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It is hard to get what you want even when you put in all your should some times, this can be felt by a lot of people when you get your Emirates visa canceled by the officials without even letting you know the exact reason. This can be quite hard as some do really put in efforts to get the visa issued and the result turns out to be bad. But here is how you can have your Emirates visa for China passport holders become a reality by just applying for one via Emirates Visa Online. Wondering what is so special in applying for an Emirates visa from Emirates visa online? Then you need to read further!



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Emirates visa services

While it seems quite impossible to have an Emirates visa without a rejection happening, the truth is that Emiratesvisaonline will definitely help you overcome it and make it a reality and here are the reasons why Emiratesvisaonline has the power to make it true:

  1. An expert team: Unlike any other service providers who have immatures being placed to check all the important details, we have some of the most experienced team members who give their all while checking the important details and make sure not to miss out on even a beat. This is the main reason why there are so many successful Emirates visa application that takes place.


  1. 100% satisfaction: While we provide the best of services we make sure that the satisfaction of our customers become the first and foremost opinion. This is why we always attain only 100 % customer satisfaction.


  1. Having your visa readied in just days: One of the main reasons why customers are happy with the Emirates visa services that we provide is due to the fact that you can get your visa readied within just days rather than the other times where you have to wait for about a month or so in order to get it issued from an embassy.

5 reasons why visiting Emirates is a must

While there are a lot of reasons why one travels to the Emirates, here are the top 5 reasons to visit the Emirates and why you would want to consider traveling to the Emirates again:

  1. Burj Khalifa: Who doesn’t want to feel at the top of the world? Well, everyone does and so is the Burj Khalifa at the top of the five reasons why you will want to travel to the Emirates. The fantastic architecture is something you want to take a close look at as well!


Shopping malls: Shopping is a must once in Dubai as you can't just pass by without having one in your hand. It is never too less to shop here!


Gold: A place that is filled with 24K gold? Well, now that is something you will find only in Dubai and nowhere else. Another reason down for your travel!


Burj Al Arab: Having a five-star experience is all good but what about a 7-star hotel experience now that is what you get in Dubai only. So why not have an uniques experience here.


Palm Island: An absolute place fully made b man and one place you must not miss out while visiting during summer!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, visitors from China who do not want to stand in line at the airport. Then they can visit Emirates visa online for 30 days Emirates visa. The process is fast and the benefits are the same. Visitors from China will be allowed to stay in UAE for 30 days. The cost of 30 days UAE visa for Chinese citizens applying for a single entry or multiple entries visa is USD 140 and USD 405.

Chinese citizens will need a dully-filled Emirates visa application. The next document Chinese citizens must have is a national passport. Applicants from China must not use other complementary travel documents. They should use a Chinese national passport which will not expire in the next 6 months with 3-4 blank pages. After or before visa approval for Emirates make sure that the return ticket is confirmed. 

The cost of a UAE visa at the airport is zero. As UAE visa on arrival is free of cost for visitors from China and Hong Kong.

The visa on arrival for Emirates provided to Chinese citizens allows them to stay in the country for 30 days. It is simple for Chinese nationals to enter UAE even if they do not have a pre-approved visa.

UAE government has recently considered China as one of the eligibles for visa on arrival to boost up relations and tourism. Chinese passport holders can get a UAE visa on arrival. After landing at the airport, visitors from China must go to the immigration points for the application. The passport of a Chinese citizen will be stamped with a UAE visa after approval. 

Nationals of China will get UAE visa in 3 to 4 days. The visa is sent to the e-mail ID of the Chinese applicant. 

Chinese citizens traveling to Dubai or any other Emirate in UAE for just 14 days. Then they can apply for 14 days Emirates tourist visa at Emirates visa online by following general steps. Chinese citizens need to fill forms and submit documents for 14 days Emirates visa. The cost of 14 days Emirates visa will be around USD 130 for Chinese citizens. 

Yes, all foreign nationals including visitors from China have to submit evidence of financial status at the immigration points at UAE airport. The financial status can be proved by showing last month's bank statement of the total amount AED 3000.

Yes, Chinese citizens wanting to stay longer in UAE for 3 months can apply for 90 days Emirates visa. Just fill the application form for 90 days Emirates visa on Emirates Visa Online. The document must be attached after that and it would be best if you check the details entered in the application are correct or not. The amount of 90 days Emirates tourist visa from China is USD 400. The visa obtained after paying 400 USD allow single entry. Chinese citizens wanting to enter more than 1 time in 90 days period should have to pay 830 USD. It is a multiple entries long-term tourist visa for the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, you can check the application status of your UAE visa from China. The status of the UAE visa will inform whether the visa is rejected or it is approved. Chinese citizens willing to check UAE visa applications can visit Emirates visa online. Fill in the application ID number of your UAE visa, then just select on the "check visa status" tab.

If Chinese citizens are applying for a UAE visa from outside the country. Then they should apply online in advance. Chinese citizens just have to visit the Emirates visa online site enter a few details. They have to select the Emirates tourist visa type they need to apply which can be 14 days 90 days visa. Then it is mandatory to fill all the details and passport details in the Emirates tourist visa application form. Attest the digital images of the documents and pay the UAE visa fee using the online mode of payment from China without visiting anywhere. 

Foreign nationals from China who are willing to enter any Emirates or explore tourist places in the United Arab Emirates must apply for an Emirates tourist visa. Chinese nationals should apply for an Emirates visa well in advance or 5-6 days before they travel. If citizens of China visiting the UAE are eligible, hold a valid passport, and pay UAE visa fee then the visa will be approved.

The Emirates visit visa for Chinese people entering allow them to enter UAE. The Emirate visit visa can be used by Chinese passport holders for tourism, leisure, vacation, short business meeting, conference, seminars, visiting friends, or visiting relatives. The visit visa issued to the Chinese people allows them to stay inside the country until the validity of the UAE visa. The Emirates visit visa validity for national of China can be 90 days or 30 days. Chinese citizens can also get 14 days to visit visas for the United Arab Emirates.

No, citizens of China are not allowed to enter Dubai without an Emirates visa. The Chinese citizen planning to visit the United Arab Emirates for tourism or visit purposes should obtain Emirates Tourist Visa and Emirates visit visa. 

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