay in the Emirates by applying for an Emirates visa from Canada. All you need to do is log into Emirates Visa Online read about how to apply for an Emirates visa and go-ahead to apply for one. It is as simple as it sounds! Especially when you have Emirates Visa Online to help you get the visa you can stay assured about your visit to the Emirates by handing over your information. Citizens of Canada can Apply for Emirates visa from Canada for 90 Days as they can achieve Emirates visa on arrival for 30 days and 14 days and People Living in Canada having Different Nationality need to apply for a visa either it is for 14, 30 or 90 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need to apply for an Emirates visa in order to be eligible to travel to the Emirates and stay in the country for a while.

No being a single girl traveling to the Emirates is allowed. However, you need to make sure you have all the Emirates visa documents that are necessary in order for you to be able to travel alone. You do not need someone to accompany you if you are above 18 years old, however, if you don’t meet the age requirement as per the Emirates visa requirements then you will have to have someone accompanying you throughout the trip

You will need the following documents to be shown if you are to apply for an Emirates visa from Canada:

  • A Canadian passport that will be valid for more than six months or must at least has six months validity along with two or more pages being kept blank.
  • An application form that will state all your information including personal and travel details. This must be a completely filled in application form for your Emirates visa.
  • Flight tickets that are booked from Canada must be submitted as scanned copies along with your Emirates visa application form.
  • Hotel bookings that have been made in the Emirates and its details must be shared while you submit your Emirates visa application form.
  • An email must be submitted where you need your Emirates visa to be mailed to you
  • A passport-sized photograph must be submitted that will be attached to your application form while applying for your Emirates visa

Yes, you can make available of our Emirates urgent visa services that will help you get the visa issued in about two days or less after your application has been made successfully.

A Canadian can apply for an extension but getting 14 days worth of extension is not possible, you can however apply for a 30 days extension which can be used for 14 days as well. Or what you can do is apply for a new Emirates 14 days visa that will let you stay for 14 days after you have entered Emirates.

A Canadian can hence apply for an Emirates visa from Canada and travel to the Emirates.

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