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One thing about Dubai that most people tend to not know about is that this place with all of its luxury also has the ethics that makes the place even more delightful and fun to visit. This fun trip is not too far to reach and can easily be acquired by any traveler. One must always be aware that a visa is a must while having a trip out of your country. Similarly for those who will be traveling from Antigua will need to have an Emirates visa for Antigua passport holders which will let them enter the Emirates. And if you are worried and do not know how to take a visa or you do not where to take from, then Emirates Visa Online is your ultimate option to try.


  • Transit visa requirement for Antigua passport holders
  • Application of Emirates visa at the airport
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Transit visa requirement for Antigua passport holders

A transit visa is something you need to have if you wish to have a transit of more than eight hours through any one of the Emirates airports. You can have two options which can be given as follows:

  • 48 hours transit visa 
  • 96 hours transit visa

Where 48 hours Emirates transit visa will let you stay for 48 hours in total in the Emirates and the 96 hours transit visa will let you stay for 96 hours in Dubai. Both of these visas will be having a total of 14 days of validity in which you will be able to use the visa. This Emirates transit visa can either be booked online with the help of an Emirates visa application or can be taken after arrival at the airport. But as the citizens of Antigua are not eligible for taking a visa after arrival they will have to book it online in advance before the travel commences. Witha processing time of about three to five days you can also easily acquire the visa and travel soon.

Application of Emirates visa at the airport

The application of an emirates visa after arriving at the airport is an available option only for those who are actually a part of the visa on arrival countries list. The rest of the people will have to take a visa before traveling. So can non-emirates passengers apply emirates visa in Dubai international airport? Well, now this depends on whether you are from a country that is eligible to do so or not. Even if you are traveling via emirates airlines you will have to make sure that you have the visa in advance if you are from a country where a visa is a must before entering the Emirates. Though having an Emirates visa at Dubai international airport is possible this can only happen if you have an emergency situation and a valid reason as to why you need the visa in such a short period. Without having your visa issued you won’t be able to enter the country

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are found entering the country illegally without a visa then you will have to pay a fine that will be charged and will also have to face some travel restrictions.

An Emirates 96 hour visa is not the 4 calendar days visa but is the exact count of 96 hours after you enter the airport and will be invalid after that.

You can easily check the status of your Emirates visa that you have applied for by having the track your visa option checked out.

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