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Apply 14 days visa For Emirates online at Emiratesvisaonline as We provide you the Quality Visa services with user- friendly access. our services are complex free and anyone can use it from anywhere and anytime. The Emirates is for all the tourists who are planning for a short stay in the Emirates. It can be used if you are visiting Emirates for any trip or your business meeting or the conferences that you need to attend there. You can even go for the transit visa if you have a very short visit to the Emirates. 

  • The Emirates visa is a single-entry visa. So, in the 14 days Emirates Visa you can visit Emirates for 14 days within the visa validity period.
  • The visa validity is of 60 days from the moment of the date of the issue. 
  • If you are planning the trip or the visit to the Emirates then you got to obtain an Emirates Visa. 
  • The 14 days visa is easy to obtain, but the particular procedure for the application is base upon your nationality.
  • But if you are having super urgency then you can even apply for the 24 hours. 
  • You can easily apply for this entire process hustle free and easy through the Emirates Visa Online

Documents Required for the Emirates 14 Days Visa

  • Photograph

    • The photograph should be taken with a white background.

    • It should be of a matte finish.

    • Dimensions: 4.3 cm*5.5 cm.

    • It should be of high resolution.

    • Make sure that the photograph in your passport matches with this photograph.

  • Passport:

    • the last page and the first page of your document should be clearly visible.

    • It should have at least 4 blank pages.

    • The information scanned has to be clearly visible and of high resolution.

    • You shouldn’t hide your face by anything, any dress or any material. It should be clearly visible.


Q1. Do I need an Emirates Visa if I have a US visa?

A1. If you have a US Visa i.e. US citizen then you can easily get a visa on arrival (VOA) while you reach the Airport. Your passport would be valid for 6 months from the moment you enter the boundaries of Emirates. 

Q2. If I’m an Indian so can I apply for the Emirates Visa on Arrival?

A2. Yes, you can get the visa on arrival but it can be it expensive and time-consuming. The fees for the entry permit are roughly 100 Dirham or the 1750 INR. You just need a passport which is valid for the 6 months and you can even extend this.

Q3. For how long I need to wait for my Emirates Visa?

A3. It usually takes 1-3 days for the processing of the Emirates Visa. It also somewhere depends upon the factors like for which purpose you are traveling or what is your nationality.

Q4. What is the process of applying for Emirates Visa?

A4. It’s just a simple process that you need to go through which is completely hustle free.  Just apply easily with Emirates Visa Online and follow quick steps. 

Q5. Can I apply for my Emirates Visa Renewal?

A5. Yes, you can easily apply for the renewal of your Emirates Visa.

Q6. Is it possible that I can receive my Emirates Visa on the same day?

A6. If your country is under the eligibility of the visa on arrival then you can easily take your visa from the airport, and you don't need to apply for the e-visa beforehand. You’ll be issued the Emirates Visa when you enter the airport premises after you pay a particular amount to them.

Q7. If I’m a US Green Card holder then can I get a visa on arrival?

A7. Yes, you are eligible to get the visa on arrival in the Emirates if you are the US Green Card Holder. But your passport validity should be for at least 6 months.

Q8. If I have an urgent International Conference in Dubai for the next 4 days and today is my last day of the stay, so what can be done? 

A8. In this situation you don’t have to panic, you just need to apply for the Emirates Visa Extension. If the application is approved by the government then your visa would be easily extended.

Q9. For how many days can I extend my Emirates Visa?

A9. You can apply for the Emirates Visa Extension for 30 days twice.

Q10. Is it expensive to apply for the visa extension?

A10. Somewhat yes, it is a bit costly. But it is also essential for you for the time when needed to stay Emirates for work, tour, medical urgency, etc.

Q11. In how many days my extension visa be approved?

A11. The Emirates Visa Extension take the processing time up to 4-5 days. But also, it is advised that you should apply before the expiry of your current visa. It will be best that you keep track of the expiry of your Emirates Visa.

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