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Emirates ID: Everything You Need to Know

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Emirates ID

The emirates id is also known as ''UAE ID CARD''.

It is an identification card issued by ''The FEDERAL AUTHORITY OF IDENTITY AND CITIZENSHIP'' (FAIC). It is a portable personal database, and it is mandatory for all UAE residents and citizens. All the people in the UAE must always carry an id card. Every id card contains 15 digit number on the card, and it is registered to a particular cardholder forever. The personal data with an electronic chip consisting of fingers, biometrics and a photocopy of the cardholder is present on it.

Uses of ID

1. To get government services.

2. To vote in the elections of the Federal National Council.

3. As a travel document for UAE citizens to travel within the GCC.

4. As a document to pass immigration through the eGates and smart gates at several airports in the UAE.

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The validity of the ID

The validity of the id differs for expatriate residents, UAE nationals and GCC nationals.

1. The ex-pat (expatriate) residents:- depending on their visa deadline.

2. UAE nationals:- 5 to 10 years 

3. GCC nationals:- 5 years

Ex-pat residents get either on the company'scompany's behalf or by applying through validly approved centres in the UAE.

Once the id card expires from the date of expiry, they have a period of thirty days for the renewal of a new id. And in case of late renewal of id fine of AED 20 is charged per day, and a maximum amount of charge of AED 1,000. The process for the renewal of an id is as same as applying for a new id. It is applied through FAIC service centres. The processes are started after 24 hours of issue.

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Required documents for the renewal of emirates id

The documents required for renewal are the same as the new application of emirates id and old id card, and residence renewal documents should also be carried along with the needed documents. 

Fee charged for ID renewal.

The service fee charged for the renewal by the FAIC service centre is the same as the cost of first time application, which is differed depending on the variety of card methods of application, whether the applicant is an ex-pat or UAE or GCC NATIONALITY

1. Year Validity: AED 290

2. 2 Years Validity: AED 390

3. Years Validity: AED 490

In case of loss, theft or damage to the Emirates ID card

In the cases mentioned above, some specific steps and conditions should be followed, as mentioned further,

1. File a case in the police station as lost or theft in case of loss or theft.

2. The cardholder should apply for emirates id replacement through the FAIC service centre or an approved typing centre. If someone is applying for their dependents, they can apply through a smart app or FAIC online website, and the applicants may be required to submit their biometrics.

3. The mentioned amount of fee is paid for a replacement application.

When the application is applied through the FAIC service centre, the Emirates card is received within 24 hours of application; otherwise, they will receive it within 5 official working days.

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The documents required for the application of replacement of Emirates ID

Expat residents:- original passport with residency visa stamped

UAE nationals:- original passport and family book (when applying through typing centre or online), 

No documents are required when visiting the FAIC centre)

GCC nationals:- original passport, Unified Identification Number, original GCC ID card and proof of residency

Applicants below the age of 15 will also require a personal photograph with white background, original birth certificate OR father'sfather's passport or Emirates ID. 

GCC national applicants below 15 years will need their father'sfather's GCC ID card.


Fee charged for emirates id replacements by the FAIC service centre.

the id replacement cost will differ on the type of method of submission and is the same for EXPECT GCC AND UAE NATIONALITIES 

1. FAIC website or intelligent app: AED 340

2. Typing centre: AED 370

3. FAIC Centre: AED 490

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Tracking your card status

You can track your card status by following the below steps 

1. Visit the official Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website

2. On the homepage, select the option ''ID Card Status.''

3. To check application status,

4. Enter the application (PRAN) or Emirates ID number to check the renewal or replacement status.


What is the Difference Between an Emplyment Visa and Emirates ID?

Generally, an entry permit visa s issued and approved by ''GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF RESIDENCY AND FOREIGNERS AFFAIRS'' (GDRFA). That allows foreigners to enter into UAE and stay for a permitted period. The documents copy may be in a printed copy or computerized version but check before the application starts whether we need an entry permit or if we might get it after arrival.

The sponsor or the company who wants the person to enter into UAE handles all the online and offline versions of applications. It is responsible for getting visa permits from GDRFA online and offline channels.

The sponsor can be a private sector, public entity, UAE-based airline, etc.

The visa entry permit has a validity date which differs from case to case, which refers to the period within which the entry permit must be used by entering the UAE through one of its entry points at the land borders, airports or seaports. 

For most entry permits, the validity is two months. The validity of entry permits can'tcan't be extended; they automatically expire upon the lapse of their respective time.

An employment visa generally consists of 2 months; during this period, the sponsor must change the employee visa into a residential visa or else the person should leave the country within the permitted amount of time. To avoid fines and penalties or renew their application according to new rules 

A new rule was executed on 21 October 2018 as all types of visa permits can be extended twice by staying in the country, i.e., without any need to leave for their native country.

The GDRFA will paste a residence visa on the passport, enabling him to travel freely in and out of the UAE within the visa's validity period, provided the travel duration does not exceed six months, or else the residence visa will be cancelled automatically.


Is it Necessary to Get an Visa Stamping to Get an Emirates ID?

Yes, visa stamping is necessary to get an emirates id. As the FAIC checks, the visa permitted details, etc., are checked for the approval of emirates id.

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