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should you have a return ticket on tourist visa in emirates

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You are confused by the question of having or not having a return ticket when you first enter the Emirates on a tourist visa? Suppose you have an Australian visa, and you know that Australians can enter for free without a visa application for a 30-day visa to Emirates.

If you contact the UAE Embassy or check any website that helps you get a visa to Emirates, you will find out that a return ticket for a tourist visa is required in the Emirates. And if you do not have it, you will visit the country at your own peril and risk. Therefore, you should be able to show a return ticket.

You should not risk buying a one-way ticket. An online visa to Emirates for Indians and other people from different countries will be issued only if return tickets are attached to the visa application. According to various travel agents, a new rule has been introduced and put into effect in the UAE, according to which a return ticket is mandatory for all applications requiring a tourist visa for the Indians. This new law, enforced by the Department of Naturalization and Residency, requires companies and individuals wishing to obtain a tourist visa to submit a copy of the return ticket to the department.

However, according to official sources, a pre-purchase of a return ticket was required to obtain a visa for Emirates, and a copy of the travel document had to be attached to their visa application. According to a travel company, in the past few days, people have been asking for travel certificates confirming booking airline tickets. Some people requested that they are printed for showing to the authorities when applying for a tourist visa for their family members.

According to travel agencies, they found out about this new law, while customers from different countries, especially Filipinos and Indians, asked for return tickets for issuance for this specific reason. It was also seen that some customers simply asked to print their airline ticket reservation, while others bought tickets instantly, mentioning that this was meant for their tourist visa application. Travel companies are well aware of this new law, as various clients have already asked the company to issue a travel certificate. And we, at Emirates Visa Online, are also well aware of a similar issue.

Corporate customers buy tickets instantly, as they are sure they will get a visa and their money will not be wasted. Some of them request a travel certificate, which is the announcement of the travel company confirming the reservation. But some travel companies issue trips certified by corporate clients that they know.

However, some travel companies have questioned the effectiveness of the analysis, saying that they can simply be circumvented. In addition, it is not clear whether a printout of a reservation alone will be sufficient evidence. A travel company can print a ticket for a client and give him a copy before sale; therefore, the rule does not have to be really very effective.


How To Apply Emirates Visa Online

Step1: Visit Emirates Visa Online then you have to select your Living and Citizenship Country from the dropdown list.

Step2: Now select the type of visa.

Step3: Applicant needs to fill up the visa application form,  typically this form asks for basic information of the applicant such as name, nationality, address, date of birth, passport details etc. applicant must check all fields before submitting the application and also fulfil the requirements of documents.

Step4: After the completion of the application form. The visitor needs to do the payment via credit/debit cards through a payment gateway.

Step5: Get your visa via mail.

Once You Applied your Emirates Visa Online then You can Check Emirates Visa Status Online.

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