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A city of marvels is what describes Dubai the best but have you tri the old streets? Maybe not because the streets are something which you can see only once you are in Dubai. These streets are as marvellous as the city in Dubai is and make up pretty much a good part of the big city as well. This is must-see and if you a Philippian then you ought to have an Emirates visa for Philippines passport holders. This will only let you enter Dubai and there is no other way you can enter. So for this to be a reality here is Emirates Visa Online to help you.


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Applying for Emirates visa

Applying for Emirates visa is hard for some and easy for the others and Emiartesvisaonline makes sure that it becomes easy not only for some but for each and every one. So here is how you can apply emirates visa in your own way and still not get lost while doing it. The steps for doing it can be given as follows:

Step 1: choosing which country you want to depart from and what your nationality is

Step 2: take a look at the Emirates visa types displayed and choose the one that is the best fit

Step 3: having the information about your personal details and passport details filled in

Step 4: getting the documents scanned and attaching them to the form

Step 5: having the fees paid and getting the confirmation mail.

With this, the application process will be done and you can have a look at the status whenever you want to or you can even get it notified through mail. This simple process will let you easily apply for the visa all by yourself or if you feel like there is some difficulty you can also contact the customer care centre to get all your doubts clarified.

Having an extension on Emirates visa

There are times when you find out that your visa has expired on Friday and now you are in your grace period but you cannot approach any offices as it is all closed on Friday. During this situation, it is common that a person can have the thought of having an Emirates visa extension without exit from the country, but is it possible? Having a visa extension when you are in Dubai but you cannot travel out from the country due to visa will be a given, so how do you do it? It is definitely not as hard as it sounds. This is because Emiratesvisoanline will let you have your Emirates visa extension even without having to exit your country. All you need to do is follow all those steps as mentioned above and click on the extension option rather than the normal visa types. That’s it, you will be set even without having to exit the country. If you feel stuck anywhere there need not be a hesitation while contacting the customer service number.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can also apply for other types such as an extension or even a transit visa when applying for a visa through Emiratesvisaonline.

It will take about three to five days in total to get your visa extension done with Emiratesvisaonline.

If you will be staying for about a month then a 30 days single entry tourist visa Dubai will be recommended to both you and your family members. 


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