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Emirates Urgent Visa 2024: Everything You Should Know

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How to get an urgent visa for Emirates in 1-2 days?

Emirates seem to tourists as a paradise on earth, which only the elite can get into. Obtaining a visa, of course, has some “exotic” nuances, but still the process of applying for it is no more complicated than a trip to Schengen countries.

Today, the most profitable way to apply for an urgent visa for Emirates is Online. Emirates Visa Online Provides Online emirates Visa Services to the Different Eligible Countries Where you need to submit the relevant documents. The company provides favorable conditions for travelers. A minimum of documents is required from the client. A visa is issued urgently in a day.

Types of visas to the Emirates

Depending on the purpose of the trip to the emirates, as well as the length of stay, the following visa types are quickly issued:

1. Emirates Tourist Visa:  Allows stay in the country up to 30 days. The sponsor may be an airline, hotel or travel agency. Suitable for business trips, meetings with relatives and friends, leisure.

2. Emirates Transit Visa:  Allows you to stay in the country for no more than 4 days. Used for short-term business trips, transfers. Dubai is the only possible destination for travellers with this type of visa.

What documents are needed to apply for an Emirates urgent visa?

To make a visa to Emirates in one day, you must prepare a full package of documents in advance:

1. Valid passport (validity must expire no earlier than 3.5 months at the time of filing)

2. Photo on a light background.

To travel to Emirates with a child, you must additionally provide:

1. Birth certificate

2. Consent to leave the country from a parent or parents (in case of accompanying a minor only by his father or mother or close relatives).

Attention! In the emirates, a child can go on a separate passport or if he is inscribed in the passport of his parents. In the first case, you will have to pay the same fee as for an adult traveller. In the second, additional expenses are not required, the child fits into the parent's visa for free.

Who can count on getting an urgent visa to the United Arab Emirates?

It is possible to quickly make a visa for Emirates if you have the required documents in good quality, as well as confirmed solvency. Urgent permission to enter Emirates is issued to citizens:

1. Visited earlier Emirates and not allowing offences;

2. Travelled in the last 5 years in the countries of Schengen, USA, Canada and other rich states.

Additional conditions for issuing visas to Emirates

An urgent visa to Emirates is not available to everyone. Emirates strictly apply to citizens who previously violated migration rules or committed offences in the territory of the state. Such tourists are included in the "blacklist" and expelled from the country, even with a visa.

Quickly execute documents in the UAE sometimes fails due to a common surname. The migration service for up to 4-5 days can delay the issuance of a visa, performing a full check of tourist data. If the surname and first name coincide with the offender listed on the “blacklist”, additional verification may take some time. Delay in registration is possible for tourists with an Arabic name or having an Arab origin.

Emirates allow the opening of an urgent visa for children only upon filing with parents or at least one of them. If a close relative or guardian is travelling with the child, obtaining an urgent visa is not guaranteed on time.

Although express visas to Emirates have long been practised in the UAE, do not forget about force majeure. Urgently, the traveller receives permission to enter within 24 hours, sometimes the decision is delayed up to 2 days. The immigration office, which examines documents, does not work on weekends and holidays, which are many in Muslim countries. In this regard, when planning a trip to the emirates, it is recommended to contact the visa centre at least 5-7 days before departure.

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