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Freelance Visa in United Arab Emirates (UAE): Requirements, Cost & More

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The concept of a FreeLance is taking over the economy drastically. People who are usually self-employed and want to settle down in the Emirates require a Freelancer Visa. To be a freelancer gives an individual the flexibility and the independence to manage their work within their time frame. It provides individuals with the ability to have their freedom of choice in terms of lifestyle.

Emirates is one of the massive countries which embrace change and provide opportunities to millions of people. Cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc., are known for providing people with business opportunities and developments. In such cases, a lot of people who aim to establish their businesses in the Emirates have to issue a Freelancer Visa.

This Blog aims to solve the doubts of every person who wishes to go to the Emirates for a similar reason and settle down with the freedom of choosing their lifestyle. The Blog will give insights about what exactly an Emirates freelancer Visa is and will also highlight the required documents needed for issuing the Visa. We shall also discuss the main aspects regarding the issue of obtaining this type of document and getting a residency visa with a freelance status in the Emirates.


  • Freelancer Permit and Visa
  • How is a Freelancer Visa beneficial?
  • What are the most known freelancing professions?
  • Documents required for Freelancer Visa
  • The process to apply for a freelancer Visa
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Freelancer Permit and Visa

As the world progress with new trends, the Emirates leads the way. Freelance is an independent job that has been constantly gaining a lot of popularity. While freelancing, the individual makes an attempt to establish themselves as a company in themself, though working as an individual, yet using their name.

The freelance permit in the Emirates is a license that is issued under the TECOM Group that allows the applicants to work as independent self-employ, and this license is renewed every year. A freelancer permit is issued by those who are living in the Emirates on the Visas of either their parents or their spouses.

Whereas those who are not living with their sponsors (spouse or parents) can apply for a freelancer visa which is additionally a resident permit and allows the applicant to work and reside in the country. This Visa is renewable every three years.

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How is a Freelancer Visa beneficial?

  • Work Flexibility: A freelance Visa provides you with the ability to be flexible at work for multiple companies. It prevents individuals from a 9-5 job and gives them the opportunity to explore multiple companies at once.
  • Improved Self-Sufficiency: A freelancing job allows an individual to be independent. This independence helps them gain Self-sufficiency and prepares them for any further hindrances and obstacles.
  • Less Expense, More Profit: With the ease of your own business, you don’t need to worry about your workspace and other expenses. You can fluctuate your rates as and when required.
  • Building one’s Brand: Since you are a one-man company, it will be in your hand to build yourself. You will be recognized as your brand.

What are the most known freelancing professions?

The following are the top trending freelancing professions:

  • Writing and Copy Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing
  • Teaching
  • Web Development
  • Legal Services
  • Acting or Modelling
  • Journalism

These are some of the topmost freelancing jobs. There are many more professions which can be built and harboured individually. 

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Documents required for Emirates Freelancer Visa

Documents required for a freelancer permit are:

  • A Resume/CV of the applicant
  • Applicant’s recent passport-size photograph
  • A scan of the passport (front and back) and the scan of the Valid Visa
  • A bank statement/reference of the applicant
  • A NOC, by the sponsor of the applicant living in the Emirates

Those applying for the education sector will have to submit proof of their academic qualifications, which must be certified either by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Emirates Consulate in the applicant’s country of origin. And if the applicant is applying in the media sector, they will have to submit a portfolio or sample of their work.

The process to Apply Emirates Freelancer Visa

To apply for your freelancer permit in Dubai, the following are the steps you have to follow:

  • Visit go freelance and choose the option of Freelance
  • The applicant will be required to fill out the application form and submit the asked documents
  • You’ll receive a notification via email stating that your application is approved in approximately 5 to 7 days.
  • The applicant is then required to go to either Dubai Knowledge Park or Dubai Media City business centre.
  • Pay the required amount
  • You can even get a Freelance Visa with the help of the business centres.

To apply for your freelancer permit in Abu Dhabi, the following are the steps you have to follow:

  • Visit twofour54
  • The applicant is required to fill out the application form and submit the necessary documents.
  • After the submission, the applicant’s documents will be reviewed and may get a callback or email in 3 working days.
  • If the application is approved, a meeting will be scheduled with the free zone authorities for the processing of the license.
  • Pay the required amount.
  • After paying the fees, the applicant will get a sole proprietor’s business license with an employment Visa, which is initially valid for just 2 years but will be transformed into a residency Visa later on.

