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Having just a glimpse of Burj Khalifa ill let you know why Dubai is so famous and why there are so many people wanting to travel to Dubai every year. There are a lot of people ho can travel easily without having to even take a visa nad hence watching this tall building for absolutely free of cost. But people from Thailand being not the ones that come under the list, will have to apply for an Emirates visa for Thailand passport holders, and for this, all you have to do is just have some rules and steps followed, and there you will have your Emirates visa readied from Emirates Visa Online.


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Emirates visa for three days

Yes, you have read it right, you can get your visa applied for just three days and have a three-day funfilled weekend. This is however only possible with an Emirates 3 days visa. This emirates three days visa will have a validity of 14 days which basically means that even though you have not used it in just three days you can easily use it in the gap of the next 14 days which will still be invalidity. While one can get the visa even after arrival, this is not possible for you to take as Thailand citizens cannot access to visa on arrival, and hence it is recommended to apply for one before you commence your travel. This visa will let you stay only for three days which means that after this period you will have to either exit the country or get an extension based on your choice and duration of stay. If you are worried about the visa application then you need not worry as with Emiratesvisaonline you can apply fr as many people as you want and have no problem.

Rejection of visa

It is hard to have a visa rejection faced and then having te question is it possible to reapply for Emirates visa after rejection answered. This is because people tend to start thinking that it is only once in a lifetime opportunity and once you get rejected you will never be able to get the visa ever again. This is all false and just a part of the myths while the truth is that you can reapply for a visa no matter how many times you want. But one thing that Emiratesvisaonline ensures is that you get the visa at one go itself. This means that you need not keep on applying for times and times over. Also with the easy process and the assistance was given by the team at Emiratesvisaonline you need not have any worries about your application ever getting rejected. The rejection also tends to be hard when you do not get to know about the exact reason and out team will also help you fill in all the missing areas so that you never face any visa application rejection and will have the value for the money you have paid.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Thai citizens need to pay UAE visa fees for services and the fast processing of applications. The fee of 30 days UAE visa is USD 130.0 for Thai citizens. The 90 days visa fee for Thai citizens is USD 400.0.

The flight duration from Thailand to Abu Dhabi can be between 6 hours to 7 hours. Follow all the COVID protocol and COVID 19 requirements to enter UAE.

The fee Thailand nationals need to pay for 5 years UAE tourist visa is USD 850.0. Only eligible applicants from Thailand should apply for 5 years tourist visa. Before sending an application for UAE 5 years visa, check the eligibility criteria and other requirements. The processing fee Thailand nationals need to pay for 5 years visa is USD 550.0.

Tourists from Indonesia and other countries should not overstay. The 10 days grace period is given to every tourist to leave UAE. From the 11th day, the fine is imposed, Thailand nationals will need to pay a fine. If they do not leave the United Arab Emirates before 10 days grace period.

Yes, visitors from Thailand do not necessarily need to buy return tickets for UAE visa applications. After approval of the UAE visa, Thailand Citizens can book return tickets. It is recommended to book flight tickets as well as a hotel room in UAE after visa approval. But it is mandatory to present return tickets at UAE entry points or border checkpoints.

Thai residents transiting through any airport in UAE will require a transit visa to leave the transit zone. The fee of an Emirates transit visa for 48 hours stay in UAE is USD 70.0. The fee for 96 hours stay in UAE is USD 125.0 for Thai residents.

If you are currently inside the United Arab Emirates then a visa extension is possible. But every applicant has to meet certain criteria to get approval for a UAE visa extension. Thai passport holders will not get approval if they will use only a few days' valid passports or expired passports. They should leave the country and renew their passport to visit UAE again.

National of Thailand will only need a residence visa for the United Arab Emirates. If they want to work, reside or shift to UAE for a longer period. Thailand nationals also need to apply for Emirates ID if they want to use the government services of the UAE. The Emirates residency visa validity for Thai passport holders can be 2 to 3 years. 

Thailand nationals must leave the United Arab Emirates before the end of the Emirates visa. It is possible to check the Emirates visa expiry date online or you can find details on the visa. The validity of an Emirates visa for Thai residents can be 14 days to 90 days. 

The UAE entry requirements are the documents and permit required by any foreign national willing to enter the country. According to UAE entry requirements, all visitors from Thailand need valid Emirates visas. Only those tourists from Thailand will be permitted to enter UAE if they are fully vaccinated by WHO recognized as well as the approved vaccine. Thailand national has to show COVID 19 test certificate with COVID 19 vaccination certificate. Valid Thailand passport which will not expire in the next 6 months. Bank statement, travel itinerary, hotel reservation, and return tickets from UAE. 

Visa on arrival means acquiring and applying for the United Arab Emirates visa after landing at the airport. Nationals of Thailand are not eligible. They need to acquire an Emirates visa before visiting the country. The UAE e visa process is extremely simple for any applicant applying online from Thailand.

Yes, Thailand nationals visiting the United Arab Emirates for meeting friends or relatives can visit visas for Emirates. The UAE visit visa is valid for multiple purposes like attending a business meeting, for other business purposes, and for tourism too.

The best option to apply for a UAE visa from Indonesia is to apply for an electronic visa. Foreign nationals fulfilling eligibility criteria and with proper online mode of payment can apply for e-visa at Emirates visa online.

Yes, foreign nationals intending to enter the United Arab Emirates for tourist or leisure need visas. Thai passport holders are also required to obtain an Emirates tourist visa which acts as a permit to enter the country.

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