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what are the rules ad procedures for obtaining a spouse residence visa through emirates airlines 2024

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Wanting to sponsor your spouse is a common thing now in Emirates and hence there are way too many questions asked as well. This includes what are the rules ad procedures for obtaining a spouse residence visa through Emirates airlines? You will get to know all that you need to know about taking a residence visa for your spouse only through Emirates Visa Online and hence if you want to get to know more about it, here is your chance to do so. Not only will you be able to know all about the rules and procedures included in taking a residence visa but you will also be able to get help when Emiratesvisaonline is here to provide you services at its best!

Requirements needed to sponsor

There are quite some requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for a resident in the Emirates to sponsor a residence visa to another person. The requirements can be given as follows:

  • The person who is a resident of the Emirates must have a minimum salary of AED 3000 or AED 4000 along with accommodation facilities.
  • As a part of the rule, it was initially required for a resident to have a particular type of profession in order to be eligible for a sponsorship, but this has been removed as of March 2019. now a foreign resident can bring in their spouse regardless of the profession but should maintain the minimum wage requirement.
  • If there is a father residing in the Emirates who meets with the conditions and is eligible then the mother will not be allowed to sponsor the children. 
  • Medical fitness is a must while applying for the spouse residency visa. This will include checking for the two main diseases: HIV and pulmonary tuberculosis. If anyone of the conditions is found to be positive then the person will be ineligible for a sponsorship visa to the Emirates.
  • Holding a health fitness certificate is a must.

Once the requirements are set, then the visa can be sponsored for your spouse. 

Sponsoring wife in the Emirates

If you are willing to sponsor your wife you can do so, as long as all the requirements stated are found to be fulfilled. You should further prove an existing marital relationship wit the help of a marriage certificate that is in Arabic language or must be translated into the Arabic language by a translator

Sponsoring two wives

In some of the strict cases. There are chances that a Muslim foreigner can sponsor two wives at a time. This, however, will be allowed only if the requirements are met accordingly.

Women sponsoring family

A woman is also eligible for sponsoring her spouse or family provided the following requirements are strictly fulfilled:

  • The woman must hold a residence permit and must be a part of any medical sector or must be an engineer, a teacher, a doctor or a nurse in order to be eligible 
  • Even if any of these categories are not fulfilled then the woman can sponsor as long as the salary is AED 10,000 along with accommodation facilities. 

Required documents for sponsorship

  • Online application for a residence visa
  • Passport copies of the spouse
  • Passport-sized photo of the spouse to be sponsored 
  • Medical certificate for the spouse.
  • Copy of husband’s or wife’s working contract
  • Salary certificate to prove the salary of the employee
  • Marriage certificate
  • Latest utility bill.


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