To apply for your freelancer permit in Ras Al – Khaimah, the following are the steps you have to follow:

  • Visit Rakez
  • The applicant is required to fill out an application form and submit the necessary documents.
  • Pay the required amount
  • You will receive your permit

To apply for your freelancer permit in Fujairah, the following are the steps you have to follow: 

  • Visit Creativity
  • Choose your desired package and apply for the same on their site.

To apply for your freelancer permit in Ajman, the following are the steps you have to follow:

  • Visit Afzindia
  • Select the freelance license package.
  • The applicant is required to fill out the application form and submit the necessary documents.
  • The authorities will review your application as soon as possible, and if approved, you can go ahead and get done with your registration by paying for the required package.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After applying for a freelancer visa you can get many benefits while working as a freelancer in UAE. You can set up your office area and if you don't want there is no requirement for office space. You can manage time according to your convenience, can do what you want to do, and can work from anywhere in UAE. You can easily get a residency visa, sponsor other people, and upgrade your small business to a company.  

Yes, it is possible to sponsor your close relatives, family members, company employees, and other departments. If you meet the salary requirements and can fulfill basic requirements. You can stay in UAE with your family even while freelancing.

The freelancer visa of UAE permits you to work legally as a freelancer. You need to submit a few important documents to get approval for work as a freelancer in the United Arab Emirates. You need to submit a completed filled-in and updated freelancer visa application form. Submit a copy of a valid passport if applying online or a scanned photograph of a passport if applying online. Passport size photograph of the person needed to be attached with Emirates freelancer visa application. Individual CV or resume, educational certificate, or academic certificates of the applicant. All the educational certificates should be attested by the ministry of foreign affairs or the Emirates consulate. Bank statement, and details of your educational qualification, previous job, and work experience. No objection certificate must be attested with the freelancer visa application. 

The Emirates freelancer visa charges depend on the type of work, specified jurisdiction, and from Which zone one is applying. While sending an application for a freelancer visa through the Dubai development authority you need to pay an extra fee. The average starting price of an Emirates freelancer license or freelancer visa is around AED 7,500. You need to apply for extra documents like too like immigration cards and insurance policies. The total price of an Emirates freelancer visa can differ between AED 10,000 and AED 20, 000. The price will again differ whether you need a visa for one year or three years.

Yes, you can work in UAE if you have a freelancer visa in the media sector, education sector, technical sector, and entertainment sector. Freelancers from foreign countries can only work with valid freelancer visas. Ensure that you have fulfilled all other requirements including a freelancer visa and passport to work as a sole practitioner.

All those individuals who do not want to work under any brand name, company, organization, or service sector. They should apply for a freelancer visa to stay in UAE by setting up their own business and working professionally inside the country. In this way, you do not have to search for a job in UAE to settle down here and obtain a work permit. You can get a freelancer visa which will allow you to do all the freelance work and grab plenty of opportunities.

Foreign nationals can get a freelancer visa for the United Arab Emirates if they are interested in providing their services to the entertainment, technology, or media field. This is a great opportunity for journalists, writers, scriptwriting, public relation, advertiser, actor, customer service, web developers, web managers, and trainers to work in Dubai and other cities in UAE. 

Before applying for an Emirates freelancer visa or any other employment visa one has to necessarily meet all the financial requirements. It might be a big task to settle down and get constant income while working as a freelancer in the United Arab Emirates. Without any cash flow, it would be difficult to reside in UAE. You should have proper income flow to take care of your own basic needs in the UAE if you are in the country on a Freelancer visa. You can even send an application for a UAE visa of the dependent. If you provide sufficient evidence of income and threshold income.

Yes, you can get a freezone permit in many UAE free zone areas and Dubai free zone areas. Emirates free zone permits allow foreign nationals to work in the specified field as a consultant or to offer their best services. Emirates Freezone permits permit a specified person who is working in the media, social sector, education sector as well as technology sector. On the other hand, Emirates free zone visa is an employment permit and a long-term permit. There is no restriction in profession and work if one has a freelancer visa in UAE. Free zone permits can only be used in free zone areas in UAE like RAS Al Khaimah. Whereas, freelancer visas can be used outside free zone areas too.

The Emirates freelancer visa is the immigrant type of visa or another type of resident permit for the United Arab Emirates. Anyone interested in moving to the United Arab Emirates can make it possible in many ways. Every year many foreign nationals visit UAE in search of work, doing business, and conducting freelance work inside the country. The government has made an easy and lenient process for these expatriates from outside shifting to UAE with residence visas, work visas, and even employment visas. The freelancer visa or permit will provide permission to work efficiently and smoothly in the United Arab Emirates. 

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