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Does getting an Emirates visa from India sound difficult to you? It is not any more difficult to get an Emirates visa from India by just following a few simple steps. Indian nationals who have Indian passport holders can now visit Emirates if the passport has a validity of six months or more. Emirates visa from India can be obtained easily now. Indian citizens who want to travel to Emirates we have good news for you all because now you are eligible to apply for an E-visa.

Till now only citizens of India used to go to the Embassy carrying the visa for Emirates. lots of hassles used to be there in the way of getting a visa. But now you can get your visa from your home without wasting your efforts and time. Do you want to know how this is possible? Guys you just need to have a smartphone with a strong internet connection and now you can upload all your documents, you can fill an application form just from your home.  Are you excited after listening to this exciting news? So, what are you waiting to apply for Emirates visa from India from anywhere?


When you can get your visa from your home, why go embassy? Right? To apply for your Emirates visa from India now and make your dream come true of visiting emirates with your family and friends. If you face any difficulty while applying for the visa you can ask us and our team always ready to help you. Emirates visa for Indian Nationals is provided by us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes ofcourse all the Indian passport holders required a visa to visit Dubai and if the Indian nationals are holding a normal passport and the valid visa or the green card which is issued by the USA or UK residency then you can obtain a Dubai visa on arrival for the maximum stay of 14 days

Indian citizens can apply for the UAE tourist visa if the Indian nationals are holding the normal passport which is valid for the minimum of six months from the arrival date and the visit visa or the green card which is issued by the USA which is valid for the minimum of six months then you can obtain the visa on arrival for the maximum stay of 14 days. Indian citizens can apply at Emirates Visa Online. 

If you want to apply for a Dubai visa by myself in Delhi then if you prefer to travel by Indian carriers like Indigo, jet, air India or any other then you can apply through Emirates Visa Online. 

No it is not difficult to get Dubai tourist visa for Indians as Indian can also avail a visa on arrival and online through Emirates Visa Online and the all passports should be valid for more than six months.

Yes, you should get medical insurance for your grandmother as this would be helpful in case, she faces any medical problem. Because medical insurance for her all the expenses for her treatment would be paid by the insurance company in the case, she suffers any health issues and you don't have to worry about her expenses or her condition in the country.

If you are an Indian citizen who is living in the United States you don't have to get a visa for visiting Emirates on the special conditions of the Emirates visa policy. If an Indian citizen holds the residency of the United States you can travel in Emirates freely up to 14 days. But after 14 days if you wish to stay for a longer period then you should apply for a visa.

If you are an Indian citizen having the transit flight from Emirates and your transit period is more than 48 hours then you should get a transit visa. The two types of Transit Visa that are being provided by the government are given below. You can choose any one visa at your convenience and the period of your stay in the country.

  1. 48 Hours Emirates Transit Visa.
  2. 96 Hours Emirates Transit Visa

If you are an Indian citizen you can obtain a tourist visa or a business visa by using online services. You cannot get a visa on arrival for Emirates. Emirates visa on arrival India is not issued but if you are an Indian citizen having The Residency of the United States or European Union then you can get a visa on arrival.

If a citizen of India wants to visit in Emirates, they have to upload certain documents which are given below:

Passport - The first and the most important thing for getting a visa is your passport and that too with the validity of six months. But what if your Passport is Not valid for 6 Months then you should apply for the renewal of your passport and get its validity extended.

Passport Size of Photograph - You are also required to give your latest passport size photograph which should follow some specifications like:

  • Size should be of 4*4
  • Your face should not be covered with hair or any kind of clothes. It should be visible.
  • The background in your photograph should be white.
  • You should partially smile in the photograph.

Address of the place where you live- If you are going to stay with your friend or relative then you should ask them to give their identity proof and if you are going to stay in the hotel then you need to submit the hotel reservations.

Proof of your Financial Stability - You are required to submit the proof of your financial stability which can be your bank statement of the previous three to six months.

A valid email address- You are required to submit a valid email address so that later on we can connect with you and can share your visa on the same email. Along with this, you should also submit your alternate email address.

Means of payment- You must have a valid credit or debit card. If you don't have a valid debit or credit card then you can pay using internet banking services like PayPal, google pay, etc.

Getting an Emirates visa before traveling to the United Arab Emirates, is mandatory for Indian citizens. On Emirates Visa Online, Indian nationals can apply for the short-term Emirates tourist visa either for a single entry or multiple entries. Applicants holding valid Indian passports can select from the different types of Emirates tourist visas they want to obtain. Indian nationals can get the visa online, by filling out the Emirates visa application form. Indians can send applications for visas anytime at Emirates visa online. The UAE government started providing electronic Emirates visas to tourists traveling from India to expedite the visa process. Upload the clear digital images of the document, and do the online transaction to pay Emirates visa charges. Indian nationals will get a digital copy of their short-term Emirates tourist visa via email ID.

Every individual traveling from India to the United Arab Emirates for any purpose has to meet all the requirements to avail Emirates visa. Travelers from India who have visited UAE in the last five years can share their travel history. The applicant will have to submit a dully-filled visa application on the Emirates visa online and should upload a colored passport size photograph. Upload the bio page of a valid Indian passport and the last page of the passport. Ensure that the passport will not expire in the next 6- months. If your passport is expiring soon, then Indian citizens should renew their passport first to avail Emirates visa. Indians visiting UAE for visit purposes or attending meetings, then you must have a cover letter or invitation letter. You can submit a bank statement, income tax return statement, or salary slip for financial evidence.

Females who are or above 18 years old can travel from India to the United Arab Emirates alone. But, they will have to show the NOC form signed by their parents or husband. They will also require the photo ID of her parents or husband. Applicants under the age of 18 are not eligible to apply for an Emirates visa on their own.

Indian nationals will need to submit important valid documents to obtain a Dubai travel visa or permit. A properly filled out Dubai travel application form. Indians applying online for a Dubai visa will need a Debit card or credit card to pay the visa fee. Passport, photograph, onward and return Airlines ticket and travel insurance.

Travel records of the applicant are checked. If there is any record of long overstay in UAE against you. Then your visa application for Dubai will not be approved. It is best to get a visa extension, to avoid fines, and penalties. 

Indian citizens can only stay in UAE with a tourist visa for a certain duration. Indian nationals can acquire a Dubai tourist visa for 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days. Indian nationals who want to stay in UAE for more than 90 days. Then they can extend their short-term visa or apply for a 5-years Dubai visa. The validity remains for the next 5 years from issued days and it is extendable for 90 days. 

Tracking the status of Emirates travel visa is easy even if you are in India. All you have to do is to visit the Emirates online visa website. Fill in the application ID number and click on the "track my status" tab. 

No, UAE immigration authorities do not give the reason for rejecting an individual's Emirates visa. If your visa for Emirates was rejected. Then, you can resend the Emirates visa application. You will have to fill out the form again, attach the document, and pay Emirates visa fee again.

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