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Different companies providing services for Emirates Visa have different  Emirates Visa requirements for applicants for obtaining them. They depend on the current policy, as well as the goals of the company. Similarly Emirates Visa Online provides Emirates Visa Servies to the Different Eligible Countries where the Process is online thus, you can apply Emirates visa from the Comfort of your Home.


Emirates Visa Requirements for Hotel Filing

Hotels from 4 stars engaged in the manufacture of a permit to cross the border, present the following conditions for obtaining a permit in the Emirates:

1. Payment by the applicant for at least 2 nights at the hotel.

2. Making a deposit (varies depending on the chosen hotel). 

3. Providing a wide range of documents.

4. If a girl goes on a trip unaccompanied by her husband or older relatives, then her age should be more than 25, and in some cases - 30 years.


Emirates Visa Requirements for Travel Operators

The requirements for obtaining a visa to Emirates presented by tour operators relate to the procedure for submitting the collected package of documents. It differs depending on the selected company, in most cases, it looks like this:

1. Mandatory booking a tour package.

2. Submission of documents of a strictly defined format and size (for example, a scan of a passport in jpg format not exceeding 100 kB and a scan of a colour photo measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm on a light background not exceeding 40 kB).

3. Submission of documents for a period of at least 7 days.


Emirates Visa Requirements

If a visa is issued through aviation companies, then their main requirement is the collection of a wide range of documents. Without it, permission to the United Arab Emirates would not be issued.

So, using the services of aviation companies, candidates for a visa to the Emirates will need to collect the following list of documents:

1. A questionnaire consisting of 3 pages. It should be in English or Latin. A mandatory requirement is the presence of a personal signature of the applicant.

2. Copies of purchased airline tickets of the selected company in both directions (to Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Sharjah and vice versa).

3. Colour photo, whose parameters are 4.3x5.5 cm. Requirement - the face must occupy more than 80% of the image.

4. Colour copy of a U-turn of a passport. Condition - the validity of the passport must be more than six months from the date of departure from the UAE.

5. The applicant’s consent to the processing of personal information, certified by the applicant’s signature.

The requirement for minor travellers - inclusion in the package of documents of a Birth Certificate translated into English and certified by a notary.


"It is rather difficult to fulfil all of the above requirements. To simplify the procedure for obtaining a visa for Emirates, it is recommended to use the services of the Emirates Visa Online, where you need to fulfil the following less number of Documents:"


Documents you have to Submit with the Application are-

1. Clear color scan copy of Passport First and Last page.

2. 1 Scan Color photo.

3. Confirm Air ticket(optional)

4. Hotel Booking details. (optional)

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Additional documents are required for visitors to some countries.

Additional documents may be required depending on the country of residence. 

1.  Afghanistan                     National Identity Card (Tazkira ID)

2.  Iraq                                  National Identity Card

3.  Pakistan                          National ID Card 

4.  Iran                                 National Identity Card

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